Narcissus complex Self love in the most objective sense. Overweaning focus of consciousness upon and in identity with the physiological organism. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 51. See Also Neuroses.

Natural order process The formative forces of Nature converge into lines of force or what we call a field; then substance which is described as etheric ‘materializes’. First, undifferentiated Light; second, lines of force, converging into a definite pattern. Etheric substance is then formed in the field, and out of this eventuates the configuration. This is what we call the natural order creating process. The Natural Order Process (Vol I) p. 44. There is an orderly process, rhythm, balance, etc., to structure and function which we label the cosmic process. Ibid p. 3 Reality. Ibid p. 19. See Also Cosmic process.

Nature Mattergy, energy-living-matter as substance describable by its wave and frequency. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 28. That which gives birth, Mother. The Christos p. 18 See Also Mater, Mother, Mother Substance.

Negative force Substance plus a Positive-force working ‘upon’ on ‘in’ a Negative-substance which accounts for, creates, produces, etc., effects observed. This holds invariantly true whether the effects produced are ‘in’ or of Supernal-Light, ethereal-light, energy, living-matter (cytoplasm) or in the grosser aspect of configurated forms. Cosmology p. 134.

Negative principle Nature or Mother substance. The First Crossing p. 102 See Also Mother, Mother Substance, Nature.

Negative pole The Mother principle. The negative pole of the cosmic process is referred to as the mother, light, energy, etheric substance, ectoplasm, teloplasm, protoplasm, cytoplasm, living matter. Steps in Self Unfoldment p. 9.

Negative Substance/Aspect Light, Energy, living-matter. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.19. Light, energy, etheric substance, living matter. Membership Letters (V) p. 1.

Negative substance of the cosmic process The elements, the constitution of the atoms from which all the configurational processes emerge. Practices in Individual Development p.85.

Nether World The collective result of the multiplicity of private worlds abstracted from the structure, function, order of the cosmic process -- fundamental reality. The objective self conscious state, objective identification, the objective manifold of values, the objective world, maya, etc. The similarities in meanings, values given, reactions thereto, etc., of private worlds, in the aggregate, or collective sense. The First Crossing p. 9-11. When points in the private world are shared in common and become race values, group values, etc. Ibid p. 20. A world built up in the consciousness which functions in and under the limitations of sense. Ibid p. 42. See Maya, Objective manifold of values, Objective World, Private world

Nephthys Egyptian symbol for the Light Mother. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 71. See Also Light Mother.

Neuroses See Insane/insanity

Neutron See Binding power.

New Age / Cycle A higher motive (love-security) coming in to usher the New Cycle, characterizes the New Age. Studies in Psychotherapy p.107. Signalizes a transference from the Aristotelian to the non-aristotelian way of thinking. The Christos p. 157.

New Cycle Gnosis Characterized by the understanding of this new world (the etheric world, the First Crossing / cutting through the Maya...objective self conscious state.) The First Crossing p. 85. Characterized by conscious registry and understanding of gunas (qualities) registered and also the conscious control of the frequencies registered. Under the Will (Atma), we will formulate fields and set the pattern of the field by the guna for that configurational representation we elect. Ibid p. 94. The old sense of separateness and culture or society that represents that attitude will be passing. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 80.

Nireguna/Nirguna Brahma Sanskrit (nir = none) Nirguna (no gunas / qualities) : The unknown God. Steps in Self Unfoldment p. 48. Energy locked up and infolded into the heart of the atom -- the body of Parabrahma. The First Crossing p. 102. Beyond name and form. The Release of the Fire in the Heart of the Atom p. 2.

Noetic level Objective Realization and identification with the Real Self. To be a master of one’s forces instead of a slave to them. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 28.

Noetic Mind / Self Functioning in the Power of the Christos. The First Crossing p. 81. Means the sense, the perception, the feel, the realization of the basic Triad, the Real Self, on the Mind Level. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 32.

On that level the acceleration of the perceptive forces and faculties becomes comparable to the acceleration of the units of energy of that observed. One can see and clearly understand the structure of a given configuration....that is seership; it does not belong to the psychic nature. Clear seeing. Ibid p. 44. Your essential nature, the Real Self, the Higher Self. Ibid p. 81. In the individualizing process that differentiated field within the oversoul field. Ibid p. 124. See Also Mind Self.

Non-aristotelian state Functioning in energy forces, in creativity in mind substance. Consciously functioning with ideas in mind substance and to the consciousness as Real. Characterized and differentiated from the man state - to show that goal, objective to strive for. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 1) p.4. Characterized by the absence of dogmatism, dogmatic statements, self-opinionations, etc. Due largely to the fact that this world is a dynamic process and therefore non-static; consequently any statement made dogmatically would be erroneous on the grounds that before the statement could be completed, changes have eventuated respecting that which was spoken of or about. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 21. See Also _.

Now Functioning in a sense of continuum. It is from that deep, deep inner self that we get the feel in life-facts of a continuum, a now. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 38. See Also Consciousness of continuum.

Object The object is an image in the consciousness abstracted from the dynamic process. Practice of the Way p. 44. See Also Images in the psyche appearing substantive.

