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Meditation Practices


Welcome.  Vitvan’s writings provide excellent maps describing the cosmic process and one’s unfoldment within it.  But “the map is not the territory” and unfoldment also requires skill in experiencing energy patterns, gaining control of them, and aligning them with your field (your basic state of consciousness).   


Also, Vitvan persistently warned that intellectual understanding was not the same as self-development.  Although clear thinking represents progress on the path, the journey requires many skills on many levels of functioning.  Emotional balance, calm reactions, awareness of subtle forces or activity, patience and persistence all come into play.  It usually takes decades of sincere application to strongly develop one’s true nature.  (As he said if that seems too long, what do you plan to do with your time, attention and energy during the next twenty years?) 


We all begin unfoldment with a sense-based view of the universe.  That start‑point deceives and deludes.  Here are dozens of practices, drills, exercises, mental reminders and so forth that help orient you to reality - nature’s dynamic forces within your consciousness.


Suggested Practices for Treading the Path 


Mental/Verbal Reminder  

Say, think or write: “There is a Power.”  This simple statement orients attention to the Power with which you are conscious.  We label that Power the “true self” or the “I Am.”  SNO’s basic teachings start here, extending and expanding on this truism.  (If you deny there is a Power, with what Power do you deny?)


Consider what these words refer to.  Silently ponder, consider and work your awareness into feeling that which we call Power or its apparent movement.  Sense and feel the Power with which your blood flows; the Power with which your breath cycles; or the Power with which you focus your attention.  That Power is you.

A compilation on Meditation from various talks given by Vitvan

Vitvan on Meditation
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Mantras as given by Vitvan

MANTRAM:  The I AM, which is my True Self, is the Power with which I am conscious of my world.

MANTRAM: I am a positive energy system of radiant Light and Love.

MANTRAM: The flow of the Power with which I think, feel, and act, is the ceaseless, limitless flow of the creative    Power, abundant to fulfill every need appropriate to my state of consciousness. 


Benedictions as given by Vitvan

BENEDICTION: In the name of the Father, in the name of the Mother, in the name of the Son, may the Blessed       Ones lead us from darkness into Light.

BENEDICTION: May the peace and the Power of the Infinite Spirit, which passes all understanding, hold us and     keep us in the Love of the Christed Consciousness while we are seemingly separated, one from another.

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