School of the Natural Order Summer Seminar 2022

Foundational Understandings


Practices of the School of the Natural Order

Hello Friends,

The School of the Natural Order is pleased to offer this year’s Summer Seminar 2022! We will join together here on campus in Baker, Nevada to further explore the Wisdom Teachings as presented by Vitvan. There will also be certain classes offered through the Zoom platform as well. We welcome you!

This year’s seminar exploration is titled: Foundational Understandings and Practices of the School of the Natural Order. The foundational understandings of the SNO and its teachings start with a simple life fact: There is a Power with which I am conscious. This statement is reflected in one of the school’s mantras: The I Am, which is my True Self, is the Power with which I am conscious of my world.

The SNO teachings and practices can be described as acts of focus which encourage individual awareness - from inquiry to understanding to Knowing. Utilizing the many tools and techniques Vitvan has gifted us can assist in learning one-pointed attention, leading to an eventual referent in understanding, and Knowing, one’s True Self. This year’s seminar will guide us in a re-orientation to what the school’s foundation basics are, as well as the specifics of practice. Class descriptions and presenters are forthcoming.

Dates: Our Summer Seminar dates are August 1st – August 5th, Monday thru Friday. On the evening of Sunday, July 31st, there will be a “Meet & Greet” and an Orientation Dinner offered at the main house. The time is yet to be determined.

Lodging: Those persons wishing to attend in person and desiring lodging at Home Farm, please let us know as soon as possible. Please email specifics to Laura at: homefarm.sno@gmail.com for availability and reservations.

Meals: The school is happy to provide some basic food items, as well as cooking facilities and food storage options. We ask that persons bring their own special food staples, with the potentiality of joining group meals. Details will be clarified as participants confirm their attendance.

Donation: There are many ways to assist in making our summer seminars meaningful to you and others. Participation as a presenter, providing service in some capacity, and/or monetary donations all support the continuance of these types of teaching/learning gatherings. Donations of $300 are welcomed.

Presenting Classes: Opportunity exists for individuals to share what they themselves have a referent for, or desire to have a referent for, regarding base principles and practices of the Gnostic teachings. We’d love to hear what you have to offer! Please contact Steve at: stevenander@yahoo.com.


Classes and Presenters: Will be listed shortly.