Objective identification Identification with one’s own objective self-conscious state. The First Crossing p. 23. Living in the consciousness of identification with this body as object vs. identification with a dynamic process, or a configuration of units of energy. Practices in Individual Development p. 21.

It is a state of consciousness in which one looks upon this physiological organism as a thing, and his consciousness is thought to be ‘inside‘ of it. Ibid p. 53.

Objective manifold of values Synonymous with nether world ... developed out of the objective self-conscious state. The First Crossing p.22.

When the picture, the image, in the consciousness of a given person is identified with he configurational world, with Malkuth the Kingdom, that state of identification forms the basis for a yardstick of values which we call the objective manifold of values. Ibid p. 58. The objective world. The aristotelian state of consciousness, when images ... pictures in the psychic consciousness appear substantive. Ibid p. 98. Only the outer representation of the objective self-conscious state on the part of the emergent Power-to-be-conscious from the inconscient Mother substance. Ibid p. 99.See Also Maya, Nether world.

Objective self-awareness A synonym for the word man; also "man" and "mind". So objective self-consciousness differentiated man from animal. A Description of the Psychic World p.41.

Objective Self The private world, meaning our objective self-consciousness and the manifold of values evolved from it. Practice of the Way p.23. See Also Private World.

Objective-self conscious state The next step in the expanding consciousness of the Positive Power, the development of the psyche. Emerging self-consciousness, only exists in the man state. Expanding States of Self-awareness p. 40. Functioning in objective identity. The First Crossing p.39.A state labeled "man". Ibid p. 101. Out of the differentiation in the essential nature of man that we label his autonomous field, the objective self-conscious state was the first that was abstracted from it, means identification with that appearance which the configuration creates in our psychic consciousness. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 13. We have the psycho-logical situation, or context of consciousness, for the first conscious identification - belief that the ‘physical body’ as a ‘thing’ is as it seems to sense, and that it is the self. . Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.29. Unconscious, consciousness in identity with the objective appearance, the objective world, etc., as it appears to the senses. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 2) p. 28. The configurational self, the psychological processes, and the Mind Level, all motivated by the Power-to-be-conscious, whether called vital dynamism, psycho-dynamism or the Christos, represent reality. From that reality we have abstracted an unreality - the private world, the objective self-conscious state, Objective manifold of values. Practice of the Way p. 29. The objective self-conscious state consists of three parts: the configurational self (instinctive awareness), the psychic self (personality), and the noetic self (Individuality). The Christos p. 164 (chart). Means that the Power-to-be-conscious - with which one functions - is identified with the objective appearance of Its own state. The objective appearance of the mental image which one has formulated from frequencies registered. Ibid p. 200.

Objective world The nether world, limited to sense registry, formulated images appearing substantive and values given thereto....psychic phenomena. The First Crossing p. 94. Values attributed to images-appearing-substantive. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 52. Concepts which are labeled variously - opinions, information, assumptions and substantive images. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 64.

Oedipus Complex The basis of which the generative force operates in the generative center, symbolized by Jupiter who overthrew Saturn. You see, the son overthrew the father and took the father’s place. The Christos p. 102.

Omniscience Represents all knowledge, all science, all understanding. The Higher Triad is omniscient, relative to the acquisition of information and understanding that we call education. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 10.

Order The natural sequential expansion of a given individual’s consciousness from one state to another represents order. Natural Order Process (Vol 1) p.3. (Cosmos) signalizes number (as quantity composed of many units, vortices of energy, energy systems, etc.), configurational representations, hierarchical systematizations, ensembles, etc. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.20. See Also Cosmos.

Organic disease Functional disturbances should be considered for the reason that every organic disease begins with a functional disturbance. The First Crossing p. 86.

Organism-as-a-whole The awareness poised in, or that which evolves out of, the state labeled atomistic is designated global - another philosophical term - meaning organism-as-a-whole. The Christos p. 139. See Also Global consciousness.

Orientation to Mind Level "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." (Bible quote). Living en rapport in the field of one of higher attainment imparts via information-carrying wave and frequency, the consciousness of that field. In consciousness the ‘closer’ one is to the field, the stronger the signal; i.e., the easier to register and the stronger the reception. The Christos p. 183. See Also Monism

Osiris Egyptian symbol for the reflected Power-to-be-conscious in Light’s Regions. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 19. Exemplifies the wisdom teaching; the label used as we use the label Logos, and irrespective of the label for that differentiated field in the Mother substance, the field represents the Source, causative respecting all other differentiations; therefore, it constitutes the Reason for the creative process irrespective of the level. The Light source of creativity. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 47. See Also Logos, Power-to-be-conscious.

Outbreathing The coming back in the palingenetic process. You bring back only what has been built into your basic state which becomes the pattern for the next outbreathing. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 8. See also Basic state, Palingenesis.

Oversoul One of the successive and synthetical fields, one relatively higher to a lower one. We could designate the race psyche as the oversoul of a given person. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 62.

