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 The seven rays of development are the seven major streams of the formative cosmic forces of the universe. In this series of lessons, Vitvan provides students with an understanding of these rays and how they relate to the Self-development process.


 These first three rays are called Will, Love, Activity; those three generate the other four called Science, Harmony, Ceremony and Devotion. In this course of lessons, Vitvan describes each of these rays and the characteristics of individuals functioning on them. Using this information, not only can we cooperate with our own development, but we can also better understand how to deal with one another. 


 "The seven rays of development stem from the Logos, the only begotten Son, in whom all Power, all Light, all Existences center. It is symbolized by Solomon's Seal, a dual triangle. 


 "During the past cycles of what has been called human evolution, instruction respecting these seven rays comprising the World Mother Substance has been very limited. In fact, it has been one of the most closely guarded secrets of the wisdom teachings. This much we do know: a given individual man which the World Mother ‘brings forth’ represents an epitomization of the whole cosmic process which the World Mother signifies... 


 "The True Individual on the Mind level as he stands on the threshold of putting forth again (reincarnation), he always sounds his scale, his notes, and one is flatter than the rest. It doesn’t ring out round and fully complete. He is going to incarnate on that ray, his weakest point... We all stand on the threshold of putting forth and sound our scales,... and we will incarnate in an environment, even to the genealogy, and in the country, that will afford the best opportunity to experience expression and development on the weakest point."


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