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Functional Activities


 We have passed out of the old cycle—the Aristotelian age wherein the emphasis was upon analysis. If a scientist wanted to understand any given ‘thing’ it was broken down into the most minute particle, attempting to reach an understanding of the whole through the analysis of the particle. That approach to understanding is becoming obsolete and is passing away. Scientists are arriving at the conclusion that they cannot understand any particle unless they understand the whole because the functional forces of the whole operate in and relative to any given part. So we must get that broad background before we can study the particular and the minute.


 As we go through the outline there will be a description of two aspects. There is an ‘inner’ side and an ‘outer’ side to each and every item in the outline.  I am going to attempt a description of both. First, what we might label the ‘objective’ or ‘outer’ aspect; and second, what we could label the ‘subjective’ or ‘inner’ aspect.


 To understand the background out of which the points on our outline are to be described practice looking at every ‘thing’ and any ‘thing’ until you can recognize the two poles—positive and negative. The Treader of the Path never registers a thought or a feeling, never sees a little flower, never thinks of an atom or molecule or group of cells or an organism but that he sees the positive and negative poles in union.


 I have watched the whole process represented in the act of planting a seed in mother earth; mother earth brings forth. We do not have to look away off in the stratosphere, or into some cave in the Himalayas for It. All around us, with no exception, the whole process is represented, portrayed. Think of the grandeur and glory and wonder all around us and we have found Him. This is the beginning; just keep practicing seeing the positive and negative poles everywhere. This is what we call the ‘outer’ side.


 Now let us consider the ‘inner’ side. There is a presence in each and every ‘thing’ in which one can find the positive and negative in union. As we grow more sensitive we can walk in the consciousness of His presence as we see the Father-Mother. This represents the aesthetic, the ‘inner’ side. There are some of us who can develop the consciousness of the presence to the point wherein, like Dr. George Washington Carver, the presence becomes a consciousness that talks to us and tells us how to handle It. An interviewer about to write an article on Dr. Carver and his achievements said to him, “How did you discover how to do so many things with the lowly peanut?” He replied, “I just sat by the peanut plants until they told me what to do. ”Do you  think  that  is  nutty? No! It is a harmonious, beautiful way to live. 


 We can tune into It when we see that presence everywhere. I would rather be one with It than philosophize, mentalize, intellectualize, and verbalize about It. Learning to function in the consciousness of the presence is the next step for many. Those who will not see it will have to learn it the hard way. They will be brought down on their knees until they happily confess it and long to see it everywhere.


 Returning to the background again: The Power-to-be-conscious resides in the positive, the Father; the act of being conscious resides in the negative, the Mother. Without the Mother, the Power is unknown even to Itself. The Mother, Light-energy-matter, is absolutely requisite for the Power to know Itself. When the Power-to-be-conscious, the positive, completely withdraws from the Mother, everything falls into stygian darkness, the cosmic night, the darkness that is “upon the face of the deeps.” Students of oriental teachings and philosophies name it pralaya. Everything stops; everywhere—darkness. But with the union of the Father and the Mother activity is established within the substance that we label the Mother. It is this activity that we study and label waves and frequencies, for the act of being conscious can be described in terms of waves and frequencies of the Mother.

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