Palingenesis / Palingenetic process/cycle No personality reincarnates. But the power on the Mind level in this individualizing process puts forth again. Each cycle in the palingenetic process, each putting forth, you build a new personality pattern. Steps in Self Unfoldment p. 21. The palingenetic process is not the reincarnation of one personality into another. The process is analogous to annual growth of a deciduous tree which cyclicly puts forth its leaves and flowers and fruit and, eventually, sheds them and its sap goes down. Each time round in the palingenetic process we develop a new personality, and the personality that we develop in one cycle, we shed, like the tree sheds its leaves, etc., together with the cycle which is represented by it. The Seven Rays of Development p. 14. The weakest link in your chain of rays now indicates the ray you will incarnate on. Ibid p. 17. A new and different personality -- the guna pattern of the psychic nature -- is brought out and developed on each of the turns in the spiraling process characterizing that which we label palingenesis. The First Crossing p. 25.

The spiraling process. Studies in Psychotherapy p.75.

Parabrahma See Also Nir-guna Brahma.

Paraclete The ida-pingala currents. The reservoir for the pranic currents. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 63. See Also Ida-pingala currents.

Paradosis The handing over (The lifting of the creative forces in the psychic nature above the generative center) bringing the other psychic centers/seals (7) into awakening, action, function, etc., until the twelve powers surmount the Luminous Self on its Mind-level and from that level serve the kingdoms synthesized at that phase of the Cosmic Process. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 32.

Paranoia When the split (pattern of the psychic nature/personality pattern) has developed into such a wide gap or cleavage it becomes psychosis. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 56.

Path, The Following the evolutionary process. When one discovers that there is a process and intelligently cooperates with it, we call it the path. When we intelligently cooperate with the evolutionary process we change our label and say the path of development, the path of attainment, and we enter the path. The Seven Initiations p. 61. See Also Evolutionary process.

Pattern of the field The archetype upon which the configurational process is modeled and governed. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 7. Octaves, bands of waves and frequencies. Ibid p. 123. See Arc, Archetype.

Perception manifold The frame of evaluation described as a frame or manifold of differentiation respecting quality, character, strength, etc. of these energies (or vibrations) which are organized or developed of the Mind-wave, Mind, when individualized (Noetic-mind). The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p. 53.

Perception Is to know; apperception is to know and know that you know. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 12.

Perceptive awareness The word understanding and the word Light, both words symbolize perceptive awareness, not a cortical, mental grasp of meaning. Practice of the Way p. 35. See Also Light, Understanding.

Perfected Ones Those fully identified with the free and emancipated Power-to-be-conscious, and there function in Light’s regions. School of the Natural Order (introductory booklet) p. 6.

Perfected individual Is Androgynous, both male and female in one representation. In the palingenetic cyclic process it is the unity of the positive and negative in one being. The First Crossing p. 28. See Also Cycles of Seven.

Peripatetic School Set up by Aristotle to walk instead of sitting to study natural specimens and label them. Practices in Individual Development p. 81.

Permanent atom Means the results of all earth-sphere lives of the Master-self, together with a memory-picture of the structure of planetary spheres, are condensed like an energy pattern in the life-germ of a seed. It resides within the consciousness of the Master-self. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p. 37.

Person Equates and is synonymous with the ensemble of energy substances, each characterized by a specific quality in the individualizing consciousness; this ensemble we label the psychic nature. The First Crossing p.32. One who functions (relative to the person, you can say unconsciously functions) under the motivating forces of the elemental world, nature’s formative forces, operating in his group, race psyche, etc. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 30.

An ensemble, an aggregation of cultural factors in the race psyche in which the person is integrated. Ibid p. 57. A representation of that pattern, lines of force, plus its knots and whorls - its configuration. The person is the belief of being that aggregation. The consciousness abstracts ideas and opinions from the field in which it is individualizing, or differentiating. It then makes a gestalt of those ideas and opinions and identifies itself with it. Ibid p. 150.

Personal level The psychic self. Practice of the Way p. 26. See Also Psychic self.

Personality pattern The totality we label the person and the totality of qualities (gunas) of each center or level we call the personality pattern. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 10. The psychic nature. Ibid p. 11. The qualities in feelings plus the thinkings, synthesized in the consciousness of a given individual at a given date. Cosmology p. 16. Personality comes from the Latin word, persona, mask. Steps in Self Unfoldment p. 86. The sense of personality is due to a focalization in consciousness of a number of frequency relationships; that is, wave-frequency contacts--rapports, desires, communal interests, love attractions, etc. When these wave-frequency contacts are abstracted to higher orders - grouped and generalized-- we then label such an ensemble the group psyche, oversoul, race mind, etc. The First Crossing p. 8. Higher psyche, the human soul, the autonomous field or Master Self. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 79.

The ensemble, the total content of the psychic self. We rebuild that personality every circuit, every time around in the palingenetic process. Practice of the Way p. 14. The combined qualities of the psychic nature. Ibid p. 73. That sense of separateness, I-Am-I-ness, that distinct feel of separateness, the state of consciousness we label the ego or the ego-sense. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 2) p. 5.

A given person is a synthesis of the qualities in the psychic nature and in his configurational representation. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 62.

Pharisees The unconscious psychics, aristotelians (because they call reality the objective world, etc., is an image-appearing-substantive. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 57. See Also Unconscious.

