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The School of the Natural Order is a spiritual community based on the teachings of Vitvan, an American Master who correlated the ancient wisdom teachings with modern science. Home Farm, the headquarters of the School, is located in the high desert near Baker, Nevada. The site of one of the area’s early homesteads, it is a rustic farm setting far from major population centers. Home Farm (elevation 6,000 feet) is situated at the base of 13,063 ft Wheeler Peak.

For an application for a Home Farm Internship: email


To sustain and distribute Vitvan’s body of work we offer a quiet retreat for students of these teachings. Simple guest rooms are available for our interns, along with kitchen facilities and an extensive library. We provide opportunities for group interaction as well as solitary time for exploration and study.

Our aim is conscious functioning in all activities. To facilitate this, we encourage visitors to participate in the activities at Home Farm including classes, meditations, gardening, meal preparation, and maintenance. Our remote setting offers a special serenity, sense of open space and quiet contemplation.

Interns are invited to stay from April through September 2015, in rooms with shared bath and kitchen facilities where they will do their own meal preparation. We will consider applicants who plan to stay for shorter time periods. Full participation in all aspects of the large garden and aging orchard is expected. Interns may also choose to participate in other support tasks for Home Farm or the School of the Natural Order, such as housekeeping, maintenance, construction, publishing, or office work. No children or pets at this time.

Close proximity to Great Basin National Park allows easy access to camping, hiking and experiencing nature. We have one of the few remaining dark night skies in the United States.


Positions are open to people who will work and study for the entire growing season, April – September so that the participant can see the process from start to finish. This will involve soil preparation and seed starting all the way to harvesting and food preservation.

We will consider an applicant who can stay for only a short time.


Participants can expect to work in the gardens and orchard about 4 hours per day, 5 days per week.

Workers will be offered a small stipend for personal expenses. They will prepare most of their own meals in shared kitchen facilities, with full access to the garden produce. They will stay in rooms with shared bathrooms and modern amenities, including internet.

Willing participation in other activities at Home Farm will be encouraged. An intern may be invited to stay long-term if we find that we are a good fit for each other.

Potential interns should realize that Baker NV is one of the most remote locations in the US. Appreciating the beauty, silence, and peacefulness of the valley is a great joy. The valley has a population of about 200 people, spread far and wide. Transportation is not absolutely necessary but would be very convenient. There are NO grocery stores in Baker. The nearest towns with grocery stores, banks, and medical facilities are Ely, NV, 75 miles away and Delta UT, 95 miles away.


There are no grocery stores in Baker, so plan ahead.


The Internet is available at Home Farm; cell service is available in most parts of the valley.


For an application for a Home Farm Internship: email

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