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The School of the Natural Order is a spiritual community based on the teachings of Vitvan, an American master who correlated the ancient wisdom teachings with modern science. Home Farm, the headquarters of the School, is located in the high desert near Baker, Nevada. Built on the site of one of the area’s early homesteads, Home Farm is a rustic farm setting far from major population centers. Home Farm (elevation 6,000 feet) is situated at the base of 13,063 ft Wheeler Peak.


At Home Farm, we offer a place for students to study Vitvan's work as well as the opportunity to work with other students, not only in the day to day work of the farm and community but also in the sustaining and distribution of Vitvan's teachings. Visitors to Home Farm mat choose either an individual personal retreat or a community-oriented visit. In either case, the aim of the School oi to function consciously no matter what the activity. Our remote setting offers a special serenity, sense of open space, and quiet contemplation.

Visitors to the School who wish to participate more fully in the daily activities of the School and Home Farm are welcome to join in a variety of activities while here, including classes, meditations, gardening, and meal preparations. Visitors may choose to support tasks for Home Farm or for the School of the Natural Order such as housekeeping, building and grounds maintenance, construction, publishing, and office work.


A personal retreat may last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. This flexible time period will allow you time to study and reflect, enjoy the quiet of our high desert location, and work on yourself. Unless special arrangements have been made in advance, you will be expected to do your own cooking and cleaning up after each meal.


Visitors will stay in simple guest rooms with shared bathrooms. We provide shared kitchen facilities with kitchen utensils and appliances where visitors will prepare their own meals. It’s not uncommon for several people to share cooking their meals together if they wish.


There are no grocery stores in Baker, so visitors must plan ahead and shop in advance for food and any personal items they may need during their stay with us. The nearest towns with grocery stores, banks and medical facilities are Ely, NV, 75 miles away, and Delta, UT, 95 miles away.


Baker is one of the most remote locations in the United States. The School’s property is surrounded by open public lands and is located two miles from the Great Basin National Park entrance. The Park provides access to camping, hiking, and wilderness experiences. Appreciating the beauty, silence, and peacefulness of the valley is a great joy. We have one of the few remaining dark night skies in the United States.


Personal transportation is not absolutely necessary, but is very convenient, given the isolation of our area. Internet is available at Home Farm. Cell service is available in most of the valley. No pets are permitted at this time.








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