School of the Natural Order
Summer Seminar
July 31 - August 6, 2016 
Another happy and successful Summer Seminar fills our memories with recollections of individual and group activities. Interesting and informative presentations inspired ongoing individual conversations and group discussions about the School's teachings and our practical application of them to our dynamic daily lives, including deepening meditation. Great meals, abundance in the garden, old and new friends and the beautiful landscape of Nevada's Great Basin enhanced our experiences and friendships this memorable summer at Home Farm.
Some scenes from
Summer Seminar
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Marj Coffman

Breathing as a Tool
Breathing happens and we take it for granted. Getting functional with breathing means taking control and making it work for you. Through demonstrations and discussions Marj reminded us that the back breath we use when we chant our AUMs can also be a powerful tool for improving our meditation practice.
Charles Davis

The Search for Significance
Charles showed how to use the Structural Differential of general semantics to improve the quality of our life by releasing more of that benevolent inner voice that has our best and highest interests in mind. 
Lynne Hoffman

The Polarity in You
There is polarity in everything we experience every day. Vitvan put great emphasis on understanding mitosis as an excellent example of polarity. To deepen our understanding of mitosis, Lynne described the many interactions of positive and negative in the process of mitosis. “As below, so above.” She reminded us that there is evidence of the union of the Positive Power and the Negative Substance all around us.
Michael Schneider

This Energy World
Due to the pictures presented by our senses, we think, assign values, and act as if we live in a world full of 'things' and 'objects' which we describe using crystallized nouns. But we actually live and function in a fluid energy world of vibrations and verbs. In this session Michael illustrated this energy world as Vitvan described it. Our goal is to transform our pictures of this apparent universe of "things" into direct awareness of the dynamic energy world it is.
Readings from Savitri
Vitvan held the highest regard for the teachings of the Indian seer and writer Sri Aurobindo Ghose (1872-1950). He especially valued his epic poem Savitri: “There are no words suitable to describe this work. It is the most dumbfounding, remarkable work I have ever had in my hands… written on such an exceedingly high level. I just love that language, that word structure!” In this session Michael introduced Sri Aurobindo’s remarkable biography and a summary of Savitri’s beautiful love story. Readings from some of its most outstanding sections showed why it so delighted Vitvan and continues to inspire students of spiritual wisdom today.
Charlie Chaplin speaks of
the Power (-to-be-conscious)
motivating the universe
Peter Clarke

Objective Self-Conscious State
We wake up to Self-consciousness in and through the human level of objective self-conscious state. Our goal is to understand the objective self-conscious state along with 'all' the consequences of such a 'shape', accepting the possibility of such. And that's a really 'good' way to start a 'Functional Journey’… From where we are! In four sessions (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) Peter presented ‘Skillful Means’ to expand/explore consciousness beyond the objective self-conscious state with examples, exercises, and practices.
Eric Schneider

The Work
Eric guided us in exploring and utilizing the four questions making up "The Work" which Byron Katie describes as "inquiry." Eric has found that one of the beauties of discovering this process has been in a growing openness and honesty with his reactions. By inquiring into them, he described an expanding sense of understanding, acceptance, and extensionality. He also pointed out some strong correspondences with conscious abstracting, the purificatory process, the Osiris myth, etc.