School of the Natural Order Summer Seminar 2022

Foundational Understandings


Practices of the School of the Natural Order

Hello Friends,

The School of the Natural Order is pleased to offer this year’s Summer Seminar 2022! We will join together here on campus in Baker, Nevada to further explore the Wisdom Teachings as presented by Vitvan. There will also be certain classes offered through the Zoom platform as well. We welcome you!

This year’s seminar exploration is titled: Foundational Understandings and Practices of the School of the Natural Order. The foundational understandings of the SNO and its teachings start with a simple life fact: There is a Power with which I am conscious. This statement is reflected in one of the school’s mantras: The I Am, which is my True Self, is the Power with which I am conscious of my world.

The SNO teachings and practices can be described as acts of focus which encourage individual awareness - from inquiry to understanding to Knowing. Utilizing the many tools and techniques Vitvan has gifted us can assist in learning one-pointed attention, leading to an eventual referent in understanding, and Knowing, one’s True Self. This year’s seminar will guide us in a re-orientation to what the school’s foundation basics are, as well as the specifics of practice. Class descriptions and presenters are forthcoming.

Dates: Our Summer Seminar dates are August 1st – August 5th, Monday thru Friday. On the evening of Sunday, July 31st, there will be a “Meet & Greet” and an Orientation Dinner offered at the main house. The time is yet to be determined.

Lodging: Those persons wishing to attend in person and desiring lodging at Home Farm, please let us know as soon as possible. Please email specifics to Laura at: homefarm.sno@gmail.com for availability and reservations.

Meals: The school is happy to provide some basic food items, as well as cooking facilities and food storage options. We ask that persons bring their own special food staples, with the potentiality of joining group meals. Details will be clarified as participants confirm their attendance.

Donation: There are many ways to assist in making our summer seminars meaningful to you and others. Participation as a presenter, providing service in some capacity, and/or monetary donations all support the continuance of these types of teaching/learning gatherings. Donations of $300 are welcomed.

Presenting Classes: Opportunity exists for individuals to share what they themselves have a referent for, or desire to have a referent for, regarding base principles and practices of the Gnostic teachings. We’d love to hear what you have to offer! Please contact Steve at: stevenander@yahoo.com.


Classes and Presenters:

The Cosmic Process: From ‘Beginning’ to ‘End’

The Cosmic Process remains the constant background and environment in which we are integrated.  The universe as perceived by the human nervous system appears as a vast energy system in which stars are born, live and die.  The ever-changing universe develops a long-term pattern of growth that reflects one’s individual development. 


The major portion of this lesson will be viewing a DVD from a NOVA episode on PBS.  It shows the overall beginning, middle and possible ends of the universe.  It shows the universe to be a dynamic process, organic and interconnected.  It is within this system that we move, breathe and have our existence. Understanding the cosmic process helps understand one’s own self-development.


Presenter: Dennis Reuter - 2 Hours

In Springtime, Apple Trees Have No Apples (aka The First Crossing)

Vitvan often remarked that a major barrier to self-development was the tenacious hold of the objective self-consciousness state.  We consistently fall back into the habit of viewing events and our universe as things and objects, making it difficult to understand and experience this world as a process of development.


In the SNO teachings, making the First Crossing refers to becoming aware of one’s psychic nature and developing awareness of energy waves and their qualities (in preparation for the Second Crossing).  Using an apple tree as an analogy or metaphor, we will discuss how the growth of an apple on the tree relates to the process of making the First and Second Crossings. 


Presenter: Dennis Reuter - 1 Hour

Breath and Inward Focus & Kriya Yoga

In the Eastern yoga traditions, Prana means life force energy, Yama means control, the Breath being the ‘doorway’ to prana.  Cultivating breath control helps access the subtle dimensions of Prana and allows one to go deeper into the experience of “no mind”.  This class will use several pranayama techniques to help separate ourselves from the barrage of thoughts that constantly flow through the mind. This practice can assist in developing a deeper state of silence in our meditations.  An evening Kriya Meditation class is offered to increase one’s access to Shunya, the field of inner silence.  The greater the access to Silence, the greater access one has to innate wisdom and creative intelligence.

Presenter: Bill LaShell - 1 Hour

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an exercise in conscious meditative movement. By focusing on or witnessing the configuration in a state of gentle motion, one can register a range of subtle frequencies corresponding to the movement within one’s field.


Presenter: Corry Dodson - 1 Hour

Soft Stretching

Gentle movements are an excellent preparation for Tai Chi, meditation, and dance to gently loosen stiff, painful muscles and to get the juices flowing in your body. Soft Stretches lengthen, strengthen, and tone for increased energy, balance, suppleness, agility, and flexibility. The full-body relaxing and limbering movements are easy to follow, safe for anyone regardless of age or fitness level, and require no equipment.

Presenter: Sharon Mason - 1 Hour

The Invitation by Mooji

These are exercises and guidance offered by Mooji that can assist in leading us to a direct, experiential realization of our own true nature. When I first came across Mooji’s description of what he calls “The Invitation”, I felt stunned by how much it corresponded to the description of the Power-to-be-Conscious as given by Vitvan in the School of the Natural Order. Practicing these simple instructions has personally assisted me in the deepening and expanding referent for the Power-to-be-Conscious. Class discussion will follow the recording and meditative practices.


Presenter: Eric Schneider - 1 Hour

Expressive Movement/ Freeform Dancing

Through dance, there can be a discovery of guna qualities within ones configuration, and therefore, patterns of the psyche. I have found pockets of Sattvic energy: open, relaxed, creative,  as well as Rajasic: passionate, angry, grieving, and Tamasic: stuck, rigid, fearful. As I have continued to dance, I have noticed shifts in these qualities. An area that felt stuck begins to loosen. Fear might shift to anger, and then again to creativity, and then possibly to Joy! "No" might transform to "Yes".


Presenter: Eric Schneider - 1 Hour

Inquiry Into Ones Individual Consciousness

Silent inquiry, meditation, group discussion, and individual sharing. Class will have homework.


Presenter: Steve Anderegg - 1 Hour