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Summer Seminar June 30 -- July 4, 2002

If you DARE to attend this year's summer seminar there will be much to DO. And surprisingly, there will be important occasions for KEEPING SILENT as well. Actually, the title for this year's seminar is "Rule #7" in Vitvan's Self-Mastery Through Meditation. In. the preface of that same book Vitvan states that "...the way to break out of the 'shell' [of objective identification] is meditation. Daily meditations during the seminar will provide excellent opportunities for students to deepen and enhance their meditation abilities. Jim Dalton, a practicing Vipassana meditation student in Portland will provide techniques and guidance.

Several of the other "rules for Treaders of the Path" described in Vitvan's meditation book include techniques used in general semantics. We are excited that Bruce Kodish, who shared many general semantics practices with us last year, will return with his wife Susan Presby Kodish. Together they will conduct an exciting participatory workshop (See below)

That is only the beginning. Later in the week Richard and Lisa Austin, long-time students of the School and teachers of Human Dynamics workshops, will share with us their methods for enhancing important human relations skills (See below)

We have both Tai Chi and Yoga trained students who have volunteered to lead us through morning stretches and meditations. The group who chooses to attend these early-morning workouts can choose the kinds of, activities they prefer on any given day.

There will be no formal workshop for children this year. Our resident teacher, Susan Wetmore will provide some structured activities during adult classes, with the help of any volunteers

Classwork will begin on Sunday, June 30th. Meals will be provided for students arriving on June 29th. Also, students who are interested in hiking Mt. Wheeler may stay after the seminar ends to hike on July 5th or 6th.

We have limited accommodations which filled up totally the last two years, so we would advise you to send your registration SOON in order to reserve a space.

Opening Pathways to Daring and Doing with General Semantics

In his biography of Vitvan, Richard Satriano wrote "It is impossible to estimate the significance of Science and Sanity on Vitvan, or the impact of his subsequent instruction by Korzybski. The theory of non-aristotelian systems and General Semantics gave Vitvan the key he had so long sought. He found the crucial missing link for the presentation of the Wisdom Teachings in a modem variant" (p. 78).

In these interactive workshop sessions, Susan and Bruce Kodish focus on some of the basic formulations of general semantics that seem to especially relate to the theme of the SNO Summer Seminar 2002: "Dare, Do and Keep Silent." In four sessions taught over two days Susan and Bruce, experienced teachers with the Institute of General Semantics, will introduce the system of general semantics and help you explore:

Prepare to have fun while discovering some new and useful tools to help you in building your own unique personal path.


Susan Presby Kodish, Ph.D. and Bruce L. Kodish, Ph.D., together bring over 40 years of experience in general semantics, psychology, personal coaching, movement therapy/education, and mind-body awareness to their teaching, writing, individual and group work. In 1998, they received the Institute of General Semantics' prestigious J. Talbott Winchell Award. With "deep appreciation and warm thanks" the award acknowledged the Kodish's "...many contributions severally and together to the wider understanding of general semantics as authors, editors, teachers, leaders." Susan and Bruce co-authored the book Drive Yourself Sane: Using the Uncommon Sense of General Semantics. Susan has also edited the book Developing Sanity in Human Affairs. Bruce also has written Back Pain Solutions: How to Help Yourself with Posture-Movement Therapy and Education. Bruce and Susan's goal is to help create a saner, safer world, one person at a time.

Human Dynamics, a new framework for understanding people as whole systems and how they can better realize their individual and collective potential, will be presented during two half-day sessions at the SNO summer seminar by Richard and Lisa Austin.

What is Human Dynamics?

Human Dynamics is a well-tested body of knowledge regarding human functioning. It is based on investigations undertaken since 1979, which have involved more than 60,000 people representing over 25 cultures. It identifies and documents inherent distinctions in the functioning of people as whole systems. These distinctions in human functioning are more fundamental than age, race, culture or gender. They can be identified even in infancy.

Nine distinct human systems (Personality Dynamics) have been identified. Five of these Personality Dynamics greatly predominate in Western cultures and it is these five that are the focus of the one-day seminar. Each is characterized by distinctive ways of processing information, communicating, learning, problem solving, creating, relating to others, functioning on teams, maintaining health and experiencing stress. Each dynamic has a distinctive path of development towards integration and wholeness.

Not being conscious of these fundamental distinctions typically results in misunderstandings and conflict. Awareness and understanding of them enables individuals and groups to foster their own and others' intrapersonal, interpersonal and transpersonal development. Seminar participants will enhance their abilities to consciously utilize the complementary gifts and processes that each of the different personality dynamics naturally offers so as to achieve superior individual and collective performance. The Human Dynamics seminar, based on these fundamental understandings, will facilitate the development of enhanced capacities for:

Summer seminar participants may want to refer to a copy of Sandra Segal and David Home's book, Human Dynamics: A New Framework for Understanding People and Realizing the Potential in Our Organizations. Some reference materials will be provided.

Human Dynamics website: