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Introduction to General Semantics


 The seers and sages of old perceived the Real World as truly and accurately as the modern scientists have now mathematically described it, but with the further insight that That (which is labeled Ultimate Reality, etc.) is characterized by Awareness, Mind, Consciousness, as designations or descriptions, pertaining to the nature of That 'Ultimate Reality.' 


 The chief aim and purpose of the School of the Natural Order is the presentation of the Wisdom Teaching in terms appropriate for this Age. However, for any individual to achieve insight into the true character or nature of this world, our relationships in it, etc. (or enlightenment for his most immediate problems and difficulties), it is first requisite to understand how the present states came about in order to find the way out of these confused and chaotic predicaments, conditions, manifestations, etc. Hence it is the incidental, or secondary, aim or 'purpose,' of the School of the Natural Order to provide a thorough groundwork or basic training in the science of General Semantics, with the invaluable aids given by Alfred Korzybski. (Science and Sanity by Alfred Korzybski is the accepted textbook of General Semantics.) 

 The secondary goal is that a student may become re-oriented in the New Outlook, that this world, structurally and actually becomes to him a dynamic energy world, and that a way becomes possible for individuals to learn to proceed, to act sanely, talk sensibly, live serenely, function intelligently, etc. Therefore, the studies, discourses, and presentations of the School of the Natural Order are designed to aid in the explanation, discovery, and removal of semantic blockages, thus throwing new light upon hidden defects in the prevalent psycho-analytical processes, so-called body-mind problems, psychological confusions, etc. Many new doors will be opened (according to individual interests, professional fields of functioning, etc.) to further investigations, discoveries and applications in the psycho-logical, psycho-physiological and psychiatric fields of practice and research. 

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