Pharyngeal center The throat center. Sanskrit label: Laya (Still). When unpurified gunas are brought up from the generative center all sorts of perversions can become rampant. Practices in Individual Development p.27. See Also Throat center.

Phenomena The image in the psychic nature appearing substantive. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 23. An illusory image having no reality. Ibid (Vol 2) p. 3. Symbolized by the word "matter". Ibid p. 51. See Also Image in the psychic nature appearing substantive, Matter.

Physical We are dealing with an energy world and configurations thereof, waves and frequencies and bands of waves-frequencies, radionics and electronics. This world is in reality a dynamic world, composed of units of energy configurating in a multiplicity of representations of states of consciousness on the part of a Power-to-be-conscious. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 33.

Physical body The ‘physical body’, per se, doesn’t exist at all, except as an image, a picture in the psychic nature. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 44. The image appearing substantive. Ibid (Vol 2) p. 31.

Physiological organism The representation of the state in which the Power-to-be-conscious is conscious). The First Crossing p. 56. The configurational self. The Christos p. 96. The configuration of a given field is the representation of its pattern, the image appearing substantive. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 79.

Pituitary center It is a center of force representative of the rays from the center sun of Light, there preparation is made for the second crossing where the psyche itself will be destroyed and the greater force that energizes; the Hierophant at the Baptism by water, will also be destroyed; this going ahead and preparing the way for the Greater One which will be awakened. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 72. See Also Ajna, Force centers.

‘Pliant types’ In the formative forces of the psychic nature the etheric substance has no discrimination, no differentiation, no conscious volition over what it reflects; it will reflect anything, just like a mirror. We call this state, in the formative processes of becoming conscious of the psychic nature, pliant. We say of those in that state that they are pliant types. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 4-5.

Pneumatic ovum Autonomous field, Cosmic egg. Developing man was considered to be a developing embryo within his egg, within his ovum until he pipped the shell and his forces streamed through or out beyond the periphery. Pneumatic represents that which motivates ‘breathing.’ The word breathing means rhythm; everything is characterized by a rhythm, by a pulsation, as outbreathing and inbreathing. Pneumatic ovum relative to a growing and developing person who has not yet achieved consciousness of individualization and his relation to the cosmic process; and cosmic egg, the Higher Self representing the furthest ‘out’ or the ‘lowest’ in eventuation; the essential nature, the True Self born out of the differentiated field. Characterized by lines of force of the field. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 6. That which characterizes man and differentiates him from the animal is the fact that his acquired qualities of consciousness do not revert to the undifferentiated field, but revert to his own account or discount. Ibid p. 12. See also Autonomous field, Cosmic egg.

Polarity Feeling-images, desire-forms, etc., are charged with force. When two persons with approximately the same "content" meet for the first time, the one with the strongest charge in the "constituents" of his psyche assumes the positive position in the context of situation, the other the negative. The First Crossing p 87. The Master Self is always positive and the ‘man’ in incarnation negative regarding each other, relatively speaking. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.81.

Pool(s) Differentiated spheres in the Cosmic process (Autonomous Field, the Real Self, the Race psyche, the Oversoul, etc.) A given man belongs to a pool. The pool of the man contains his cultural qualities; he reflects his race cultural background; he incorporates those in his etheric-configurational self. The Christos p. 68.

Positive Pole The Power from the positive pole creates the activity and the substance represents the pattern. "The Father worketh hitherto and I work." (Bible quote). Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 98. See Also Basic unity, Electromagnetic field, Light, Polarity.

Positive Power Power resides as potential, an inertial state..."without form, and void, and darkness upon the face of the deep. (Genesis) Chokmah on the Tree of Life. Power and Light ensues when the inertial state of that negative substance contacts a positive power - Binah making contact with Chokmah. Practice of the Way p. 79. See Also Father principle, Higher Triad.

Power of Balance The Power of equilibrium, a cosmic force. On the atomic level, the neutron represents the power of equilibrium that unifies the positive and negative elements. It is the power that unifies man and woman. Practice of the Way p. 62.

