Einstein and InfeldVitvan’s Commentaries on "The Evolution of Physics by Einstein and Infeld"   Vitvan was prompted to write his commentaries on this book by his excitement on discovering proof of some the most profound aspects of the ancient wisdom teachings in scientific writings. Here Vitvan shows the correlation between the authors’ description of the existence of a causative field and Saguna Brahma. We published it as the lesson series in the 2007-2008 Resonance, and we are pleased to offer it now in book form.







Vitvan's Commentaries on "The Evolution of Physics by Einstein and Infeld"




I would like to clarify our understanding respecting the structure of the universe. By the use of the word, universe, we mean any given field therein. To know the structure of any one field is to know the structure of all fields. If we can understand the structure of an atom, we will understand the structure of a given individual—yourself or anyone else. That is what I mean by the structure of the universe....

It is only in the understanding of this structure that we can grasp what is meant by the words Nirguna Brahma and Saguna Brahma.By understanding this structure we can expand our understanding of the Positive Power, Mother Substance, etc. I am of the opinion that there will be endless confusion respecting these terms, and also respecting the structure of a given field—you or me—unless we settle into a more minute and detailed study of the structure of the universe....

I believe the new foundation that has been built by modern physicists represents a truer description of the ultimate reality. My opinion is based not merely on devotional loyalty to the perennial knowledge. We can take part in the building of a solid foundation... upon which the teachings of the new age can rest. We can look forward to having advanced physicists in our work and we will not outrage their intelligence by presenting our work. We can help formulate a more accurate road map describing the ancient teachings....