The task was begun. Two prefab cabins were raised; a trailer house was brought in from San Diego. A tool shed and workshop was erected. Tools and heavy equipment were purchased. For the next few years hardship and hard work were the rule. The old buildings came down and new ones rose in their places. Fences were mended; rocks were cleared from the ground. Alfalfa turned the fields green, grass was planted and gardens bloomed.

Vitvan worked with the vitality of a man half his age. He shared the chores, taught his students and gave unstintingly of himself to a constant stream of visitors.

When the main house was finally completed the large dining room was utilized as a classroom and lecture hall, along with its regular functions. Eventually the perennial schoolhouse was built and class work and Sunday talks were reinstated there.

Vitvan always spoke without notes or references. The context of his ideas flowed spontaneously from the high level of consciousness functioning in and through him. But Vitvan no longer transcribed his instruction.

"I consider the hours already spent hunched over a writing pad to qualify me for retirement," he said.

However, it was thought that the inestimable value of the 'family talks.' and Sunday lectures must somehow be preserved. It took a great deal of persuasion, but Vitvan finally agreed to being "plugged in like some kind of damned automated toaster" and all of the subsequent sessions were tape recorded. His living words--over 100 hours of recording--remain with us: a priceless addition to his library of work.

Time passed and the living became easier. There were daily chores, teaching continued and every Sunday brought visitors, but most of the building and reclaiming was finished.

Vitvan enjoyed these years. He loved the land. It held a constant fascination for him. He could walk for hours over the hills without tiring. Each rock he picked up or wildflower he stooped to touch was a new and thrilling experience. He wrote to a friend:

"I was not certain how I would adjust to my new environment after so many years in the effortless climate of California. But I guess I am a country body at heart. I like the change of seasons. I delight in the great expanse of space around me. From the front porch I can look down across the valley and see for fifty miles, and then I can turn my head and look up to the majestic peaks of Mt. Wheeler and companions. There are growing things of every variety and animals of many species. It makes me remember a benediction my mother taught me: 'Blessed is the Lord for He is bountiful.'"

Of course there were other dimensions to Home Farm particular to himself.

"I wish everyone here," he wrote, "could experience Home Farm as I am able to experience it. There are so many worlds to know if one can get loose to know them. It's a matter of breaking identification with the configurational self--the 'I am the body' idea. Under hypnosis it is a simple procedure to draw an imaginary circle around a subject and suggest to him that a force field has been set up that he cannot penetrate. The poor fellow will struggle to the point of exhaustion trying to break through it.

"Much in the same manner is consciousness identified with the 'body' idea. It thinks it is captured within. In reality quite the opposite is true. The configuration or body is within consciousness, not the other way around. Needless to say, our identification with the physical vehicle has been focused for millenniums and the idea is extremely difficult to disconnect. But once it is broken the limitations that are restrictive on the objectified level--that is, the dimensions of time, space, etc.--are overcome. There are myriad worlds to explore here."

The routine of Vitvan's life did not alter, but with the passing years the thrust of his dharma was diminishing. He took time now for rest and reflection. His writings were available to anyone who knew him or had heard of the work, but no effort was made to publish. The time had not yet come.

One summer evening as he sat with the others under a shade tree on the lawn he said:

"The day is approaching when the many will seek what the few have found. When that time comes, make the work available. Take it out from here and see to its dissemination. Home Farm must remain as the hub of the wheel but spokes must be extended in every direction."

Then he paused and let his gaze wander out over the valley below. He continued:

"I will not live to see it happen. But the grain was threshed, we have seen to its planting and one day soon the harvesters will be plentiful. You will see its beginning in 1974. You will know that the work has found its time.

"Until then, accept the privilege of working at your own salvation--that is, your realization of the essential Self and the ultimate consciousness of Be-ing. It is beyond anything you have in mind now. So work, work, work, until you can stand in It with the Greater Ones. You will join a mighty brotherhood."