Power-to-be-conscious Activity of basic or fundamental-substance whether called Light, energy or living-matter. The Christos p. 108. Vital-dynamism (a greater release of force or advancing point in evolution); in the developing ego, the psycho-dynamism (The state in which a given person is conscious of himself), and at a higher level, the Christos (the wheel of eternity, the whole Cosmic process). Ibid p. 113. The Self. "Conscious"consciousness = The activity in Light-energy-living-matter substances, described in terms of Light-energy waves and frequencies. "To be" = The constant urge to know; to know in order TO BE...to be conscious; The structure, function and orderly process of the Hierarchial Order in Light-substance. Destiny, the very nature of Being. "Power" = Evidenced in, through and by Mother-substance (Light, energy, living-matter). Ibid p. 211 ff. In the Mother substance, whether that substance is light or energy or living-matter, there is a motivating force, a sustaining, quickening, creating, developing Power. We call it the Power-to-be-conscious. That Power-to-be-conscious constitutes the essential self of each and every one of us. That Power is the one Power of the whole universe. Practices in Individual Development p. 1. There is a Power-to-be-conscious which is beyond doubt, axiomatic, self-evident, needing no proof. Ibid p. 63. That which is causative in the differentiating, creative process of the Mother. A Description of the Psychic World p. 111. As long as we are in the process of development, of raising the consciousness to a ‘higher’ level, then we use the term Power-to-be-conscious. When we offset from the process of self-development and shift our focus to those levels of attainment beyond the psychic world, we drop "to be conscious," and say, "The Power." It is only at every stage, or state of the self-development process that we describe a Power-to-be-conscious. Understanding the Psychic Nature (Lesson 7) p. 2. The Power-to-be-conscious is that which is motivating its own awakening form the unconscious to the conscious. Functional Activities p. 58. The triad beyond name and form. It is this unnamed power which moves the negative, the Mother. The Seven Initiations p. 9 That which registers. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 114. The Cosmic process or The Good (Plato). Ibid p. 143. "You can deny everything else in the world, in the universe, but you cannot deny the Power with which you deny." Practice of the Way p. 28. There’s a power plant, the Power-to-be-conscious in the intrinsic Self, in the intrinsic nature, that is the power plant and it is the drive that carries one on the evolutionary course. It’s the drive, the power from the Mind level, that we label the Christos. Ibid p. 48. That power asleep in the mineral, it stirs in the plant; it becomes active in the animal; and it arouses itself in man. In man the power begins to be conscious of itself, to know that it knows. Bible Lessons p. 16. See Also Cosmic process, Good, Higher Triad, Vital Dynamism.

Prakriti Sanskrit: The Mother principle, Binah. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 101

Prana "Is the name for the energy that is in the universe. The sum total of the energy displayed in the universe." Vivekananda Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 60. Prana, vital energy of this earth sphere, functions as the substance of each and every individualized etheric sphere and manifests in the physiological organism as the "principle" of vitality to be expressed therein. These pranic energies or forces represent inverse 'reflections' of substances of the highest level pertaining to Individualized Being, called Atma, and therefore exhibit correspondences therewith. Prana is the Sanskrit word for a vital force which permeates the etheric earth sphere, including every individualized system thereof, and constitutes the motivating force of all forms. When flowing in the energy stream of a given individualized organism we call it vital force or the vital dynamism. Membership Letters (III) p. 2. See Also Vital Dynamism.

Pranava Aum, the "sacred word," "the word of Glory," the sound of conscious life itself, as it is breathed forth into all earth sphere forms. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 76. See Also AUM.

Pranayama Stands for the meaning or science, understanding the use of prana. The term is applied to breath control practices designed to awaken kundalini force and establish control of its functions in the individualized system. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 59. See Prana.

Private World Images in the psychic consciousness, their seeming reality, the values given to them, the feeling-desire-emotional-thinking reactions from values given, etc., make up what we call the private world. It has no existence outside the psychic consciousness. The First Crossing p. 10. What we abstract from the structure-function-order of the cosmic process and its configurations. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 58.The private world is sharply differentiated from the Cosmic Process; i.e., the waves and frequencies which we arrest as stimuli and from which we abstract the image or picture. You register those waves and frequencies either by direct radiation or by reflection of light and energy. Ibid p.108.

Mental or mentalized private world, that giving value to images appearing substantive and reacting to values given until there is a sort of a manifold, a code, a frame of reference built up relative to that image appearing substantive and the identity with it. Ibid p. 133. Objective self, meaning our objective self-consciousness and the manifold of values evolved from it. Practice of the Way p.23. The nether world, the whole synthetical buildup in the consciousness based upon the objective self-conscious state, or based upon identification with things, bodies, objects, etc. Ibid p. 87. See Also Objective self.

Process The absence of all ideas of static objectivity; dynamic flow of energy; with reference to an individual, the "becoming". The Natural Order Process (Vol 1) p.3.

Process of the Way The purificatory period where in the perfective stages of the individualizing process of the Natural Order these denizens (the content of the unconscious) of the depths must all be brought to the surface and destroyed. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 24. See Also Purification process.

Projection See Dissociation.

Prototype Archetype, the Arche, on the Mind level. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p 56. See Also Archetype.

Psyche An ensemble of all those motivating forces, a sort of composite composition of those energies from sensations to thinkings, we use the label psyche, or the synonym, the personality pattern; that is, the person. The First Crossing p. 64. "Students in the S.N.O, condition your thinking to use these three words as synonyms: soul, psyche, personality. For that word psyche you can also say psychic nature if it is appropriate in the context of a given situation." Practice of the Way p. 98. The content of the unconscious. The Christos p. 5.

All of that from sensation to the force by which you think is comprehended by the term psyche, psycho-logical self, psychic-self or psychic nature. Ibid p. 79.

Psychic Everything that you feel, everything you desire, your human love and affection, your attachment to things and persons and places, your thought about all of that. The Seven Initiations p. 71.

Psychic field See Aura.

Psychic images Those pictures and images which are not sharply edged -- clearly defined in the consciousness -- and therefore do not appear substantive. Other names: in the objective manifold-of-values, psychic pictures, dream pictures, the dream fabric, pure hallucinations. The First Crossing p. 99 See Also Dream images, images.

Psychic Light A unifying creative force establishing the dynamic world which surrounds and interpenetrates each of us. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 102.

Psychic nature The personality pattern : North half = Higher psyche. South half = Lower psyche. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 11. Can be described as our entire past including all the palingenetic cyclic processes of putting forth and taking in. The past is rolled up like a scroll and this "scroll" we call the psychic nature. Ibid p. 14. The cumulative results in an individual’s consciousness which has been developed during this span of living in identity: with his physiological organism, with the world as objective, with the values given thereto, and with the resultant reactions. This composite, organized and unified result we label psychic-nature. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p. 35.

The psycho-logical processes which are the basis of all evaluations. Cosmology p. 17. The totality of that which is reflected, with its gunas or qualities to each sensation, feeling, desire, thought. A Description of the Psychic World p. 99.

We in the S.N.O. use the term psychic nature as a synonym for what the modern psychologists call the unconscious. Steps in Self Unfoldment p. 77.

The level upon which and individual’s personality pattern is developed. The First Crossing p. 14. "According to the New Cycle Gnosis, the referent for the word person equates and is synonymous with the ensemble of energy substances, each characterized by a specific quality in the individualizing consciousness; this ensemble we label the psychic nature." Ibid p. 32. "In our school we use the terms personality and psychic nature as synonyms for the ensemble of forces which motivate our functions - all our functions." Ibid p. 38. That total content of our consciousness, the psychic level is called the psychic nature or soul. Ibid p. 53.

That which is reflected constitutes the content of the psychic nature. This "content" is called the person, the personality pattern, the person in sense life, the little self in separation from his Greater Self, the intrinsic Power-to-be-conscious, etc. Ibid p. 87. Your whole realm of sensations, feelings, desirings, emotions, thinkings in varying mixtures and varying degrees. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 19. The ensemble of actions and reactions caused by values attributed to images-appearing-substantive which we call the objective world. Ibid p. 52.

That differentiating process that we call our personality, our individuality, etc., is an individualizing process taking place in that oversoul or race psyche, and that is what we label the psychic nature. Ibid p. 81. Human Soul. Ibid p. 98. The forces that operate in all sensations, feelings, emotional and thinking functions, that’s your psychic nature. Your physiological organism functions, that’s your psychic nature. Ibid p. 105. The seat of feelings and thinkings, ‘psychological’ process of a person. More often the term psychic nature is used in the SNO for this gestalt or total ensemble of feelings-thinkings. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.21. Your basic point of development determines the content of your psychic nature. One cannot build into his psychic nature any quality, entity, substance, which is not comparable to the state in which he is basically conscious of himself, his basic state of development. Practice of the Way p.61- 62. The configuration of units of energy into forms stands as representative of the total content of the psychic nature. Psycho-logical processes is what we call the content of the psychic nature. The Christos p. 56.

Psychic phenomena Images, pictures, which do not appear substantive, Hallucinations, dreams, psychic appearances, any psychic phenomena including the psychic phenomena labeled ‘things’ and ‘objects.’ The First Crossing p. 94.

Psychic Self The personal level. Practice of the Way p.26.

Psychic world This world in which we function is called the psychic world. That psychic world functions under, and is part and parcel of, what we call the World Mother, the Mater; the matter (mater) of that world is also labeled the Genetrix. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 18. The substance of the psychic world are the gradations from energy to etheric substance; that is the band of the whole metamorphosing process of light into living matter; just that band from energy to etheric substance is the energy of the psychic world. Ibid p. 38. An ensemble of forces which motivate our feelings, desireings and thinkings. It is a synthesis of energies, each one of which is characterized by wave frequency, and represented by a definite substance. Expanding States of Self-awareness p. 119.

Psychical man, the Called "the veil and prophecy" of the real man or Master. That Power, or force, called Self, together with the activity of its awareness, represents reality. The expression of that force is called spiritual and, in this context, the form of expression represents the psychical-man, "the veil and prophecy of the spiritual man." The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p. 9.

Psychics Those whose consciousness is focused in the objective manifold of values. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 32. "Conscious psychics" : When interest switches, transfers from ‘things’ and ‘objects’ the psycho-logical phases, functions, etc.,(i.e., to feelings, desires, thinkings and the qualities respecting each) - when a given individual is more involved in what he feels, what he desires, what he thinks and his emotional evaluation, then his consciousness is becoming oriented to the conscious psychics. Ibid p. 58. Not dependable unless you know the psyche has reached the cleared space. Practices in Individual Development p. 9. See also Conscious psychics, Pythagorean school.

Psycho-dynamism When the Power-to-be-conscious motivates all actions and functions on the psychic nature level. Practice of the Way p.28.What hold this bundles of forces having different qualities, properties, characteristics, and gunas together? An organizer, a ruler, an overseer; and we label that organizer and bonder of all of them psycho-dynamism. Ibid p. 98. That activity of the Cosmic process which motivates the psychic-self we label the Psycho-dynamism. Motivates the psychic-self and all of its psychic, psycho-logical activities from sensations to thinking. The Christos p. 80. Symbolizes an activity of fundamental-substance in or on a relatively higher level of the ascending arc....the purpose of the psycho-dynamism is to perfect the ego, independent of everything. When the psycho-dynamism takes over, the individual is constantly in rebellion; he is not a conformist any more; he is a non-conformist. Ibid p. 109 ff. See also Personality, Psyche, Psychic nature, Soul.

