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 Those who are treading the path and those who aspire to tread the path should have a definite image before them. That is the comprehensive subject of this lesson. We have a lot of ground to cover. This subject may carry over for two or three lessons. By definite image, I mean that each student who treads the path of self-development should have a clear picture of what he or she would like to be or to do. It makes no difference what the student’s age is on the configurational level. If we are ‘young’ treaders of the path we need a definite image. And if we are approaching the end of the cycle of a given earth life we can set the pattern for the next time around.


 Remember that the psychic nature functions in accordance with the suggestions given to it. When we can formulate a clear picture of what we aspire to be and hold it steadily, the psyche picks up the impression of that picture, In a few weeks, or few months, the psyche begins to operate upon that suggestion. Test that principle and you will find that it holds true on many, many levels.


 Everything in the configurational world is a representation of a state of consciousness. Everything in our objective self-conscious world is a representation of our state of consciousness plus the impressions upon which our psyche operates. On the human level that is true, with no exception. Everything in our earth life is a representation of the content of the state in which we are conscious. Until one is conscious of himself on the higher levels in the world of Light it is the psychic nature which predominates in any person’s experience. Relative to our present level of functioning, it is the content of the psyche that determines the objective life and everything in it.

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