Then, on a spring day in the seventh year of his discipleship, the efforts of student and Master came to culmination. A most detailed description of the awakening of the Christos power is given in Vitvan's book The Christos. And in other works he further elaborates on it. But in personal conversation he would say:

"I liken it to lightening. The lightening strikes and it quite literally shakes you like an earthquake. You feel your ego in the grip of gigantic and titanic forces, of which, with all of your understanding, you have never really had any conception, nor are you in any wise prepared to handle. This is the cosmic process operating within your own being. It is not something that has been 'put on you,' it comes from within yourself.

"It comes with a baptism of fire, for it is analogous to fire. In elementary school physics it would be described as a completed arc. It is caused by the response of a relatively lower octave of wave and frequency to much higher and more intense wave-frequencies. The latent power in the sacral pole of the axis or field is awakened, activated and released. It leaps to the positive pole in the conarial center. A circuit is completed and the individualized autonomous field is made incandescent, ablaze with Light."(1)

Ralph deBit lay in a delirium and coma for two weeks. Mozumdar remained at his bedside constantly, administering as he could, but he was greatly concerned. He was totally unfamiliar with this kind of reaction. When deBit regained consciousness it took several weeks before he was up and about.

"I did not fully recover my health for many months," he said. "And strange and unique physiological changes continued to manifest themselves for the next three or four years."

Mozumdar had fulfilled his obligation to Arumda. The apprenticeship was over.

Mozumdar named his disciple Vitvan, meaning "one who knows." He was deeply touched by deBit's attainment and wept with tears of joy.

But he said, "You are the first I have taken through, and you will also be the last. Your life was endangered. I do not believe that Occidental man is sufficiently evolved for this experience. He is not prepared. It is too dangerous."

Remembering the conversation, Vitvan would laugh until his eyes filled with tears.

"You must understand how deeply I loved that man and with what respect I held him. Well, I was presumptuous but I could not restrain myself. I answered him with his own favorite epithet.

"'Bullshit,' I said. 'That is bullshit. If I have proven difficult, I accept the responsibility. But I believe the system is also at fault. This is not the Orient. I believe that the teaching must be adapted to the race psyche of Western man. There must be a new curriculum and a new methodology to fit his particular needs. Your own teacher said as much. I intend to dedicate my life to that end.'

"Mozumdar listened in stern silence, cocking his head to one side and then the other, as he was wont to do. When I finished he remained quiet for a moment. Then his face broke into a pleased and loving smile.

"He put his hand to mine and said, 'Well then, Vitvan, you have found your destiny.'

"In the next instant I was on my knees beside him, emotionally pouring out my thanks to this wonderful man. In the morning I packed my few belongings and we bid goodbye."

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(1) For another contemporary description of this phenomenon, read Gopi Krishna's KUNDALINI, The Evolutionary Energy in Man, and his The Biological Basis of Religion and Genius.