Psycho-logical (functions) The meaning represented comprehends the gunas (qualities) of which the psychic-nature of a given individual is composed. ... The qualities in feelings plus the thinkings, synthesized in the consciousness of a given individual at a given date, are called his personality pattern. ... The psycho-logical processes are the basis of all evaluations; and this represents that which we call the psychic-nature. Cosmology p. 16-17. Causes of Psychological maladjustments: The conflict between the higher psyche and the content of the lower psyche is the cause of so many psychosomatic and psycho-logical maladjustments. The First Crossing p.88. Your whole realm of sensations, feelings, desirings, emotions, thinkings in varying mixtures and varying degrees. The term psycho-logical level does not mean the content of the unconscious but means the functional processes of the psychic nature. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 19. The linking together of the lower and higher psychic nature, by reason of the fact that both pertain to the psychic nature as a medium of expression, as a vehicle in which consciousness operates, but in describing the four somatic divisions of man, or of a given individual, they are separated because they constitute two separate and distinct departments of the somatic area. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 2) p. 5. "Psycho-logical processes reside in what we call the psychic nature" The Christos p. 14. See also Personality pattern, Psychic nature.

Psycho-logically balanced There has to be harmony, rhythm, balance achieved in the psychic nature as preparatory to the real study and real development; in other words, one cannot start from a false basis to fulfill, to accomplish, to achieve the man state, because back of all that we are saying, there is a fundamental ‘law’, which means that is the way it functions, and it doesn’t function in any other way. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 37. See also Treading the Path.

Psychosis The lower psyche with its entities "takes over" and the higher psyche withdraws from the etheric-physical body. The person is then labeled insane. The First Crossing p. 88. When one loses the rational balance, and the psychic manufactures psychic pictures, psychic images, dream pictures, the dream fabric, etc., and they become possessory it is then called psychosis or just plain insanity. Ibid p. 99.

Psychosomatic (maladjustments) Caused by a conflict between the higher psyche and the content of the lower psyche. See Neurosis, Psychosis.

Psycho-therapy The only way to release all blockages, all inhibiting influences, all forces that cause psycho-logical conflicts is to orient oneself to the basic structure of this world, life-facts, this world as light-energy waves-frequencies configurational representations. Once you can see that structure and present it in a comparable linguistic structure so that map fits territory, you will find in that clarity of understanding and perceptional force, a power that removes all blockages and liberates you. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 112. See Also General semantics.

Purification (purificatory process) When one attempts to tread the Path which leads to Light’s Regions, it is the lower psyche with its content which rises up to bar the way. It is then called "The Dweller on the Threshold." The most difficult period of the neophyte’s training or self-discipline is the purification of his lower psychic nature. This is because the effects of results of all experiences of his past are rolled up in the present content of his lower psyche. It is this past which must be revived, re-evaluated and the results cast out before signal progress made or can be made. The First Crossing p. 88. This state of purification, called the Garden of Aaru, is prerequisite to making the Second Crossing as it is the acme of attainment of the First Crossing. Ibid p. 92. In the perfective stages of the individualizing of the Natural Order these denizens of the depths must all be brought to the surface and destroyed. We call this the purificatory period or process of the Way. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.24. Each must stand in the burning, and remember, this burning will be as intense as there is material to burn. ... "Every plant not planted by my Father" - not true to the natural order process - "is cast on to the fire;"; "the wheat is separated from the chaff...."; The sheep are separated from the goats.", etc. These analogies all pertain to the purificatory period in the lunar cycle, until the force is raised to Ajna, the pituitary center. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 70 ff. ‘Kindling of the fire,’ the awakening of the potentialities - the dormant, latent forces. Practice of the Way p. 20. During this period we learn to control the emotions, not by repression but by expurgation of the inharmonious conditions. The old wine of selfishness, desire, and all other destructive emotional conditions, is emptied out of the consciousness before the new wine of the Spirit comes in. Bible Lessons p. 33.

Purifying breath Take a deep full breath and exhale it in short explosive bursts with the lips almost closed. Make the short explosive bursts hiss like steam exhausting from high pressure, about six to eight of these short bursts on one breath. Fling the arms down and back with the wrists held loosely, with each short burst of air through the lips. Stamp the right foot sharply and hard at the same time. Feel, will, imagine, etc., that you are positively flinging all undesirable and impure elements out of your ‘body,’ psyche, and mind. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.65.

Purpose of SNO: "Public teaching, mailing of class talks/lesson courses, books & booklets on the correlation of non-aristotelian Gnosis with modern scientific developments; training in organic gardening, composting, conservation of the fertility of the soil, etc.; teaching a process or methodology of understanding symbiotic relationships of Nature’s formative forces in plant, animal and man culminating in the perception of Cosmos as Conscious Light-Energy-Living-Matter organism-as-a-whole, Self-governed, as if by a Supreme Intelligence; inculcating and understanding that man (individually and collectively) is intrinsically integrated in Cosmos, and that his highest obligation, therefore, is learning to consciously function in participational cooperation with the Design (Structure, Function, Order) thereof." The Christos p. vii.

