Summer Seminar June 29 – July 4, 2003



 We are all aware that we must “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s,” which for most of us means that a large proportion of our time is spent dealing with the demands of the ‘objective world’. So isn’t it nice when we can come together for a seminar and focus on acquiring those treasures which “rust cannot corrupt nor thieves break in and steal.”

This year’s seminar will focus on three primary responsibilities we have as students of the School of the Natural Order.

First, there is our responsibility for our own self-development. Our friend Bruce Kodish, who is associated with the Institute of General Semantics, will be here again this year to help us discover ways of becoming more self-aware. (See his announcement below)

Second, we would like to recognize our responsibilities as part of the American race psyche. With the USA in the center of so much that is going on in the world today, we have become acutely aware that we need to be responsible citizens. Opinions as to how we should do this vary widely. We would like to present Vitvan’s understanding as one possible approach.

In a critical period in our history in the 1950’s, Vitvan put aside other teaching to give his students an insight into who we are as Americans. He called his course of lessons Gnostic Foundations of the U. S. Government. The insights provided in this course can help us gain some perspectives that will help us see our current situation more clearly. According to Vitvan, in the planetary scheme of things, the USA has a great destiny to fulfill. The founding fathers provided us with a government designed to help us fulfill that destiny. We will listen to segments of the tapes of this lesson series and discuss how we might use the information in assuming our roles as responsible citizens.

Third, we would like to devote short periods of time in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings to meditation in an effort to become channels for the higher frequencies of Light to enter the planetary consciousness. As more and more students assume the responsibility of learning how to meditate effectively we will add our weight to bringing the Light of the higher worlds into the apparent darkness through which the world is passing before the new cycle is established.

Each day will begin with Chi Gung exercises led by Jim and Jody Dalton, followed by a short meditation period. Jim Dalton, who leads a class in vipassana meditation for the Portland Insight Meditation Society will work with us in the evenings to help us improve our meditation abilities and intensify our practice.

Jim Woolsey will give a two-hour class on one of the days, on how to use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a remarkable process that can "reboot" the energy system in just a few minutes, and turn off negative emotions, even chronic longstanding conditions.

Tentatively scheduled is an open discussion on how have we applied the wisdom teachings in our daily lives, led by John Sheppard, longtime resident at Home Farm and student of the Gnosis.

Classwork will begin on Sunday, June 29th and run through Thursday, July 3rd. Classes will include sessions led by Bruce Kodish and listening/discussion sessions using segments of Vitvan’s taped lectures on “Gnostic Foundations of the U. S. Government.”  Meals will be provided for students arriving on Saturday, June 28th as well as for students staying through the following Saturday. Anyone interested in hiking on Mt. Wheeler can plan to do so on Saturday, July 5th.

Please come join us in our discovery of ways to integrate these responsibilities into our every day lives. Practice during the seminar is sure to provide an impetus for efforts as we return to the workaday world.

Our accommodations are more limited this year than in prior years, so if you plan to attend it would be a good idea to make your reservations early. Hope to see you here.

General Semantics on One Foot:

Tools for Responsible Communicating

As you live and breathe, you cannot not communicate. You talk to yourself—your most enchanted listener. You also talk with others; they talk with you. What we say to each other and how we say it can have profound effects—both enchanting and disenchanting—on our personal and professional lives and in the larger spheres of social, political, and international relations. Can we learn to communicate more consciously and with greater responsibility? What will such consciousness and responsibility consist of? How do we apply these understandings in our everyday lives? In this interactive workshop we will explore together how to do so, using the tools of general semantics and related approaches.

Topics will include: general semantics on one foot, freeing yourself from words (silence on the un-speakable level), what we do with language and what it does with us, avoiding the tyranny of agreement, and the ethics of time-binding and democracy. The class will include presentations, discussions, exercises and experiments. Prepare to get challenged and have fun!

Instructor Biography

Bruce I. Kodish has worked as a member of the teaching staff of the Institute of General Semantics since 1986. He received a doctorate in Applied Epistemology from the Union Institute and University in 1996. He has written the controversial new book, Dare to Inquire: Sanity and Survival for the 21st Century and Beyond. With his wife Susan Presby Kodish, he wrote Drive Yourself Sane: Using the Uncommon Sense of General Semantics. A physical therapist and Alexander Technique teacher, he has also written Back Pain Solutions: How to Help Yourself with Posture-Movement Therapy and Education.