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Centrum Roof Project

Fall  2008

When we asked for your help in financing a new roof for the Centrum,  the roof had not been replaced in at least 40 years. The shingles were in terrible condition - it was a job begging to be done. You responded generously and with your donations, the project to replace the roof became a reality. Thank you!!

The materials were ordered. Sheet metal was chosen this time, because it has a life-expectancy of nearly 50 years. Rex took the lead on the project, joined by David and Jim. Late in the season, weather permitting, the work was completed in time to protect the Centrum roof from another high desert winter of cold and snow.

The Centrum was built in the 1960's. It has served many purposes over the years. The main floor currently houses our main classroom and the SNO Library. The upstairs is dedicated to living quarters. 

Enjoy these pictures of the goings-on during the Centrum Roof Project