In the late spring of 1946 Vitvan left Denver by train and journeyed to San Diego. After several temporary headquarters, the group bought ten acres of land in the mountains above Twin Oaks Valley, north of San Marcos, California.

Vitvan named the retreat Eschatologia, for he believed that this, indeed, would be the 'final' place. He re-incorporated the teachings under the title School of the Natural Order.

"We do this," he told the group, "because the outcome of the work must eventuate in a School--a place of learning--not confined to a single locale, but ever extending to reach the minds of men."

Now began a period in this extraordinary man's life that derives its precedent from the unique history of all Masters of the Wisdom. He was quite literally able to step out of all identification with the personality that was Vitvan, leaving the instrumentation of mind and body to the direction of the Higher Orders in Light's regions. He became a pure channel for the sweeping awareness and perception that he had attained.

During this period he often wrote and spoke of Vitvan in the third person. He was able now to bring through the many profound insights granted to him in a lifetime of experiencing on the upper levels of consciousness. The creative process that began to function through the man staggers the imagination. He was, in the next ten years, to be consumed by a prodigious outflowing of productivity.

His major quartet of books, The Natural Order Process: The Basic Teachings of the School of the Natural Order, Cosmology, The Christos and Six Days of the Creating Process, are in themselves a monumental accomplishment. They constitute the foundation for the entire structure of the Gnosis--the Wisdom of the Ages as known and taught from the beginning of man's emergence into individualized consciousness.

Painstakingly and with meticulous concern for the beginning seeker, Vitvan describes in the first two volumes the overview of the palingenetic process and the cosmos that engenders and sustains it. He carefully marks a path for the pursuer and recounts the first efforts to be made by exercise and discipline to integrate the consciousness into active participation with the process.

In The Christos, a profound work, Vitvan delineates the great mystery of the ever-becoming Christos as a process of attainment, not an historical event. It is the story of mankind's emerging and expanding consciousness: the true sacrament hidden in the symbols and myths that were the language of the Initiates. As he has done in the first two works, he correlates this understanding with modern scientific advancements in studies of light-energy and unified field physics.

The culmination of the quartet is Six Days of the Creating Process. This is the great arch that bestrides the three foundation pieces and rests as the dome of our intellectual understanding of the Ancient Wisdom.

Beginning with Light and following the metamorphosing process: Light to energy to teloplasm, ectoplasm, protoplasm, cytoplasm, colloids, crystalloids and living matter, Vitvan traces the motion of creation as symbolized by "days" in the First Book of Genesis and relates the corresponding evolvement in atomic structures as described and represented in the periodic table.

He then traces the Second Creation, that mysterious restatement that appears without introduction or explanation in Genesis II, verses 4 through 6. In empirical terminology he describes the 'nominal' creation of the earlier story as a manifestation of the Logos or Word expressed in terms of Light and its seven refractions or powers. Here Being is of the universal and timeless order, expressing itself in wholeness.

Now the process requires, for completion, the other order of manifestation--the order of limitation in time, space and differentiation--so as to supply analysis to its synthesis and give multiplicity to its unity. Thus the Second Creation.

And finally Vitvan describes the returning process as it occurs both in microcosm and macrocosm. The unfolding of differentiation into unity--living matter into energy, energy into Light.

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