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What is objective identity? We usually think of ourselves as living in a world of material ‘things’ and ‘objects’ with invisible energies filling up the ‘empty’ space.  We believe we are bodies in contact with that objective world, with a brain that experiences private emotions and thoughts.  We then build our personal, familial and social values upon this view of life.  Vitvan labeled this view of life ‘objective identity’ and its multi-layered system of beliefs the ‘objective manifold of values’. 

This objective state of consciousness conceals the dynamic reality in which we truly live.  ‘Things’ and ‘objects’ exist only as images within our respective states of consciousness, but they are not the states themselves.

Self-development requires that we break from objective identity, expanding our awareness into a deeper state of reality.  For those who yearn to understand their true being, we invite you to the school’s 2020 seminar.  Presenters and attendees will share specific practices, describe useful tools and offer clear mental maps to break the habit of objective identity, the habit of confusing our private images with dynamic reality.

Seminar classes begin on July 27th, 2020 and run through July 31st 2020, Monday-Friday. Meals and accommodations are inclusive of an orientation dinner on Sunday, July 26th and a farewell breakfast and lunch on Saturday, August 1st. The all-inclusive cost for the 5-day seminar week is $700. Sliding scale available. Accommodations can be arranged for early arrivals and late departures. No pets please.

Check for posted updates on classes, as well as the on-going raffle for free seminar registration, on the website.


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