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Poverty as a Disease and Its Cure

 Poverty as a Disease and Its Cure was probably given in the early 1930’s, though we have been unable to verify the exact date. (The terminology makes it obvious that it was part of Vitvan’s pre-semantic writings.)  It has not been available in recent times, but with the world situation as it is now, this seems an appropriate time to make it available to students who feel a need for this information. 


 When I carefully study the causes for poverty, I am forced more and more to the realization that poverty is caused by the human personality creating a sense of separateness from the flow or stream welling up from the inner Power-to-be-conscious... This idea of the flowing forth of the creative life must be retained in the consciousness of one who aspires to cooperate intelligently with it and become a channel for that Power.... in order for the law to fulfill its purpose, in order for the Power to reclaim or regain those energies arrogated by the mind, and to bring them back into the orderly flowing forth according to the plan, the Power itself brings about a corrective condition. Ruminate upon this: Poverty is the corrective method the...Power uses to lead the wayward child back to alignment with the inherent plan for its ongoing. So disciplined, the mind serves the plan instead of serving itself. But the eternal order of growth and development cannot be permanently inhibited. So, that corrective condition, when observed in manifestation, is called poverty, fear, worry or disease.                                                             — Vitvan

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