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 Vitvan wrote these volumes as a starting point for the serious student. His explanations are thorough and exciting. It is great reading that will entice you to study more of his works.


 NATURAL ORDER PROCESS, Volume I: The Wisdom Teachings and Modern Science, containing The Foundation Work and The Science of Semantics. 6x9in. 272p. c2014.


 The perceivers of old did not have an education in mathematical physics; they did not have academic training, and yet by refining their faculties of registry they developed knowledge of reality. So anyone, anywhere, by self-discipline, training and practice, can develop himself to register higher and higher levels of wavelengths and frequencies and know the cosmic process or eternal reality most definitely, consciously and realistically.



 NATURAL ORDER PROCESS, Volume II: Patanjali's Sutras: a Fresh Perspective. Containing The Way To Mastership, being a comprehensive study of the Sutras of Patanjali, describing the way to mastership through learning control of one's psychic nature. 6X9in. 406p. c2014.


 Patanjali’s meaning, as described in the sutras, presents a method by which the Master is to be liberated from the psychic nature, as naturally as the psychic man emerged out of the animal or physical man state. Patanjali’s purpose is to set forth in its natural order the practical means for this unveiling and liberating and to indicate the fruit, the glory and the Power which that new birth signifies. 



 NATURAL ORDER PROCESS, Volume III: Further Studies in the Wisdom Teachings. Delineates The Language of the Initiates and concludes with The Telestic Work.  6x9in. 158p. c2014.


 Vitvan’s explanations have given us tools to employ in our own growth. Learn about the ancient wisdom teachings correlated with current scientific explorations through the perception of a modern Master.

The pivotal point of this teaching rests upon the fact that there is no other known method of attaining consciousness of Being except by drawing or directing creative forces out of the psychic nature into the individualized Field and the centers constituting the structure of that Field.



 NATURAL ORDER PROCESS, INDEX. The brand new index for all three volumes of The Natural Order Process. 6x9in. 128p. c2014. This index is a vital tool for the serious student. The volume includes a special bonus essay written by Vitvan in 1951.  The New Cycle Gnosis: A Non-Metaphysical Cosmology


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