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Summer Seminar June 29 - July 4, 2008

 Last year our summer seminar was a celebration of 50 years of Home Farm. We are excited to continue the positive energy of that seminar as we renew and reawaken the reason for Home Farm's existence. We invite you to come share your ideas of what "Renewal" means to you. What kind of practices do you use to facilitate your own growth and development? Do you have activities (practice, work or play) that help you stay focused on treading the Path? Do you have ideas, inspirations from sources in addition to Vitvan's teachings that you would like to share with other students? We will provide time for practice, work and play as well as time to share what you would like us to consider. Please come prepared to be an active participant in each other's activities.

Time to play will include, among other things. hiking out the mountain-on easy trails on Mt. \W heeler, or in more difficult terrain out newly refurbished trails to Lexington Arch. \\e invite you to join in various ongoing work projects at Home Farm. If you have a favorite recipe you'd like to make as part of one of our meals, please bring it along. (You might want to let us know what ingredients to have on hand when you make your reservation.) Were excited to enjoy the fresh energy and new ideas our guests bring to share. This is YOUR SEMINAR as well as our new beginning.

"We'll leave the Light on for you."

Classwork will begin out Sunday, June 29th.  

Meals will be provided for students arriving on June 28th.
hope to continue collecting stories of long-tithe members that we began last year.


***There will be no formal workshop for children this year. Our teachers and many of our former students are off doing other things.