Sacral-Conarial axis Represents the two poles of the individual field, the power house, our field. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 58. The positive and negative poles, the energy centers by which and through which creativity is effected, by which and through which creative force operates. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 12. The two centers ((Sacral(base of the spine) / Conarial ( crown of the head)) and the force-field between. The Christos p. 101. See Also Force center, Higher Triad, Individual field.

Sacred Word AUM is called the "sacred word," "the word of Glory," "the Pranava," the sound of conscious life itself, as it is breathed forth into all earth sphere forms. It is designated the word symbolizing the substance of the solar sphere united with the cosmic sphere, and is intended to establish the informing powers or controlling energies of these configurations or forms. Membership Letters (III) p. 13. See AUM.

Sagittarius The hunter, the slayer or Tarus. Symbolizes the Sex force, the generative center. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 14. See Sex urge.

Sa-guna Brahma See Demiurgos, Logos, Real Self.

Sahasradala Sanskrit. Orientation of consciousness into the thousand-petaled lotus, the level beyond the cortical level. The Seven Initiations p. 64.

Salvation See Liberation.

Samadhi Sanskrit. The form of meditation "without seed." Attaining a state which is beyond the barrier imposed by the highest mental level of the psychic nature. A world which cannot be known through the medium of the senses but which, by the right use of Mind, can be explored and learned. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p. 101-102.

Samsara Buddhist. "The maya," "the lie and the father of it," "the Great Illusion." Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 204. See Also Great Illusion, Maya.

Sanction The operation of polarity between a positive electric field and a negatively charged magnetic field. Expanding States of Self-awareness p. 51.Unity of the positive and negative. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 61.

The Father principle, forces, energies of the cosmic sphere, called God, cannot be known except as, by or in the substance of the solar sphere; i.e., the Father can be known only by the activity - waves and frequencies - of the Mother: called "lending the sanction." Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 72. The mater is "without form and void" and "darkness upon the face of the deep" until the Power-to-be-conscious contacts the mater. Sri Aurobindo called that the "sanction." Practices in Individual Development p. 86.See Also Unity.

Sannyasin Sanskrit. An itinerant Teacher. Traditionally, serving as a representative of the Wisdom Teaching and never to sojourn over three nights in any one place. Serving for a period of 14 years. The Veil of Maya p. 56.

Sattva The label for those qualities or forces in the psychic nature which in the object-predicate manifold of the race-mind are lauded, praised and envied, such as serenity, keenness of intellect, and those attributes called spiritual. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p. 93.

Sattvic The clear Light in the (freed and clear) psyche evidences as pure dynamic energy. The First Crossing p. 65. The highest quality given to substance. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 46. See Also Gunas, Qualities.

Satan At another stage of development (in the book of Revelations) describes the generative power/force, the genetrix. The fiery dragon that stood before the Mother about to be delivered of the Sun-God, the Christos state. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 73.

Saturn Represents the highest power in the Cosmic process; the positive power in the original dichotomy. Hebrew: Chokmah; Sanskrit: Purusha. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 87. See Also Chokmah, Purusha, Zodiac.

Saturn in Capricorn The symbol of the Sun in Leo; represents the very height of power reached when the force reaches the conarium and then comes the descent of the positive power. It is the descent of that positive power that switches the orientation of the individual from the Mother, the negative, to the positive, the Father principle. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p.14. See Also Four somatic divisions, Sacral-conarial axis.

Schizophrenia Schiz is a Greek word equivalent to split. Phrenia is the unbalance resulting from the schiz. We label in modern times the effects of the split personality, the split pattern of the psychic nature. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 56. When one loses the rational balance, the psyche is liable to take over and begin to manufacture pictures called neuroses, schizophrenia. The First Crossing p. 99. See Also Insanity, Psychosis.

School of the Natural Order. A label resulting out of that understanding that we have a basic trinity in our School: structure, function, order. The reason order is in that trinity is because we realize that there is order in the universe, Natural Order. The Seven Rays of Development p. 25.

Science (ray) The fourth ray : rigorous, implacable, unvarying, orderly procedure. Four in the order of gunas, in the order of the combinations of qualities. (Activity + Will). The Seven Rays of Development p. 3. The possession of knowledge (self- awareness derived from oneness with that which might be understood, at a given time, in a given context of situation) in contrast with ignorance. Ibid p. 14. See Epistemology.

Scientology See Dianetics, Engram.

Scribes and Pharasees The aristotelians, live by the moral codes. They are those who fear any assault or attack upon moral codes because they can’t see anything beyond; simply because in that objective identity, functioning within that frame of reference based upon objective identification, they can’t see anything outside of it or beyond it. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 133. See Aristotelians.

Second Crossing The chasm or abyss. A point separating the lower worlds or levels form what is generally considered the higher worlds or levels. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 69. Those functioning below the chasm/abyss are motivated by unconscious forces; functions by reflection; registration of light-energy waves and frequencies. Ibid p. 114. After the baptism by water, after the psychic nature has been conquered, surmounted, risen above, passed, etc. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 22. When one has cleared his consciousness from functioning in his own psychic-nature and has lifted all his powers and forces out of that which ties him to his race-psyche, or any race psyche, he has emancipated himself, made the Second Crossing. Christos p. 128. The fire descends to the sacral center and stirs and awakens the latent Power-to-be-conscious until it comes to life in the psychic self. Practices in Individual Development p. 28. See Also Abyss, Baptism by fire, Chasm.

Second Death The breaking up of the psychic nature symbolized by the Deluge. Practice of the Way p. 72. The disintegration of the psychic nature, called the Second Death in the Christian bible. Practices in Individual Development p. 57.

Second Precept (Precepts in Practice of the Way) Respect the integrity of each. Practice of the Way p. 5.

Security It is the polar balance, opposite to the force called love. Whenever you find love you will find security. That is its balance, that is the positive-negative phase in one. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 108.

Seeing "How do you see?" By the registry of radiant or reflected light-waves and frequencies. Then by reference to textbooks on physiology and organic processes of eyes, nerves, brain, etc., the electrical impulses set up by the stimuli, due to registry of light-waves and frequencies can be traced to consciousness which employs these instrumentalities. The First Crossing p. 78.

Seer Self, individualized as the Power with which your are conscious, is named the Seer and the Master. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 79.

Self Whatever the Self is, or where it is, is a representation of his state of self-awareness, because there isn’t anything else to be aware of, etc. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p.67. We say, "the Power with which he is conscious." That Power can be described as his essential self, his essential nature, and is commensurate with the degree of his self-differentiation he has power. All power flows through the Self, using the word Self as label for the differentiating process in the Light. Practice of the Way p. 70. See Also Self-Awareness.

Self-Awareness Representation of that Activity we label awareness, the Power-to-be-conscious. Perceptive Insight p. 47. All activity and motion represents the act of self-awareness on the part of the observer. That realization is the ultimate level of attainment that we will all come to eventually. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 49. See Also Light, Self.

Self-development (process) Before Higher development proceeds and the Christos ‘descends’, the main objective in self-development - that is the work which the psycho-dynamism has to do and fulfill - is developing the ego. The Christos p. 93. See Also Psycho-dynamism.

Semantic aphasia The inability to hear any longer that which you do not want to hear. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 52.

Semantic Blockage The inability to distinguish, or separate, the pictures and images form the configurated substances causes identification of the phenomena--pictures and images--with the Reality. In this Identification, if a denial is made of one, it is made of both; that is, the Reality itself is denied and called illusion, maya, etc. The First Crossing p.16.

Semantic Differential/ Structural differential A tool developed by Alfred Korzbyski for the study of conscious abstracting (Science and Sanity) ( Vitvan developed the "camera chart" before the semantic differential was developed. In the SNO, the camera chart is used as a means for learning conscious abstracting. See chart on p. 176 of The Christos, and in Perceptive Insight and Clear Thinking. The Christos p. 175. Chart on p. 78 of Practices in Individual Development p.78. See Also General Semantics.

Semantics Semantikos (Greek) :"significant meaning; that science dealing with the relations between symbols (‘signs’) and what we refer to, and with human behavior in reaction to symbols, including unconscious attitudes, influences of social institutions, and epistemological and linguistic assumptions, and having as an objective the systematization of the language of science and the unification of knowledge." Also called "significs." Cosmology p. 43.

Sense Our sense life -- seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching. The way ‘things,’ ‘objects’ appear to us through the medium of sense faculties. The First Crossing p. 42. The five physical senses are only the instrumentality whereby frequencies are registered. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p.5.

Sensuous receptivity Seeing hearing, smelling, tasting, touching. Neural sensation. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 48. See Senses.

Separateness The mentalizing in our private or nether world about our exclusiveness. Functionally we can’t separate ourselves, respectively, from the integrating processes of the whole. The First Crossing p. 55.

Septenary Represents the whole being in its four human states together with the three higher states of the Ego. Bible Studies p. 29 See Also Law of seven and four.

Seven Rays of development Invisible lines of force which represents the True Self’s state. First ray = Will, Second ray = Activity, Third ray = Love, Fourth ray = Harmony, Fifth ray = Science, Sixth ray = Devotion, Seventh ray = Ceremony. Understanding the Psychic Nature Lesson 9. In the rhythmic cycle of birth and death we all reflect these seven rays. They are the qualities which pertain to the Logos, the only begotten Son of the Father-Mother-God. Steps in Self Unfoldment p. 102. When that contact of the positive power with the negative substance is made, the negative substance immediately becomes differentiated into seven differentiated fields. The seven original differentiated fields are called the seven rays. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 61. Formula: 2+1 : 3 = 4 in order of gunas: = Science; 3 + 1 : 4 = 5: in order of gunas = Harmony; 3 + 2: 5 = 6 in order of gunas = Devotion; 1 + 2 + 3: 6 = 7 in order of gunas = Ceremonial; The Seven Rays of Development p. 2.

Seven stages of the developing Christos 1. Birth, 2. Hiding in Egypt, 3. Baptism, 4. Gethsemane, 5. Crucifixion, 6. Resurrection, 7. Ascension. The Christos p. 4.

Seventh level of the abstracting process Represents the end of the cycle of creation expressed "And God saw the six days of creation and that it was good and upon the seventh day he rested." Means no motion, absolute rest; that means no time and space has long since disappeared in time. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 55.

Sex See Generative center.

Sex urge/force Symbolized by Sagittarius, the hunter, the slayer or Taurus. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 14. The Dragon is the personification of that dominating and controlling force in the race psyche and in every individual who is functioning within that level of the race psyche. Ibid p. 64. See Also Creative force, Generative center, Libido.

Shakti Sanskrit. Will / Kundalini / Hebrew : Kether, the Power of equilibrium. Shakti equates with fire as higher manas equates with air, and as the psychic nature equates with water, and the configuration equates with earth. The Seven Rays of Development p. 6. The Shakti Power comes down from the point of contact that the Master makes with the ‘outer’ man. (That point of contact is the head center called the conarium.) Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 82. See Will.

Shakti Path Is living in the Christos-power until consciousness becomes so completely identified with IT that there seems to be nothing else but IT. In or with this feeling process or methodology one so gradually and imperceptibly merges or blends with knowing, i.e., intuitional-awareness, that nay sharp line of demarcation between does not appear. The Christos. p. 152.The Royal Road to understanding by knowing through or by intuitional-awareness, with conscious control and direction of creative energy in the force-centers. Ibid p. 160.

Shushumna The main axis between the conarial and sacral centers. Through which force flows opening the Thousand-Petaled Lotus to open the kundalini or Speirema. Practices in Individual Development p. 56. See Also Force centers.

Sidereal Time Arbitrary time, space; that time doesn’t exist outside of the consciousness in spatial identity. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 71. A motion in consciousness abstracted from images appearing substantive is what we call objective time, sidereal time, etc. Ibid (Vol 4), p. 38. A motion sensation created by movement upon the objective space. The Seven Initiations p.53. See Also Space, Time.

Silver cord The magnetic link, referred to in the Christian Bible, between the psychic nature and the ‘physical’ brain. Sutratma. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 80.

Sin Refers to a violation of some rule or law. Violations against man-made laws can be forgiven but violations against the Be-ing must be rectified either in this life or in lives to come. To violate the dharma relative to the basic point of the developing Be-ing is to sin against God. The Higher Self, the individualized Be-ing of the Logos, is synonymous with God from the standpoint of the objective state. Understanding the Psychic Nature (lesson 11) p. 6.

Single quotes Used with a word serves as a device, like an abbreviation for :"this word is in general use but in life-facts, i.e., in the Reality we call Cosmos, no referent can be found or established for it." Self Mastery Through Meditation p.16.

Sistere Latin. To stand out The First Crossing p.58.

Siva/Shiva The destroying aspect, or the Son of the Hindu trinity (Sankhya philosophy). Only destroyed that which was not in true synchronization with the structure, function , order of Reality. Represented as the "axe laid at the root of every tree not planted by the Father." Self Mastery Through Meditation p.73.

Sixth precept Bring forth, dig up and disregard whatever reasons, justifications, excuses, or alibis the cortex functions or mentalizes with. Practice of the Way p. 47. See also Psychic nature.

Sleep As consciousness individualizes itself from the animal-state into the man-state, there is a long period in which there is a rhythmic lapse back to the former state out of which it has emerged. This rhythmic lapse to the former state in sleep, and coming out again upon awakening, is a response to and a reflection of a rhythm characterizing all life in the World-mother. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p. 68. Types:

Ordinary sleep is where the brain does not respond to any sense contacts. This is a withdrawal of the Master-self with its consciousness from the physical vehicle, when it may or may not function in other vehicles or on other levels.

Dream sleep is a withdrawal from the physical into either mental or psychic projection or into psychic or mental functions in the form of dreams. Unconscious / deep sleep wherein the Master-self is unawakened on his own level; a withdrawal into unconsciousness, while the etheric forces of the psychic-nature infold into the subjective state of the animal ... the infolding process. Sleep of the Ego, covers that part of human experience which dates form man’s first human incarnation until he "awakens" to a knowledge of himself as the Master-self.

Sleep of the ordinary medium wherein the etheric substance is partially extruded from the physical body and is likewise separated from the psychic body bringing in a condition of real danger.

Samadhi or sleep of the yogi. This is the result of the conscious scientific withdrawal of the Master-self from his lower sheaths in order to work on higher levels.

Nirmankayas sleep is described as a condition of such intense concentration and focusing of consciousness on the Atmic level that the outward-going consciousness is withdrawn not only form the levels of human endeavor, but likewise from the two lower levels (manas and buddhi) of the Master. Ibid p. 74. The infolding-unfolding process. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 82.

Smell Leads more directly and immediately into the knowledge of the psychic world, than the other senses. The cellular structure of our instrument of smell is such that it can register the frequency; but in each and every case, it is the frequency that is set up on the nerves that is carried to the neurons and consciousness abstracts from the frequency received, draws from, and formulates significances, meanings, in which it functions and to which it gives values. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 7.

Solar center The next seal to open after the Generative center. The force functioning through the solar center is symbolized by water; Symbolized by Mars in Scorpio. Positive characteristics: Courage, fortitude, even pugnacious aggressiveness in a right cause. If not governed by a higher power, one will be whipped and molded by the forces he registers. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 31.

Solar field Let us name cosmic field "Father" and the solar field "Mother" and the Individualized field in the earth sphere "Son." Mother Substance. Membership Letters (III) p. 10. See also Mother.

Solar vesture See Body of Light.

Solomon’s Seal Symbol of the seven rays of development. A dual triangle representing the Logos; the triangle with apex pointing up, represents the Positive Power united with the Negative substance, held together by the Binding Force. The triangle with the apex pointing down represents the combinations of those first three, making for all existences and qualities, gunas incorporated therein. The Seven Rays of Development p. 1-5. See Seven Rays

Son, the The Mother is unconscious and inactive except in contact with the Father; but both become conscious as the Son. The Son, therefore represents this high and deep significance; represents the significance of the solar and cosmic process. The meaning, ‘purpose’, etc., of that which we call life, existence, etc., becomes established in the risen and Self-conscious Son. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 73. The Monad composed of and is born of the positive Power and the negative, creating force or Substance and we describe those two principles with two triangles. Triangle pointing up the Positive Power and the one pointing down the Negative. Bible Lessons p. 97 See also Binding Force, Earth sphere, Individualized field.

Sortem Suam Quisque Amet Motto of the School of the Natural Order. "Let each one love his own destiny." The word ‘destiny’ describes meaning on two levels: one level each person creates his own destiny; and on another level each one discovers his destiny. Introductory Brochure title page. By love we surmount and overcome the created destiny, the self-created destiny. By love and love alone, we discover the other destiny. Practices in Individual Development p.13. See Destiny.

Soul The total content of our consciousness, the psychic level, is called the psychic nature or soul. The First Crossing p. 53. Soul or Psyche, symbolizes the seat of feelings and thinkings, ‘psychological’ processes of a person. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 21. Any given turn of the spiral, meaning any given differentiated field, can be labeled soul relative to the pattern, meaning the lines of force of that field and the configuration which eventuates on those lines of force. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 93. See Psychic nature.

Sound currents The reflex action that results from the union of the Positive Power with the Negative Substance brings forth all that exists, the Only Begotten Son. The Greeks called it the Logos, which has been translated as the Word. The only justification that we can find for translation of the Greek, Logos, into the English, Word, is in reference to the resonance, the sound, the sound currents. In the sound currents we hear the frequencies of the activity within and of substance. Substance is characterized by waves-frequencies, activity that results in that configuration that we label the Son, the Logos, the Word. The Seven Rays of Development p. 19. When contacted, these sound currents seem to be about or around the head. When one begins to practice focusing attention on the sound currents, he will do well to hold his attention on them for a moment or so at a time. Membership Letters (III) p. 5.

Space The true description of the word space is sphere. Sphere indicates the space in which a given person in whom the Power-to-be-conscious is conscious. Understanding the Psychic Nature (lesson 7) p. 3. Space as a sphere includes the function of time as harmonic time. When we consciously function in harmonic time we discover space as a sphere. Ibid (lesson 8) p. 5. Out of the apparent distance between two or more ‘objects’ a concept in the thinking-self is developed that we call space. When we perceive the world in which we function - not the world in which we think, or think we function - then ‘space’ becomes the periphery or the limit in which consciousness functions. Functional Activities p. 63. ‘Space’ is a concept abstracted from images appearing substantive in the psychic nature. There is no ‘space’ other than the concept abstracted from apparent distance between two or more objects. Practice of the Way p. 44. Space is ‘within’ you as the sphere in which your consciousness functions. Practices in Individual Development p. 21. ‘Objective space’, the apparent distance between two or more objects.

Space & Time The activity of self-awareness which is called time and substance in which the activity operates called space. Studies in Psychotherapy p.10.

The wave and frequency in a substance which we label space is the ultimate form of motion from which a sensation is created and abstracted that we label time. Ibid p. 38. Here-now continuum (‘here’ meaning space, ‘now’ meaning time), a space-time continuum. Practice of the Way p. 63. Prior to the 4th Degree: Space is objective due to aristotelian, objective identification and time is only a motion sensation created by movement upon the objective space. After the 4th Degree: Time becomes a fourth coordinate of his frame of reference and he links space-time. Time is seen spatially. The Seven Initiations p. 54-56. See Here-now.

Spark-over, the Comparable to crossing the gap between the negative and positive poles. If you build up enough energy to spark, you can spark across the gap between incarnations; i.e., you won’t have to undergo the laborious process of infolding-unfolding, etc. Studies in Psychotherapy p.115.

Speirema See Kundalini

Spiral (motion) Describes the three dimensions that we call space. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p.40. See Also Helix.

Spiraling form Any given ‘this’ to which you can point in its ultimate structure represents a spinning helix, a dynamic process. Studies in Psychotherapy p.46. See Helix.

Spirit When reference is made to a given person, stands for a differentiated sphere or field of conscious Light-energy. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 21. Every individual is potentially or actually a quaternion made up of a center of power which we call the Spirit, a vehicle in which the Spirit functions in all mental activity, a vehicle in which it functions in all emotional activity and a vehicle in which it acts in the most objective, physical sense. Bible Lessons p. 49. See Autonomous fields

Spirits Symbolized by the four levels in which the psychic nature operates (Fire, air, water, earth). Practice of the Way p. 64.

Staff of Hermes See Caduceus, Force centers.

Star (five pointed) Symbolizes the perfected Master in all his glory. The five planes of human and super-human evolution are controlled, and Atma or the "Will of God" stands clearly perceived through the medium of Buddhi (called the Christ-consciousness or the intuitional state of consciousness of the Master-Self). The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p. 120.

State The quality or nature of awareness respecting one’s Self. The Natural Order Process (Vol 1) p.3.

State, the In the microcosmic Self we call the Idea-awareness, the ultimate differentiated field, which is the individual field. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 72. See also Individualized Field.

"Still Spirit" The Power ‘beyond’ or ‘behind’ will. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p. 119.

Stimuli Are always in the form of light-energy waves and frequencies, and the dynamic configuration of any given ‘object’ represents that from which we receive light-energy waves and frequencies. It makes no difference to the point being considered which of these instrumentalities may be employed or involved (senses), as it is the light-energy waves and frequencies registered or stimuli received from which we formulate pictures or images. Cosmology p. 47.

Structural differential To be used as a relief diagram. Structure = a synthetical whole having co-ordinate parts; Differential = That which differentiates respecting levels in the abstracting order or in the order of abstracting. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 3. See Also Semantic differential.

Structure Stands for fields or spheres of Light-energy-substances and their electromagnetic lines of force, force pattern, etc. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 19. See Fields.

Structure - Function - Order Structure = Will, Function = Love, Order = Activity. Understanding the Psychic Nature (Lesson 4), p. 10.

The word cosmos is often substituted for order, signalizes number (as quantity composed of many units, vortices of energy, energy systems, etc.), configurational representations, hierarchical systematizations, ensembles, etc. The word structure stands for fields or spheres of light-energy-substances and their electromagnetic lines of force, force pattern, etc. The word function represents activity of substance, action of light-energy, natural activity or action, called the nature of the event, of Cosmos, etc. It is described in terms of wave lengths and frequencies. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 19-20 See Cosmic process.

Structure qualities Color of eyes, texture of hair, texture of skin, etc. are representations of the gunas, and these qualities or gunas held in the psychic nature become representations in the configuration, and the configuration eventuates in the seed, the chromosome; so, the chromosome becomes the electromagnetic field of the guna - not a ‘thing’, not an ‘object.’Teachers’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 31.

Subjective Means the intermediate state between incarnations. ‘Subjective’ as opposed to the word ‘objective’ belongs to the dual throng. Subjective consciousness, therefore, arising from the natural cause of passing out of the objective state, is possessed by those who have laid aside their bodies, "they are absorbed into subjective nature". The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p. 104.

Sublimation Substitution in other forms of creative outlet, particularly on the mental level. Teachers Guide (Vol 1) p.42.

Sub-lunary frequencies Formative forces pertaining to the etheric-world and therefore governed by the moon-sphere. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p. 15. See Also Lunar cycle

Substance Descriptive of energy content, medium which carries or transmits waves represented by thought, electrical force as in a charged field, etc. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p.249. See Light.

Substituted outlets Brought about by the thwarting of the urge to fulfilling, to completing the man state which becomes the basis of all psycho-logical conflicts. Teachers Guide (Vol 1) p. 36. See Sublimation.

Sun in Leo The very height of power is reached when the force reaches the conarial center, and then comes the descent of the positive power. It is the descent of that positive power that switches the orientation of the individual from the Mother, the negative, to the positive, the Father Principle. Teachers Guide (Vol 4) p. 14. See Also Four somatic divisions, Sacral - Conarial axis.

Sun-God The full emergence of the Christos. This is the "One that was to come," the Messiah, the Savior, the Redeemer. The force-release of the Power-to-be-conscious. The Christos p. 118.

Supernal Light  Negative-force, of which all ethereal-light, energy-substances, living-matter, etc., represent the grosser status. It is because all differentiated or autonomous fields, archetypal-patterns, energy-substances in fields and configurations, etc., emerge out of this Negative-aspect or Supernal-Light and its many grosser forms that it is designated The Virgin Mother or the Light-Mother. Cosmology p. 134. See Also Light’s Regions, Negative force.

Surrender (of the ego) Allowing the dynamic process to operate in you at your evolutionary state of development, and what is yours will come to you and nothing will keep away from you. Surrender, letting go of your fixations which we call the objective manifold of values where there’s no understanding. Practice of the Way p. 37. No one can surrender his ‘self’ to Cosmic Consciousness until he has a self to surrender. The Christos p. 137.

Surya The Ordainer, the lines of force of which everyone says of himself, I AM the power, I AM the determinator. Teachers Guide (Vol 3) p. 73. Surya is a label for and symbolizes or represents the power of the individual field, the determinative force of an individual field - that determinative force for which we have the Sanskrit word, Surya. Surya would therefore represent the higher degree of individualization. Ibid p. 77.

Sustaining Force The Mother / Vishnu. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 73 See Also Mother substance, Vishnu.

Sutratma The Silver Cord that connects the ‘sleeper’ with his physical body; if broken a person ‘dies.’ Studies in Psychotherapy p.85. See Silver Cord, Sleep.

Synthetical thinking When one can think in universals, impersonally, altruistically and particularly when he begins to think synthetically, not analytically. Pure intellectual thought - thinking from the whole to the part or the particular; not from the particular to the whole. Functional Activities p. 57.

Synthesis Characterizes methodology in the search for knowledge. Teachers Guide (Vol 3) p. 47. See Also Abstracting process.

Taking the Journey Treading the Path. Membership Letters (v) p.6.

Tamasic A name for a cosmic primary force, frequency, stream of energy manifesting throughout nature as dark and brutish natures. Manifested in the aura by a dark-cloud effect. Tamas, the energy of that which has commonly been called matter, the configuration of units of energy in response to and in conformity with the matrix or pattern determined by the state of Individualized-self-awareness, or the tendency thereto in the homogeneous state of the planetary organism-as-a-whole; and in the psychic-nature, elemental-self, or on the personality level, as inertia, laziness, idiocy, slothfulness, etc. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p.93-95. The inertial quality (guna); the tempestuous, virulent, qualities. Teachers Guide (Vol 1) p. 30. See Also Gunas, Qualities.

Tanmatras Finer substances of World-Mother composing any given configuration, a knowledge of which the purpose or plan for the micro-cosmic or macrocosmic manifestations eventuates; and with this knowledge and contact with the frequencies pertaining thereto comes bliss. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p. 99 See also Tattvas.

Tattvas The highest positive energies or principles. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p. 99 See also above (Tanmatras).

Taurus Symbolizes the World Mother substance. The orb of the sun resting on the horns of Taurus the Bull. The Bull represented the World Mother. Studies in Psychotherapy p.71. Taurus, a fine looking bull with an image of a full moon between his horns; the bull representing that primal drive, or force, in the Lunar Cycle, the psychic nature. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 18. See Sex force, World Mother.

Taw (Tau) Egyptian label for Brahma, or the power with which one is conscious; the supreme creating power. Teachers Guide (Vol 2) p. 43. See Brahma.

Telekinesis The production of motion in a body, apparently without the application of material force. Understanding the Psychic Nature (lesson 10) p.1.The metamorphosing process, which means that all creative activities are produced and motivated by deep inner forces; not through a development from reaction to environment. The telekinesical process will adjust the organism and the psychic-nature to any environment. The Power-to-be-conscious will bring out and adjust the organism to any environment. Functional Activities p. 89. Plato’s word for this emerging, expanding power to be self aware was telekinesis. Telekinesis simply means that all growth and development is from the within out and never from the without in. Steps in Self Unfoldment p. 11.

Teleokinesical That which motivates us to our ultimate goal. Teleos, meaning final end or purpose. Expanding States of Self-awareness p. 51.

Teleos is the Greek word for end and purpose. Kenesis implies movement toward that end and purpose. To surrender to that force means surrendering to the responsive motivations which impel us towards our ultimate purpose -- Self-awareness. Ibid p. 118. The Greek word for transfiguration. (Teleos: goal, perfection) The transfiguration of living matter into the Light is the goal of the individualizing process. Understanding the Psychic Nature (Lesson 7) p. 6. Synonym : Be-ing, The lower level of Light’s Regions. Ibid (lesson 10) p.1.

Teleplasmic substance Very similar to the pupas mass in the metamorphosis from the larvae stage to the butterfly, etc. Teachers Guide (Vol 4) p. 30.

Teloplasm A substance easily molded into forms by thought or by pictures held in consciousness. There are certain pliant types of persons who exude this substance from their physiological organisms and it can be used in materializations. Also called ectoplasm. Functional Activities p. 75.

Telestic The perfective stages of the individualizing process. The First Crossing p. 29. Tending or relating to a purpose or end. Used by the Greeks with specific reference to the work preparatory for initiation. The Natural Order Process (vol 1) p.4 See Also Teleokinesical.

Telestic Work That great problem of transformation of generative energy into regenerative energy. Studies in Psychotherapy p.115. The individualizing process. The Christos p. 144.

Territory The structure, function, order of the states in which the irrefutable Power-to-be-conscious is conscious, and described in terms of Light-energy-living-matter waves and frequencies, which in the totality of their fields, patterns and configurations we label the Cosmic-process. The Christos p. 207.

Thalamic impression When you do a thing with your hands you establish a thalamic impression; whereas if you do it mentally, it registers cortically; i.e., as a concept. Impressions, suggestions, etc., thalamically registered have immediate access to consciousness functioning on the level of the psychic-nature, on ‘in’ the psychic nature. You will retain something longer by writing it out rather than just by hearing it. The Christos p. 175-177.

‘Thing’ & ’object’ Represents the dynamic process that we call in our abstracted private world, the ‘thing’, the ‘object’. Any given ‘thing’ to which you can point, any given ‘this’ is an ensemble of positive and negative points of light, electrons and protons held together by the binding power. The Seven Initiations p.32.

Thinging / thingify / thingification, etc. Due to inability of neural sense functions to register separate stimuli from each unit of energy of a given configuration -- is described as psychic images appearing substantive. The First Crossing p. 103. The unconscious identification of images with that from which rapid unit impressions (creating stimuli) are received causes ‘thingification’ of the dynamic configuration; i.e., the dynamic energy system appears as a ‘thing’ or ‘object.’ Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 29. Thing-ing: In the tribal times, partly drawing pictures and partly pantomime. Later evolved into hieroglyphics, ideographic language. The Christos p. 16. Totemic, ideographic, hieroglyphic symbolical representations that evolved out of the elemental and primitive picturing, thinging of that perceived. Ibid p. 76.

Thinking & functioning: differences You can think about things - tables, chairs, pianos, flowers, and what have you - but when you function you feel, you desire, you react, you want, you don’t want. The Seven Initiations p. 12.

Thinking principle Energy-frequencies in mind-substance reflected or functioning in cortical faculties. While it does represent higher levels of consciousness in the personal or man-state, it pertains to the psychic-nature. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p. 15.

Third Aspect of Reality It is that which is abstracted from the Third Aspect of Reality that establishes grounds for illusions, delusions, maya, etc. The First Crossing p. 103.

Third Crossing Is characterized by a complete unconsciousness of one’s separate individuality, Ego-sense. The First Crossing p. 5.

Three-in-One The three worlds or spheres constituting the dynamic structure of Reality. In the consciousness of the Master it also represents the three ‘times’ -past, present and future - a synthesis of ‘time’ into the NOW. The three dynamic powers of His Individualized Field expressed as Becoming, Preserving, and Transforming. Symbolized by the word made "flesh"...AUM. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 75. AUM, therefore, signifies these three in one self called the Master; the conscious representation of these three. He it is who synthesizes them into that Oneness we speak of as His consciousness. Membership Letters (III) p. 11. See Also AUM.

Three Wise Men, The Represent the triune nature of relative man-thought, desire, and action. Bible Lessons p. 34. See Also Triune Self.

"Thing-in-itself" Immanuel Kant quote: Every individual field. Teachers Guide (Vol 3) p. 16.

Third order of the abstracting process Represents a change in the developing consciousness; it also represents faculty to differentiate respecting classifications not only in respect to the first order, but in labeling the classifications; therefore it is classification of the 2nd order in the abstracting process. Teachers Guide (Vol 3) p. 32. See Also Conscious abstracting, General semantics.

Third precept The value one gives reacts upon him according to the quality of the value given. The quality that you put into the value that you give reacts upon you and disturbs you or expands you or glorifies you. Practice of the Way p. 7.

Thobbery A combination of think, opine and believe. From Frontier magazine. Practice of the Way p. 45. See Mental.

Three temptations Using spiritual power, Using the power for self-glorification, and Tempted by the power when others are drawn to the spiritual radiance for financial gain. Bible Lessons p. 45-47.

Time Activity, the rhythm which gives the appearance of dualism. Expanding States of Self-awareness p. 30. In objective identification: To the left of a given point we call the past, the point is the present, and to the right is the future. Functional Activities p. 65. A rhythm characterizes motion characterizes harmonic time. A motion in consciousness abstracted from images appearing substantive is what we call objective time, sidereal time, etc. Teachers Guide (Vol 4) p. 38. See Also Harmonic time, Sidereal Time.

Time-line The palingenetic cycle, growth line. Teachers Guide (Vol 2) p. 8. See Also Palingenetic cycle.

Tiphareth Symbolizes on the Tree of Life the perfection of the power of Christ in human consciousness begins with the release of the fountain of love in that center called anahata, or the heart center. The First Crossing p. 91. The power which opens the way to the Christos. Practice of the Way p. 75.

See also Kaballah/Qaballah, Tree of Life.

"To be" To-be-conscious - i.e., to be Self-conscious - is the method of developing the status of Be-ing. The succeeding states of consciousness are called the Becoming; the state of Be-ing is to have Become. The Christos p.217.

Totemish Zootyping, animal representations by pictures, transferred to the skies, and became uranographical, or zodiacal representation. Representation of that perceived, experienced. The Christos p. 62.

Transfiguration of the Christ When an individual that has reached the point where he has re-metamorphosed all the previous states. He has gradually climbed ‘up’ to functioning on Mind Level, in Pure Light. At that point he can transfigure Mother Substance in one instant. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 105. See Also Mind Level.

Transfigurational process When one’s consciousness turns to Light’s Regions, the etheric-substance picks up that quality and builds it into the living-matter structure that we call the configuration. "The Word becomes flesh," the Logos becomes actual flesh in the process. A Description of the Psychic World p.96. We call that transformation, that remetamorphosis, the transfigurational process. Ibid p. 110. We look upon this world as a process of conversion of light into energy and energy into living-matter; and then reversing the process, the reconversion, the metamorphosis, which we call the transfigurating process--the reconversion of living-matter into energy and energy into light. Studies in Psychotherapy p.11. See Metamorphosis.

Transition The You are turning to something that seems like a cloud of nothing; you are turning away from all that you have known in the objective manifold, so it is a "Cloud of Unknowing." Forget all of the objective manifold, all of the values and every ‘thing’ and ‘object’ in it, all of that information - wipe it out and forget it. Teachers Guide (Vol 2) p. 11-12. See Also Death.

Transvaluation of values Value is transferred from thing or object, goods, chattels, lands or titles, to what it serves. That is, if it serves the purpose which he represents, it has value. That is transvaluation of values. The Seven Initiations p. 75.

Tree of Life Those letters of the alphabet (Greek & Hebrew) are correlated with the twenty-two to twenty-six paths of the Tree of Life and when we are thoroughly conditioned in the minute studies of the origin and the development of the letters of our alphabet we will find with no exception that they go back to the totemic, ideographic, hieroglyphic symbolical representation that evolved out of the elemental and primitive picturing, thinging of that perceived. The Christos p. 76. A synonym for the "School of the Natural Order." A description of its application to a given individualizing process; each student can, therefore, relate it to himself. The Tree of Life p. 14-15.

Treading the Path A Treader - one who has proceeded to some measurable degree on the path of becoming. Practice of the Way p. 11. What we call growth, development, treading the Path, taking the Journey. Membership Letters (v) p. 6.

Trinity, The Great Positive, negative, binding power; that is the great trinity. Expanding States of Self-awareness p. 6. Among certain cults of the Sankhya philosophy in ancient times, this trinity was represented as the creating force, the Father, the sustaining force, the Mother, and the destroying force, the Son. Membership Letters (III) p. 10. The trinity must be grasped as a unity and in respect to the field, the pattern and the configuration respecting the other two sides of the triangle, the triplicity or the trinity, which of course, in submicroscopic or individual field is merely an epitomization or representation of any field to the cosmic level. Applied to the atom, it is to understand the atom in its essential structure or nature is to understand all; to understand the individual in his essential nature is to understand all, because it never varies; it is an infinite repetition in structure and in nature and in function. Teachers Guide (Vol 4) p. 12. See also Basic structure of the universe.

Triplicity Power, Substance, Consciousness - is present ‘in’ every ‘thing’; or IS THAT which constitutes every event, from atom to man, from man to solar system, etc. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 19. Higher triplicity: Field of the undifferentiated consciousness-light-energy. The Light and energy representing modes of consciousness and constituting the higher triplicity. Teachers Guide (Vol 2) p. 2. See Arche, Oversoul, Triplicity.

