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Logo of the School of the Natural Order
The serpent and eagle are ancient symbols.  The serpent is representative of wisdom; its coiled form is suggestive of the power (latent) in the sacral center, Kundalini (called by the Greeks the power of the Christos).  The eagle represents 'spiritual' vision. It was supposed to be the only creature that could look directly into the sun.
The eagle, with a serpent coiled around its neck has been the School's logo since its inception as the School of the Sacred Science in the 1920's; the eagle ('spiritual' vision) carrying the serpent (Christos power) to "great heights", the ascent of the force to the crown center.

 The School of the Natural Order

Vitvan founded the School of the Natural Order in 1946. More than anything else, he desired to share his understanding of this energy world as natural order process and the deep sense of inner peace and security which accompanies our growth in understanding. The primary mission of the school is to hold the field for students and to continue to distribute the publications and lessons as given by Vitvan. Editing and reformatting work continues, with more new publications available each year. 

Home Farm

Although the School of the Natural Order was originally located in Escondido, California, Vitvan moved the headquarters to Home Farm in eastern Nevada in the late 1950s. (We celebrated the 50th anniversary at the Nevada location in 2007.) Accommodations are available for students who wish to study and meditate in the peace and quiet of this remote area of the high desert. Home Farm is maintained by a small group of students who continue to study and grow.  Residents and visitors can attend regularly scheduled classes and meditations. Seminars with varying themes are held at least once a year.

Projects large and small are planned and executed by the Home Farm staff to maintain the facilities at Home Farm. Gardens that flourish with vegetables and flowers are cultivated during the very short growing season, compost piles are tended, water sources are developed, the orchard produces an abundance of fruit with attention to irrigation, pruning, and mowing, shopping is done, meals are prepared, bookkeeping is taken care of, older buildings are refurbished, plumbing is repaired, vehicles and roads are maintained, trees are trimmed, lawns are watered, residential and guest rooms are updated, laundry is washed, rooms are prepared for guests, farm buildings are restored, seminars are planned, publications are edited, tapes are duplicated, newsletters are prepared, correspondence is answered, orders for literature are mailed, website development is done, the library grows with new additions, books are read --- and the list goes on and on. Learning 'around the place' never stops.


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