June 26 - July 1, 2011

This year, by popular demand, we offer you a change of pace—a different way of experiencing the world. We offer you one week to immerse yourself in living the natural order process.

We invite you to leave your busy world and join us. Slow down and feel-know your environment.  Activities and practices have been designed to help you focus on becoming more aware of yourself and your place in the universe.

We are focusing on experiences which you can use to relate to the wisdom teachings, extend your understanding of them, and help you integrate them into your daily life. For example:

·         “Vitvan 101”—explanations of some of Vitvan’s terminology in everyday language with the opportunity for discussion, questions, and answers

·         Home Farm organic gardening activities

·         Walks and hikes to experience the natural environment

·         Listening to portions of Vitvan’s lessons regarding meditation and other specific exercises, followed by discussion and practice

·         Science activities to deepen understanding of the scientific facts upon which Vitvan’s presentation of the wisdom teachings are based

·         Practical activities to focus attention on the importance of general  semantics in our everyday lives

·         Instruction and practice in breathing exercises

·         Quiet times and deliberate activities to focus on what Vitvan calls the “here-now”, also known as “mindfulness” in some disciplines

·         Meditation sessions several times a day

Previous participants have suggested that we plan for more quiet time, whether to visit one on one, share informally with others, or simply to be with oneself. Our plans for this year’s retreat schedule take this suggestion into account.

Each day we will serve three delicious, simple meals, using organic foods. 

Our guest rooms are comfortable and welcoming and our library will be open to our guests.

The retreat will begin Sunday morning and end Friday evening. Participants are welcome to arrive on Saturday and stay through the July Fourth weekend if they wish.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Cost for the retreat, including room, board, and all activities: $485.00.

Please contact Val Taylor to register:

Phone: 775.234.7304 or FAX: 775.234.7252 or email:

or mail: School of the Natural Order

P. O. Box 150, Baker, NV 89311

We accept MasterCard or VISA.

No pets, please