Vitvan sought seclusion now. For several days he remained closeted and out of communication. Few were aware of the portent of this time, nor were they ever told. But this blessed one whom they called Teacher, a servant of that mighty brotherhood, was himself receiving the grace of attainment. He experienced the extension of consciousness which tradition calls the Fourth Initiation.

Two quiet years slipped by and Vitvan was made aware that the end was approaching. He seemed more eager than every before to extend his blessing to those near him. Many were enabled to experience levels of consciousness far beyond their states. They would not sustain these moments, nor in all probability be able to lay final claim to the experience in their lifetimes, but they were given a glimpse of what lies ahead on the journey into Light.

On Mother's Day, May 10, 1964, he spoke in the little schoolhouse for the last time. He finished, saying:

"Up through the millenniums you've come--consciousness ever emerging, ever expanding. No power anywhere can thwart it, no power can break its urge, because there is no other power in all of Be-ing. And that power is individualized in you. You are only that Power-to-be-conscious, struggling to be conscious of itself.

"Do you believe you are the body? Why, there is nothing to this body--it is mostly water and a handful of minerals. It is a cooling system for the fire that directs it. It can only function in one way--it can move. That is all it can do--it has movement. The Power-to-be-conscious can move its configuration--its body.

"You don't think in your body. You do not feel in your body. Oh, you can think you think in it and you can think you feel in it. But those activities do not take place inside your body. They are the activities of your psyche--your psychic nature. And the psychic vehicle is not inside the physical body--the body is in it. The physical body is a representation and epitomization of the content of that psychic nature, and the psychic nature is the amalgamation of all your sensations, feelings, emotions and the thinking you have directed toward them.

"You are the Power-to-be-conscious individualized as an energy field containing within it the psychic nature and the configurated vehicle.

"Up from the millenniums you've come--the Power-to-be-conscious unconsciously evoking millions of neurons into bundles of receptors, configurated and experienced as a physical body.

"Up from the millenniums you've come--the Power-to-be-conscious unconsciously sustaining the impulses of sensations received by its receptors and configurated as a psychic nature.

"Up from the millenniums you've come--the Power-to-be-conscious unconsciously identifying as a personal self.

"Now you must deliberately reverse the process. You must consciously direct the Power-to-be-conscious to a higher registry of frequency than those received as sensation, feeling and thinking in and under the limitation of sense.

"You must consciously direct the Power-to-be-conscious out of the apparatus of the psychic nature. You must consciously work to become conscious of the Power-to-be-conscious within yourselves.

"I have shown you how it is to be done. I have given you every tool with which to work. Now it is up to you. Become a doer. Do these things. Practice. Practice your meditations. Practice your disciplines. Practice your breathing exercises. Practice. Practice. It is a short step to the realization you seek. Take that step. Direct the Power-to-be-conscious within yourselves to conscious awareness of Itself. And join company with the Blessed Ones in Light's Regions."

Then he offered his benediction:

"May the Peace of this Infinite Self, which passeth all understanding, hold us and keep us in the love of the Christed consciousness while we are seemingly separated, one from another."

In the final days of his life he was constantly attended by his most faithful disciple. One day he said to her:

"All who teach bear the same message. It is the summation of my life's work, as it was of those who came before me and those who will come after me. We teach in order to bring mankind to the realization of the meaning contained in the simple injunction recorded in the Good Book--'Know ye not ye are gods?'"

Later he said to her, "You must remain here, my dear. You must stay at Home Farm and hold the Field. All else will take care of itself."

At 1:30 in the afternoon of June 29, 1964, Vitvan was dying. Two disciples were in attendance. He made an effort to speak to them one last time, but the life force was ebbing too fast. Instead he looked lovingly from one to the other. Then he smiled up at them and passed from this life.

On July 3rd Memorial Services were held at Home Farm. More than 60 persons gathered from all parts of the country.

Vitvan's body was interred in the little cemetery on the hill.

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