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A New Cycle or Age is upon us which requires, as representation, a reformulation of the Wisdom Teachings (Gnosis) as a new presentation and methodology for individual development.


Before the advent of our modern mathematical physics, understanding of the structure of the atom, autonomous fields, etc., points of reference were lacking with which description of Mind level perceptions of the cosmic process could be adequately given.  Not until the three coordinates of space were generally understood as functions of the three coordinates of time could events in a space-time continuum be described in terms of consciousness, Self-awareness, action of Self-knowing, etc.  Before this general understanding, such events were treated as Maya, delusions and/or illusions, resulting in a train of disastrous consequences to the human weal.


We know that the cosmic process itself, in its cyclic order, exhibits unifying or synthetical qualities, and a given man—the epitomization of the cosmic process—is now capable of synthetical Knowing. This means that man is now able to dispense with symbolical representations as a means to his perceptive insight of Truth and Reality, thus employing signs, symbols (words), etc., in his thinking processes only for communication purposes on the 'objective’ level.


This ability to function synthetically signalizes the culmination of a long emergent or developing process. This process began at the dawn of history with zootyping simple perceptions, and through the ages progressed through totemized transference of zootyped and totemic representations to the skies or starry heavens wherein totemic representations developed into uranographical and zodiacal forms. This turned into the objectification of gods, demons, familiar spirits, etc., culminating in the anthro­pomorphic concept labeled the god of gods or a god of all gods.


Beginning with the Renaissance, the age of enlightenment, the natural sciences were instrumental in transferring the thingified system of representation of the past to the mental level of the psyche wherein the concept, represented by sign, symbol, word, etc., became substituted for the previous forms of pictorialization.


The New Cycle now dawning is characterized by the urge to carry the forms of representation beyond the concept—as well as all other past forms of thingifying—as a means to understanding.  For it is now realized that while the concept is useful as a means for objectifying Mind perceptions in symbolical forms, it fails utterly as a means for Knowing.  So representations can now be carried beyond the concept into a new aptitude, not only for synthetical knowing but for the greatest possible short-cut to Self-realization.


This eventuates in a non-metaphysical presentation of the structure, function, and order of that cosmic process in which each person and every 'thing’ is integrated.  With the restriction of conceptual thinking to a mental form of thingifying, objectifying, etc., an individual experiences his release from his last bondage.  At long last, man can stand clear of all objective identifications and with the faculty or aptitude of synthesis, and he can perceive and comprehend the structure, function, order of reality (the cosmic process) directly and with an immediacy of awareness.  Standing thus clear and free from thingifying his objective identifications on the mental level, he can utilize or employ symbol and myth as a means for converting psychic energy into configurational representations.


This gives meaning and purpose to the re-articulation of the Gnosis; and heralds the way of functioning for those who will consciously participate in the pattern of this great and glorious New Cycle.


Vitvan wrote the book The Christos and also gave a lesson series called The Christos which is available as an audio set. Note that the audio series offered here is not the same as the book.

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