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First Crossing


 This treatise on the First Crossing is intended as guidance for those seeking the way to Self-knowledge. Therefore much descriptive matter will be incorporated in this treatise about the orders of Be-ings in Mind’s Region, which obviously is not intended for the general reader. This is said by reason of a sharp dichotomy now in process between those who will participate in the pattern of the new cycle now dawning and those others who will not so participate. A new and an entirely different manifold of values will operate in the consciousness aspirants to and participators in the energy pattern characterizing the new cycle. In this new and different manifold of values, pursuit of pleasure, profit, acquisitions of property, evanescent chimeras, etc., will constitute have little place; on the other hand, one’s intrinsic worth, his alignment with the natural order, his degree of Self-awareness, is recognition and acceptance in and by the higher orders, his degree of development, his status “on the path of attainment,” etc., will constitute the criteria from which his and the new set of values will be derived.


 Recognition will, of course, be given to the necessities incident to bodily existence; but this will be reduced to the minimum, consistent with the main purpose and objective. This will impose some ambiguous and perhaps difficult problems. To effect this transition from the highly competitive and commercialized state of the race psyche—from focusing attention upon objective pursuits, from being pent up in and motivated by the race psyche influences of a business civilization—may seem to some a formidable effort. However this may be, the effort is not subject to choice or election, but rather to a compelling urge stemming from the force, influence, power, etc., of the ‘spirit’ of the new cycle pattern. It must be complied with; that is, the effort must be made.


 As individually and respectively we learn how to cooperate with those who are also being quickened by the ‘spirit’ of the new cycle, the formidable dimensions of this effort will be circumvented and made easier. All cooperative effort, however, must be so designed that personal independence, freedom, liberty, etc., will be preserved. Some system embodying an independent-dependence must be devised, and this by reason of the canalized Aristotelian holdovers from values built up during the past two-thousand-year cycle.


 While these problems are being solved, new systems devised and worked out, the new set of values will be inculcated. In a manner of speaking, this treatise is written on the assumption that this new manifold of values has already been established. In the here-now consciousness of a clear perceiver, this new set of values is already present. We present this treatise to those who recognize this at least aspire to its recognition.

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