A Beginning Step on the Path

We are raised in a society of family and friends, creating personal and cultural standards. In general, persons make the standards assuming the world is as it appears to the senses – a world of things and objects with invisible energies like gravity and cell phone conversations. Everyone we meet seems to share that world view. Over the years, countless exchanges and emotional interactions with other persons build our personality, or personality pattern.

When our personal and cultural life does not fulfill, or we hunger for something deeper, we search. We begin to “tread the path” in an energetic world of forces and qualities different from our personal, sense-based world. One discovers the psyche, a structure composed of lines of force flowing with noticeable qualities.

Thepersonalityandpsychecomprisewhatwelabelourpsychicnature. One cannot simply cast off the personality and take on the psyche, as they are integrated and not truly separate. The cosmic natural order inherent in all growth requires us to start self- unfoldment with our personality-as-we-find-it. The personality must be strengthened and refined so the energy-based psyche can emerge from it, reflecting ‘higher’ and ‘finer’ frequencies. Understanding one’s personality pattern and how it functions orients us to the cosmic process and prepares us for continued self-unfoldment.

Join us this summer for sessions describing the structure of the ‘personality’ and ‘psyche’ with their differing dynamic patterns. Learn to recognize and distinguish the qualities within the psychic nature.

The seminar will include breath work and meditation as described by Vitvan, teaching clear thinking via General Semantics so the intellect becomes a cooperating tool, as well as presentations that reveal the personality’s relation to the psyche’s energy centers.

The SNO Summer Seminar 2021 will be presented via Zoom and begins on Monday, July 26th continuing thru Friday, July 30th. Presenters and class schedules are forthcoming and will be posted on the school’s website. Classes are heartfully offered and donations are gratefully accepted.

School of the Natural Order ∙ PO Box 150 ∙ Baker, NV 89311 ∙ sno@sno.org ∙ 775-234-7304

Presenters and Class details will be listed in June.


We will have a morning meditation at 7 am pst, and evening meditation at 8:30 pm pst.

We encourage everyone to join in.

Classes: Classes will be 60 minutes to 90 minutes

Classes are offered with hearts wide open. For those who so wish, a donation can be made via the school's website utilizing PayPal, or by sending a check.  (If utilizing PayPal, please designate your donation by using the On-line Classes tab. If donating by check, please designate for On-line Classes.)  We very much appreciate your continued support and contributions.