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The cosmic process has been the study of seers since ancient times. In Vitvan's view, a new approach is necessary for the modern student who no longer thinks in mystical terms but requires a correlation of the ancient wisdom with the language of modern physics and general semantics.



 "…One of the features held in common by plant, animal and man and which establishes man’s kinship with the other two, as well as with the World Mother, is cytoplasmic structure; for cytoplasmic structural substances can be described as the basis innate to each and every configuration (body) of plant, animal and man, and represents the cellular composition respecting the ‘bodies’ in which their respective life forces function. This feature, held in common, becomes more meaningful when we begin to surrender the concept of separateness in the realization that this organism-as-a-whole, which we call the solar system represents the World Mother in whose body the Logos now functions; in other words, these cytoplasmic cells represent structure, uniformly consistent through the organs, phases, aspects, compartments, etc., of the body of the Logos….

 "…The colloidal world (for it represents a world in its own right) constitutes the missing link in natural sciences between the so-called “dead world” of things and objects and the living world; the neglected connection between things and objects and the living world of feeling and thinking; or the connecting link between the chemical processes of body functions and the psychological, with a reversal of the generally accepted roles, i.e., it is the responsiveness of the surface tensions of the colloidal field to electromagnetic waves and frequencies which determines chemical functions. When these electromagnetic forces of the human psyche are described in terms of qualities (gunas) and how these psychological (psychic) forces of the race play over the responsive surface of colloidal structures in a given organism, we shall then see how body chemistry is determined…."

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