This summer marks the 50th anniversary of the School of the Natural Order at Home Farm.

Vitvan spent his whole life fulfilling his dharma—to present a re-articulation of the ancient wisdom teachings in language acceptable to 20th century members of western cultures. When in the 1950’s it seemed just a matter of time before the United States would be at war with Russia—a World War III—Vitvan was guided to find a remote spot where those teachings could be preserved regardless of what came to pass. Thus it was that one of his students brought him to Baker, Nevada, to show him a ranch that was for sale that she thought was the right kind of a place. On Labor Day, 1957, the School took possession of that ranch and moved its headquarters to what Vitvan named Home Farm.

Many students have come and gone since then, and some of us are still here. It seems appropriate at such a landmark anniversary that we review those years and renew our dedication to his work. One of the greatest things (to some of us) about Vitvan’s teachings as opposed to other philosophies is that he not only describes the higher levels, he provides tools for interested students to use to achieve those heights for themselves. Some of those “tools” are practices included in his lesson courses, “Practice of the Way” and “Practices in Individual Development.”

So this summer we would like you to come help us celebrate. We will study and work with some of the practices found in those courses. In addition, we provide lots of opportunities to hear stories from students of how they discovered Home Farm and Vitvan’s teachings, how they have used them, and where their journey on the path has taken them since then. We have enjoyed many such stories over the years, but now we would like not only to hear them, but also to collect and publish them to share with other students. Please come if you can and share your story. If you can’t come and would like to email us your story, we would be delighted to receive it.

Students who have studied related topics will be given time to make presentations about their studies. We will also have early morning sessions in breathing techniques and evening meditations. If this sounds as exciting to you as it does to us, we’ll expect to receive your registration soon. See you this summer!

Let’s get together and renew and rev-up our various practices in expanding awareness and share of stories of our progress and plans for taking our next steps on the path