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The School of the Natural Order is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It may be tax-deductible!


Please make a donation according to the value you feel you have received.

Choose where your donation will go.


We are grateful for your support.



General Donation 



Donate to the *New Online Courses*




Donate to the Building Fund.



Donate to the Publishing Fund






Donate to the PAVILION






Supporting the New Online Courses



In this new initiative in 2018, you will be able to join interactive class sessions listening to and discussing a Vitvan lesson course with a facilitator and other students. Classes will be scheduled regularly. You will purchase the book for the class separately. Your donation contributes to maintaining the software to bring this special opportunity to you.




Supporting the Publishing Fund


The primary purpose of the School has always been to preserve and share the works of Vitvan. The main source of our funding has been through generous donations. The monies from the sales of books and audios go into a Publishing Fund, which is used for printing, upgrading of equipment, archiving of tapes to digital format, production of streaming audio files, and CDs for sale. The maintenance of this website is another publishing expense. 


Lesson courses are being published in book format with newly updated illustrations and charts, a new index for each lesson course, and a glossary of Vitvan's terminology.





Supporting the Building Fund


In order to provide a welcoming place for visiting students, the staff at the headquarters of the School of the Natural Order in Baker Nevada has an ongoing list of maintenance tasks and proposed new building projects. Building and maintenance at the headquarters never seem to end.  What is your vision of improved facilities at the School? What other buildings do we need?


Many projects have been completed recently. A whole new internet network now enables everyone on the Home Farm property to get good wireless reception. A new dock makes swimming at the pond attractive again. A new roof was put on a trailer. The cabin is being refurbished at last. New kitchen counters for the Meditation Center have been installed.


An enormous amount of work has been done to convert the old dairy barn into a new activity center for dance, Tai Chi, yoga, etc. Please help us provide an even better place for students to gather and study.


***The resident staff at the headquarters and other visiting students provide volunteer labor for these projects.



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