Steps in Self-Unfoldment                                 Late in his teaching career, Vitvan was asked by his students to give a course to them as though they were beginners. This resulting course is a good starting point for new students and an excellent refresher course for long-time students. Vitvan focused on the core concepts that are most valuable to the student’s understanding and growth in consciously cooperating with the self-development process. So here is help for beginning or renewing your meditation and other practices that will take you deeper into getting acquainted with yourself and learning to cooperate with the process of expanding consciousness. 6x9in. 234p. c2015


Vitvan describes how we expand consciousness from limitation to objective awareness, to identification with the psychic nature, and ultimately to identification with the Power-to-be-conscious on the Mind level; then he gives specific practices to help us achieve those expanded states. He provides guidelines for stilling the mental processes and working our forces through the psychic centers to the conarial center where we can make contact with our Higher Self.

 First published as a lesson series in Resonance, 2010







Steps in Self-Unfoldment, c2015 (1958)




Steps in Self-Unfoldment (18 hrs), 1958





Steps in Self-Unfoldment (18 hrs), 1958



...beginning with this statement, “There is a Power-to-be-conscious,” the Power to doubt, the Power to believe, the Power to affirm, the Power to be whatever you think that being constitutes, is that one who can register the meaning which the statement represents will never look outside of himself for anything. This sets the principle which we carry through in almost infinite ramifications of the various levels upon which the Power-to-be-conscious is conscious, to show that with no exception whatever, that which affects one is within himself and nothing outside, nothing outside, can affect one on the grounds that there isn’t any outside. Oh, yes, there’s a concept of outside; in the objective self-conscious state that is registered or abstracted from the reality, from the Triune Man (See Level 4 on the diagram on page 6), there is a concept of out there. (“Out there” means in your mentality.) But if we would enter into the description of the fourth and fifth dimensional states of consciousness, we will disperse all three dimensional states, and in the disappearance of the three dimensional states of consciousness (three points of reference, three points of manifold of values, the frame of reference that gives us a three dimensional state), then all ‘outside’ is gone too, because you’ve got to have that frame of reference in three dimensions before you can form a concept called ‘outside’. So on those grounds, there is no ‘outside’.