Vitvan frequently spoke of working "Around The Place," and indeed he did. He would lead work groups while admonishing them to remain conscious of the frequencies at all times, meditating with every move, and "Holding the Field."  It is clear that he did not mean that we should work just around Home Farm, headquarters of the School, but around those places that are ourselves.


The Home Farm community of residents has varied over the years from just a few people to as many as 40 or 50. Holding the Field, maintaining and improving the facilities for current and future students are the main tasks of the resident staff. The actual number of people here at any given moment seems to depend upon the season, the signs of the times, the births, deaths, and marriages...and the Field of the School of the Natural Order.

Young and old, our lives have brought us to Home Farm. Visitors and neighbors often change the numbers, too. Seminars and Thanksgiving are traditionally the big events of the year, bringing students, friends, family, and neighbors together.

Here is a very limited sample of pictures of us. It seems we've been too busy to take very many pictures of each other!