Triune man The cosmic process. Is a complete epitomization of the whole cosmic process and if we understand the microcosmic epitomization of the whole process, macrocosm, we understand the whole cosmic process in its structure-function-order. Practice of the Way p. 30. See Cosmic Process.

Triune Self The Triune Self is composed of 1) The True or Higher Self, 2) The Psychic Self, & 3) The Configurational Self. Self Mastery Through Meditation p.84. The Triune Self is also described as a "three-story house": 1) {the top} The Christos, 2) Psycho-dynamism (Psycho-logical level, & 3) the Vital-dynamism (configurated-self/physiological organism). The Christos p. 80. See Also Trinity, Three Wise men.

True Self The intrinsic Self. Understanding the Psychic Nature (Lesson 4) p. 2. The differentiated field constituting the true individuality. Teachers Guide (Vol 1) p. 50. The autonomous field labeled the Higher Self. Teachers Guide (Vol 3) p. 58. See Also Atman, Christ Consciousness, God, Higher Self, Master Self.

Truth "There is no referent anywhere for ‘Truth.’" Teachers Guide (Vol 3) p. 29. The structure-function-order of the cosmic process. Practice of the Way p. 45.

Typhon (Set) In Egyptian mythology: the personification of the unexpurgated forces in the psychic nature. He was the ruler and controller of darkness, of the nether regions of the dead; that means of ignorance. Teachers Guide (Vol 3) p. 48.

Ultimate differentiated sphere The Ovum. Teachers Guide (Vol 1) p. 9.

Ultimate understanding See Realization.

Unconscious A label used by the psychiatrists and psychoanalysts for the psychic nature, the psycho-logical self. That differentiating process that we call our personality, our individuality, etc., is an individualizing process taking place in that oversoul or race psyche. Studies in Psychotherapy p.81. "In the unconscious" means this: during the long, long time that we have been in objective self-consciousness we’ve been objectified, and that habit of objectifying everything - ‘thingifying’, we call it - hangs over long after the psychic centers are awakened and stirring. We still persist in objectifying, and that constitutes a heavy wall, a heavy veil, between the mental, cortical, objective thinking and the psychic functions. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 49. You are unconscious of that which is deeply buried in the psyche. The Release of the Fire in the Heart of the Atom p. 4. Consciousness in identity with the objective appearance, the objective world, etc., as it appears to the senses. Teachers Guide (Vol 2) p.28. When consciousness is in identity with the objective world, any function in its psychic nature or in its mind level is labeled unconscious; so, the word, unconscious, is only relative to state in identity with the objective. Teachers Guide (Vol 3) p. 37. Refers to those influences and accumulated qualities which our lower psyches have cultivated for eons and eons. See Also Objective self-conscious state, Psychic nature.

Unconscious psychics In ages past the Pharisees; today in certain circles they are labeled aristotelians. Teachers Guide (Vol 4) p. 57. See Also Pharisees.

Understanding Used synonymously with the word Light, and both words symbolize perceptive awareness, not a cortical, mental grasp of meaning. Practice of the Way p. 35. See Also Light, Perceptive awareness.

Unexpurgated forces in the psychic nature See Typhon.

Unfolding-infolding process Infolding process = descending arc; unfolding process = what we call growth, expansion, self-development, evolution, transfiguration, metamorphosis, or reconversion (to turn around). The First Crossing p. 67. See Chart p.29 The Seven Initiations. See Also Cosmic Process.

Unified Field From the lifting of our forces forming a field of waves and frequencies we label our Group Consciousness. Studies in Psychotherapy p.1. As one approaches the Second Crossing he comes into the realization of the unified creative force of the World Mother called the unified field theory. The forces of the field, the forces of magnetism and the forces of gravitation are unified in one described as one in a mathematical formula, the unified field theory. Ibid p. 72. See Also World Mother.

Union (Refers to the 1st. Sutra of Patanjali) Means oneness - a state reached or developed by expansion of present awareness into the awareness of the Power-to-be-conscious as Self - One without a second. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p. 10. Steps in Self Unfoldment p.70.

Units of energy Called electrons, protons, photons, neutrons, etc. The First Crossing p. 101.

Universal Light The aggregate of the seven streams (seven rays of development) we label the Christos. Studies in Psychotherapy p.101. See Christos, Seven Rays.

Universalized-self Means the same as when we speak of entering the realms of undifferentiated Light. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p.101.

Uranographical and Zoological symbols The key in which the scriptures of the Bible were written during a period of race-psyche development when the prior totemic representations and zootyping symbols had been transferred to the starry skies. The Christos p. 128.

Urges of the psychic nature 1) Urge for creature comforts - food, protection, security, mating, etc. 2) Egotistic satisfaction. 3) Urge to fulfill the basic state of development; the urge to become identified with the primal source of power, the urge to higher development. Teachers Guide (Vol 1) p. 52. See Psychic Nature.

Value giving The quality that you put into the value that you give reacts upon you and disturbs you or expands you or glorifies you. Practice of the Way p. 7. See Manifold of values.

Veil of Isis (Maya) The "mist which arose from the earth"....represents the distorted ‘physical’ and ‘objective’ version of the Creating Process. Veil of Maya p. 3.

Venus The Goddess of Love. (The symbol of ) that force and power, labeled love, dominates as motivation every desire and action of man--objective-self-conscious-state. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 35. Venus in Libra symbolizes the forces in the Heart center (Anahata) Ibid p.37. Venus is the power, the beauty and glory of love. Practice of the Way p. 75. Venus in Libra symbolizes in the individualizing process...the Goddess of Love coming to dwell in the heart of the devotee. Love is the effect of force functioning on the heart level vs desire (force functioning on the solar level). The Christos p. 124. See Also Anahata, Heart center.

Virgin Birth Symbolizes the result of the union of the positive and negative. The first thing that is developed in the field, in cosmos, is a condensation or configuration called the Son or Logos. That is the first eventuation out of the virgin substance of the negative, motivated and activated by the power and influence of the positive. The First Crossing p.45.

Viruses Objective representations of the repressions of the repression of the evil. Evil is the negative form due to the repression of the creative forces in love, in communal adjustments, in the person, and the recognition of the person. Studies in Psychotherapy p.153.

Vishnu Sanskrit. The sustaining influence of the Trinity. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 73. See Trinity.

