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How to Discipline your Psyche


 Conceive an idea, and hold it in the frequencies of the Individualized Field.  Hold it until it percolates down to the psychic level; i.e., hold it until the psyche reflects the idea as frequency.  You will begin to get emotionally stirred, enthusiastic, full of vim and vigor, eagerness, aspiration and happiness.  The psyche cannot help itself;  it will reflect the idea as frequency.  But here is where many students make a mistake. They talk about it and "exhaust all the steam in the boiler."  One must bottle up the eagerness and enthusiasm in order to convert these energies into the push and the power.  One must remain very secretive.  No matter how intimate another person may be, do not allow a burst of confidence on your part to spill this bottled-up power, for then it will be gone.  It must be bottled up tight, kept under pressure.  Then the energy goes into psychic world frequencies and the configurational process manifests.  The desired result becomes consummated.


 This is the way we accomplish all our work.  We learn as we grow into awareness of working this way that we have to be exceedingly careful, exceedingly circumspect about that to which we lend ourselves.  Catch an idea, hold it off, challenge it, look at it for a long time before you elect it and let it 'in'.  If you let it 'in' before you are certain that it is what you want, you will soon have a referent for the consequences you will have a referent for the scriptural statement that, "Every man shall be held accountable for every idle word that he uttereth."


 As you hold an idea in consciousness, others will pick up the wave-frequency of that idea.  'Space' presents no interference to the play of these wave-frequencies, even around the world.  Somebody will pick up the frequency and respond to it.  But if others pick up the frequency of the idea and respond to and participate in the configurational process or in awareness in the field, their response will be voluntary and according to the natural order, and not the result of any mental persuasion.

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