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School of the Natural Order Summer Seminar 2023

Exploring the Natural Order Process:

Maps & Territories

Hello Friends,

A Joyful New Year to You and Yours! The School of the Natural Order is pleased to offer this year’s Summer Seminar 2023. We will again join together here on campus in Baker, Nevada to further explore the Wisdom Teachings as presented by Vitvan. There continues to be specific classes offered through the Zoom platform as well. We welcome you!

“Trying to preserve your myths will get you deeper in obscurity instead of bringing you into Light. We have to take a journey to reach Light’s Regions. Let us have a good roadmap so that we can make our journey with the least detours and blind alleys.” -Vitvan

In this year’s seminar, we will bring forward techniques and methods that can assist in clarifying and focusing one’s individual map, and the multitude of territories we traverse!

Dates: Our Summer Seminar 2023 dates are July 31st - August 4th, Monday thru Friday. On the evening of Sunday, July 30th, we will gather at the Main House for an Orientation Dinner. We will meet again on Saturday, August 5th for a farewell breakfast. The times have yet to be determined.

Lodging: Those persons wishing to attend in person and desiring lodging at Home Farm, please let us know as soon as possible. Please email specifics to Laura at: for availability and reservations. The deadline for reservations is June 1, 2023

Meals: Included in this year’s registration fee are breakfast and dinner for each day of the seminar week. Delicious meals will also include vegetarian dishes. Details will be clarified as participants confirm their attendance.

Donation: Our school is maintained by your contributions and the diligent focus of SNO students. With the extension for meals and lodging included with this year’s seminar, donations of $500 are welcomed. Work discounts are available. For persons wishing to attend specific classes offered via Zoom, donations of $25 for the day are welcomed.

Classes and Presenters:

The Map Is Not The Territory – Until Iis Is

We live in a dynamic energy world.  Our nervous system interacts with that territory, forming a neurological map corresponding to it. Join us for a discussion of map-territory interactions and relations so exploring any territory becomes productive, safe, and expanding.

Presenter: Dennis Reuter

Movie Maps and Psychic Territories

Movies take life (territory) and present us with stories and images (maps) from which we react and emote (making more territories of a feeling nature). Join us in watching a light-hearted fantasy film from 2000 (rated PG) to remind us how the choices we make (maps/evaluations) can become embodied in our personalities and even our flesh and blood (created territories).

Presenter: Dennis Reuter

Exploring our Creative Psychic Energy Centers/Chakras

In this interactive class, we will explore how to function in the psychic nature by learning the elementary basics of the psychic energy centers, called chakras. Together we will explore what each psychic energy center represents and influences, and examine the characteristics of open balanced chakras and symptoms of blocked unbalanced chakras. Presenters: Sharon Mason, Bob Foster, Bill LaShell

My Toolbox – Exercises & Practices as Given by Vitvan

I am most grateful for the tools given in the School of the Natural Order. This class will present a toolbox, with different “tools” inside labeled with the following. We will pull them out and in brief discussion explore individual experiences.

Presenter: Kathi Wright

The Magnificent Magnetic Field

As a famous saying goes, "As above, so below". The vision for this class is to present examples of magnetic fields and to ruminate and discuss how these examples aid in understanding concepts presented in the teachings of the SNO.

Presenter: Eric Schneider

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