deva line of developmentDEVA LINE OF DEVELOPMENT 

How do you understand the word "angel"? If you would like to know how a twentieth century American teacher understands this term and relates it to evolution and spiritual development, then read Vitvan's lessons on Devas. 8.5x11in. 27p. 1988(c1950)







Deva Line of Development




This lesson on the deva line of development reveals the symbolical significance of the Book of Genesis.  I have a particular reason for giving the ‘inner,’ or esoteric interpretation of the first three chapters of the Book of Genesis.  We have learned a great deal in our work about what is called the classical factors of evolution (the Darwinian, Lamarckian, Mendelian theories, etc.) until even in our work for the earth born (the human line), we have developed a new evolutionary theory, relating it to and upon the expanding consciousness on the part of the Power-to-be-conscious.  This “expanding consciousness” is more accurately described as an emergent process.  It is like the pattern of  a plant in the life-germ of a seed which emerges out of matter, the cellular structure of the seed.  We see the Power-to-be-conscious, one and indivisible, uniting with the great Mother substance into a multiplicity of positive-negative light-energy systems, from the atomic system of hydrogen to a galactic system.

We consider the deva line of development  an exception to the emergent process in the human line, which proceeds from lowly forms—the animal world and below—into the man-state and beyond.  So, I am proposing this series of three lessons on an elaboration of the deva line of evolution, relative to the human line, and am going to correlate this description with the first three chapters of the Book of Genesis.

How are we going to reconcile the creation of man in the image and likeness of God with the classical factors of evolution?  That reconciliation between the creation of man in the image of the creator and the classical factors of evolution is a big subject and I trust that I will be able to cover it adequately.  But do not judge that coverage by one lesson;  wait until the four lessons are given.  Keep in mind the subject :  how to reconcile the creation of man in the image of the creator with that aeonian process, called evolution, or the emergent Power-to-be-conscious.