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The School of the Natural Order

Home Farm 

Private Retreat at Home Farm

The School of the Natural Order (SNO) is a nontraditional school in that we offer no academic degrees or credits. Instead, we offer lesson courses and study material for Self-development and Self-understanding. These lessons are based on the teachings of Vitvan, an American-born Master who correlated the ancient wisdom teachings with modern Science.


The headquarters for the School is located near the high desert community of Baker, Nevada. The School site is one of the area's early homesteads, with an elevation of 6,000 ft., situated at the base of beautiful Mt. Wheeler, 13,063 ft.


To sustain and distribute Vitvan's body of work, we offer a quiet retreat for student visits. Several simple guest rooms are available with a shared bath, along with kitchen facilities. The desire is for conscious functioning in all activities. There are opportunities for group interaction, as well as solitary time for exploration and study. The School's remote setting offers a special serenity, sense of open space and quiet contemplation.


Close proximity to Great Basin National Park allows easy access to camping, hiking and experiencing nature. This lovely area is one of the few remaining dark night skies in the United States



We would love to talk with you. Please call, write or email for information and/or reservations. There is a no pet policy at this time, and we kindly ask that you leave your animals at home.


School of the Natural Order

PO Box 150

Baker, NV 89311


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