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New Dates: July 23 – 29, 2017

 New Cost:  $600

Let’s Get Functional 2.0



In our second iteration of Let’s Get Functional, we will continue our discovery of functional ways to bring the ancient wisdom teachings into our everyday lives. Open your attention to awareness of and functioning with that great driving force called creativity. There will be a wonderful range of classes by various presenters. Join us in the exciting classes and activities for an abundance of learning and expansion with time to integrate your experiences.  Reserve your spot now.

 Morning Meditation – Steve Anderegg

Start each new day with the mantra as given by Vitvan: The I AM which is my True Self is the Power with which I am conscious of my world. Feel the power of the AUM chanting and learn some pranayama exercises in an hour-long group meditation. Enjoy all or part of every session.  

Consciousness Touching Consciousness…Air…Thought…Feel/Know – Peter Clarke

Vitvan asked, “What do you touch when you touch something?” The answer is the state of your own consciousness.

Peter will elaborate on bringing Vitvan’s teachings into everyday life on several levels with further explorations of the objective self-conscious state in the context of the Four Somatic Divisions of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. He will also discuss the First Crossing and the development of possibilities in the north-half of the psychic nature.

Exploring the Infoldment-Unfoldment Process – Steve Anderegg

Listen to a Vitvan lesson; discuss it as a group. Steve will guide us in exploring the meaning of Vitvan’s description of the infoldment-unfoldment process in the man state. He will include exercises as a way of finding application in our worlds.

Home Farm 101 – Dan Hathaway

Many years ago, Vitvan admonished the young Dan to learn all he could about the magic of biodynamic composting from an expert… and composting has been at the center of his being ever since. Dan has spent a lifetime as an arborist, landscape consultant, and advisor to communities about composting, yard waste reclamation, bio-solids processing, municipal solid waste handling, recycling, and zero waste. Dan will explain our landscape features at Home Farm – what they are and where we might take them with a plan.

Everything is Frequencies – Don Morris

It is self-evident that certain sounds – a single piano key, the ring of a bell, an AUM chant – may be defined by a single tone or frequency. It is less obvious that literally any 'thing' or 'object' in motion may be fully described by a combination of one or more frequencies. We will discuss how and why this is so from a physics and mathematics point of view and perform some live demonstrations to illustrate the point.

Frequency Tales – Don Morris

Sit back, relax and listen to some real world examples of the importance of frequencies. You will hear stories and anecdotes from a 32-year career spent finding and analyzing frequencies. We will discuss how and why frequencies are of vital importance to good design and proper function in engineering.

The Work – Eric Schneider

Explore and utilize the four questions making up "The Work" which Byron Katie describes as "inquiry". Eric has found that one of the beauties of discovering this process has been a growing openness and honesty with his reactions, an expanding sense of understanding, acceptance, and extensionality. He will discuss how "The Work" correlates with the SNO teachings, e.g., conscious abstracting, the purificatory process, etc. Small groups of individuals will be formed of those who would like to pursue the practice.

The Nature of "Heaven" – Charles Davis

What is it?  Where is it?  Do we have to die in order to get there?  Is it a place or a state of consciousness? Might it be possible to learn how to live "on earth as it is in heaven"?  

Gunas as Chromatin – Lynne Hoffman

Vitvan stated that chromatin is built by the quality of that to which you lend yourself long enough down the stream of what we call consciousness or time. He taught that chromosomes are not ‘things’ that determine temperament, ability, functional characteristics, or structure qualities and that the chromosome becomes the electromagnetic field of the guna. Lynne will discuss what this means for us.

Manage Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors – Joan Cartales

Learn Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy techniques to manage your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in order to become less emotionally reactive and/or to change unwanted behaviors. Class will also include instruction on encouraging neural network growth in the brain and how hormones effect our ability to think rationally. Managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors aids an individual in developing presence in the moment and self-awareness.

Dance classes…Earth…Action…Movement – Peter Clarke

Dance can afford the opportunity to explore and expand into awareness of the earth level through movement (Action). This includes regular dancing and slowing down dance to almost suspend time in micro-movements.

Mess Painting…Water…Desire…Passion – Peter Clarke

Mess painting affords the opportunity to explore emotional states (the force of feeling polarized into identity) and thus values through the medium of colored water and movement that then describes shapes or images on paper in a non-cognitive/pre-verbal fashion where we can safely enter the south-half of the psychic nature and perhaps find and retrieve some pieces of Osiris.

Evening Meditation

Participate in the group meditation. Focus on the practice of the AUM, setting a tone of deepening as the days go by.



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