Vital, the The anima, the informing principal, the life force. Teachers Guide (Vol 4) p. 68. See Anima.

Vital Dynamism The vital forces which motivate the functions of a given organ and reside in the etheric structure of the organ. The First Crossing p. 86. The force that motivates the configurated-self. The Christos p. 80.

Etheric substance, the vital self are also synonyms for that segment of the Mother, of nature, which lies between the energy world and teloplasm--teloplasm, protoplasm, living-matter. Practices in Individual Development p. 13. See Also Etheric substance, Mother.

Vrittis Is a word given to the whirlpools, waves, frequencies, etc. in the field or substance called Chitta (an energy field in which the individualized consciousness functions in all of those respects we label sentient, intelligible, mind-substance, etc.) The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p.70.

Those intermediate functions of the nervous system in sense-perception, and the functions of consciousness between the sense organ and the object, including the energy frequencies obtaining between the object and the sense-organ, together with other modifications of the mental process, such as an assertion of the I-AM-I (the ego sense which is involved in the process.) Ibid p. 71.

Water An ancient symbol which describes the third phase of the involutionary movement: a coalescence, consolidation, etc., of single units (electrons, protons and neutrons) into energy-systems called atoms, molecules, colloids, etc. Cosmology p. 126. Symbolizes the psychic nature and the psychic world in which it functions. The word water symbolizes a vast world of elemental entities, beings, forces with which everything is surrounded and which enter into the configuration as the inherent pattern emerging into actuality (the pattern inheres in the life germ. The Christos p. 21. Symbolizes the sensations, feeling and desire level. Ibid p. 22. Through all the Scriptures (Bible), water symbolizes the emotional realm--and very accurately symbolizes it. Bible Lessons p. 33. See Also Elemental forces, Psychic nature, Psychic world.

Wave-Frequency The activity of Mother-substance on a given level of the electro-magnetic spectrum. Description of the Psychic World p. 52. Light-energy-plasm. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 102. On the Structural Differential the Parabolic figure at the top represents the world of Waves-frequencies. Practices in Individual Development p. 79. A wave is flowing, whether you call it form crest to crest or from trough to trough. The number of waves that will traverse this instant, this moment of time, is called frequency. The Seven Initiations p. 61. See Also Consciousness, Light, Semantic differential.

Motivation of the Whole As the motivation - for the greatest possible individualistic survival-value, security, existence etc., will characterize the age or cycle upon which we are now entering. The Christos p. 151.

Wholeness Represents the individual as a completed self-conscious being. The First Crossing p. 28. See Also Gestalt.

"Whore of Babylon" A label from the Bible applied to the Mother when her substance is loaded with the perverse creations of man...who stands in wait to devour the Christ the moment He is born. Practices in Individual Development p. 19. See Also Genetrix.

Will The power of equilibrium, Kether. In Sanskrit, Shakti which equates with fire as higher manas equates with air; "the Word made flesh." The Seven Rays of Initiation p. 6. The Power of Atma. The First Crossing. P.94.The functional operation of forces in the individualizing process. Studies in Psychotherapy p.126. Creative force. Teachers Guide (Vol 2) p. 23. Active force on the highest level of individualization. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p.119. See Also Atma, Noetic mind, Power of the Christos.

Will of the Father The flowing with the individualizing process as a function of the cosmic process. Teachers Guide (Vol 4) p. 49. See Also Cosmic process.

Wisdom Teachings The Gnosis which means the supreme Knowledge or Reality. Teachers Guide (Vol 2) p. 1. See Also Gnosis, Knowledge, Reality.

Word The word is the symbol, or a carrier of the wave and frequency; it is a symbol representing the meaning. Practice of the Way p.17.See Also Frequencies, Guna, or Quality.

World Dharma The duty that we owe to the greater cycle in which we’re integrated, the duty that we owe to the world. Studies in Psychotherapy p.140. The world’s work, entering into whatever is necessary to enter into for a livelihood, to engage in work, activity, business, commerce, trade and what-have-you. The First Crossing p. 104.

World Mother Differentiated fields of energies having a universal character. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p. 15. Nature. Teachers Guide (Vol 4) p. 27. The negative field, the genetrix. Practice of the Way p. 70.

That energy (configurated into forms (atoms, molecules, colloids, crystalloids, cells, etc.) In its total planetary ensemble. The substance with which the central Power-to-be-conscious clothes itself and functions on the levels determined by the gunas of the energy-substances incorporated in the configurations. Cosmology p. 55.

The world of becoming. Steps in Self Unfoldment p.80. Symbolized by Isis (Egyptian goddess). Studies in Psychotherapy p. 71. Configurational differentiations of Light-energy-living-matter-substances. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 29. See Also Configurated Light-energy substance, Genetrix, Mater, Negative field.

Yod-Hove Adam-Eve, the androgyny, Adam-Kadmon. Practice of the Way p. 55.

Yugas Ages or cycles of time. Membership Letters (I) p. 1.

Zend Avesta The Bible of the Parsees or Persians. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 55. See Also Zarathustra, Zoroaster, Zorosterians.

Zero The Chasm. When identity with image appearing substantive and the objective manifold of values abstracted from the image appearing substantive is dropped; the negative is below zero. As soon as energy in a given individual is built up to spark across zero and becomes identified with the Power which generates frequency, rather than the receiver of frequency generated, then he is on the ascending scale, the widening consciousness of more and more Power as Self, the positive sign. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 116.

Zervan Akarana (Limitless Time), mentioned by Zarathustra, is the Kala, out of space and time, of Parabrahm. Membership Letters (I) p. 12.

Zervan Daregho The old Masdeans or Magi (the modern Parsis) had the same calculation (Yugas). Their "Sovereign Time of the Long Period" (Zervan Dasregho Hodata) lasts 12,000 years, and these are the 12,000 Divine Years of a Mahayuga as shown above (Yugas of the Hindus). Membership Letters (I) p.12. See Also Magi, Ages/Cycles.

Zodiac Zootyping, totemism, animal representation by pictures, transferred to the skies, becoming uranographical or zodiacal representation. The Christos p. 62. Written during a period of the race psyche development when the prior totemic representations and zootyping symbols had been transferred to the starry skies. Ibid p. 128. No longer necessary for understanding the Cosmic process. Ibid p. 131. See Uranographical.

Zoroastrian  referrining to Zarathustra, Persian Prophet. Studies in Psychotherapy p.55.