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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an exercise in conscious meditative movement. By focusing on or witnessing the configuration in a state of gentle motion, one can register a range of subtle frequencies corresponding to the movement within one’s field.


Presenter: Corry Dodson - 1 Hour





Me, Myself and I – Natural Order Unfoldment

Presenter:  Dennis Reuter

Duration:  1-1.5 hours


There is a power guiding us toward the energy world.  Our personalities too often interfere with this guidance, or do not know it exists.  Personalities orient to a sense-based, neurological world of things and objects appearing to be outside the body.  Personalities generally ignore the real, dynamic energy world upon which its biologically-created world rests.  Personal beliefs and decisions often rely on this distorted view of the world.


But the power to be conscious, active on all levels, also builds a psychic nature within the energy world.  The psychic nature awakens to dynamic forces and their qualities, creating a relation-based world of structured energy. This awareness aligns us with the real, and helps us cooperate with the unfolding natural order process.  Using a T-shirt metaphor, we will explore the relationships that arise among the personality, the psychic nature and the Noetic Self (the True Self).  


Dennis Reuter has studied general semantics and SNO’s teachings for 40 years.

Feeling Our Way, from ‘Then' and ‘There’ to Now

Presenter:  Steven Anderegg

Duration:  1-1.5 hours


Generally speaking, any given individual spends every moment searching for meaning and purpose whether unconsciously or consciously.  This class will address this urge to ‘know’ and how we look for answers in past experiences with future anticipations, all the while catching glimpses of NOW, having moments of presences.  Discussions around becoming conscious of the activities in the ‘Psychic Nature’.


Steven Anderegg is a student of meditation, and has been involved with various teachings of a ‘spiritual’ nature for some time now.  Steven’s initial contact with SNO began in the eighties and he continues to study meditation, consciousness and the individualizing process.

Disappearing Goats

Presenter:   Eric Schneider

Duration:  1-1.5 hours


My intention for this class is to start with fundamental concepts/descriptions and slowly build upon this foundation to harvest practical applications of the SNO teachings. I'm envisioning much class participation! As for the meaning of the title of this class, I envision it will become quite apparent as the class proceeds.

Abstraction and The Physics of the Eye

Presenter:  Jeremiah Hess

Duration:  1-1.5 hours


Vitvan uses general semantics to describe the abstraction process. Whether that is a conscious or unconscious abstraction, those of us who use vision rely on the eye as one of the mechanisms with which images are formed by the blending and bending of light and wave frequencies. This presentation will provide a brief overview of the levels of the abstraction process representing a given state of expanding consciousness, with a focus on the physics of the eye and how images are formulated to appear substantive. 

Acupressure Points of the Spine and Body

Presenter: Robert Cozzie

Duration: 1 - Hour

This is a hands-on introduction and description of the Chinese Meridian Shu points of the thoracic and lumbar regions of our spine. You will learn how to gently relieve pressure and tension along each side of the spine all the way to the last vertebra.  This class will segue into a brief 15-minute stretching class in preparation for master Eric's movement class. I recommend you eat a full breakfast an hour or so before class. Wear athletic clothes, bring your water bottle, yoga mat, and a personal towel if so desired. Some yoga mats will be provided.

EVENT:  Freeform Dance/Expressive Movement

Presenter:  Eric Schneider

Duration:  1-1.5 hours


For me, expressive movement/dance has been a revelation! Through dance there is a discovering and uncovering of guna qualities within my configuration, and therefore, patterns of my psyche. I have found pockets of Sattvic energy: open, relaxed, creative,  as well as Rajasic: passionate, angry, grieving, and Tamasic: stuck, rigid, fearful.


As I have continued to dance, I’ve noticed shifts in these qualities. An area that felt stuck begins to loosen. Fear might shift to anger, and then again to creativity, and then possibly to Joy! "No" might transform to "Yes".


Please join us, "Come on in, the waters fine!"

We will have a morning meditation at 7 am pst, and an evening Breath Work session at 7:30 PM, followed by Meditation from 8:00 to 8:30 pm pst.
We encourage everyone to join in.

Classes are offered with hearts wide open. For those who so wish, a donation can be made via the school's website utilizing PayPal, or by sending a check.  (If utilizing PayPal, please designate your donation by using the Online Classes tab. If donating by check, please designate for Online Classes.)  We very much appreciate your continued support and contributions.

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