Purusha Sanskrit: Individualized-self, the seer or Master-self. Its nature is extreme non-attachment, giving up even the qualities. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p. 23. The father principle, Chokmah. Studies in Psychotherapy p.101.

Purusha-Parkriti Sanskrit: That original atom--one electron, one proton--exemplifies the original and primal dichotomy, Chokmah-Binah, Purusha-Prakriti, or Father-Mother God. The First Crossing p. 67. See also Prakriti

Purushattama Sanskrit: Represents the neutral. The Crown (Kether). Studies in Psychotherapy p.101. See also: Father, Mother Principle; Negative substance, Nirguna Brahma.

Qaballah See Kaballah, Tree of Life

Qualified Monism Describes the teachings of SNO. When we recognize the integrity of the individual, and we highlight the process of individualizing, we automatically establish a new category: qualified monism. Expanding States of Self-awareness p. 29. Qualified: Limited to some degree or other in the expanding consciousness of the substance in the Light. It is not absolutely anything. Monism: The reference to the gradual expanding consciousness in the Substance of the Mother. We work day by day, year by year, in the palingenetic rhythm, until our expanding consciousness is one with the Substance in configuration.. We never leave it. We bring it along and expand it into the Light. Then the great cycle that we call the Cosmic Process is complete. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 106. Qualified monism says there is One that becomes many--many differentiations--and that qualifies the monistic phase, the absolute monistic idea. The Seven Initiations p. 2.

Quality (Value/Guna) Three broad divisions: Tamasic = inertial; Rajasic = tempestuous, virulent; Satvic = quiet, the peaceful, and the beautiful. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 39 See Guna.

Quantum Mechanics Shows that the lines of force in any given field eddy; the lines of force eddy. Each eddy of each line represents a quantum energy. Called emergent energy. The number of eddies on a given line of force of a given field is called quanta and all of the eddies of each of the lines of force of a given field, while called quanta, are also called configurations. So, a configuration merely represents quanta of eddies of the lines of force of a given field. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 61. When an electron jumped from a larger orbit to a smaller one within the electron field, there was a quantum of energy emitted from the field; when the electron suddenly and unaccountably jumped from a smaller orbit to a greater one, there was a quantum of energy absorbed by the field. Ibid (Vol 4) p.2.

Quaternary (Law of Four) Represents man in the four human states--physical, etheric, astral, and mental. The law of four: The cycle of man is divided into four distinct periods of seven years each. The septenary represents the whole being in its four human states together with the three higher states of the Ego. Bible Lessons p.28. See also Septenary.

Quickening influence Called the Christos by the Greeks and denotes a quickening, energizing, awakening force entering into the content of the unconscious or the psyche; a profound stirring influence that enters into the psyche at a certain period of development. The Christos p. 6.

Race Consciousness The psychic field, a higher level animal group field. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 1) p.22

Race, the Each individual functioning in the field-pattern-configuration labeled man epitomizes, exemplifies, is a condensed replica, a microcosm of that in which he functions, that field in which he functions, which we now label the race, or we label man. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 124. Refers to the whole of humanity on the planet, a generic term for man. Practice of the Way p. 99. See Man.

Race Psyche The ethnological field. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 150. Inherited cultural developments, attitudes obtained from our forefathers, etc. Therefore, the background of each person is his race-psyche; the content of it, etc., assumes a greater degree of importance in or to the individualizing process than any so-called ‘personal’ factors. The Christos p. 128. See Also: Ethnological field, Higher psyche, Oversoul.

Radasoami An entire methodology based upon the sound currents. Practices in Individual Development p.50. See Also Sound currents.

Raja Yoga Path The middle path taught by Gautama, the Buddha, the Royal Road to understanding by knowing through or by intuitional-awareness. The Christos p. 160. See Also Gautama, the Buddha, Shakti Path.

Rajas The force manifests as thirst, hunger and enjoyment of personal power - that egotistical sense of ruling or controlling others. This is also the force which motivates one in the pursuit of profit and pleasure. The energy of Ego, the Son, Characterized by an individualizing tendency, mobility or activity on the Mind-Level; and, in the psychic-nature, is the driving force in ambition, to excel, to gain success, etc. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p. 93-94.

Rajasic See Gunas, Rajas.

Rapport Frequency synchronization. The First Crossing p. 86.

The frequency synchronization that we label rapport and call love or desire is a process of registry and reflection. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 114.

Rapports are caused by affinity of substance in the psychic nature. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p.33. Proximity of relationship; one takes on the condition of another. Fall in rapport, consciously or unconsciously, with another one and you are going to take on his conditions or he is going to take on yours, 50-50. Practices in Individual Development p.14. See Also Communal adjustment.

Rays of development Cosmic energy streams (world-force-lines of electromagnetic fields) which cause ‘things’ representing an event in a space-time continuum. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 19. The first three = Will, Activity and Love are the like primary gunas and are blended to produce the all seven rays. Steps in Self Unfoldment p. 49. See Seven Rays.

Razor’s edge A description of the delicate balance needed to tread the path of growth and development. Practice of the Way p. 22.

Real manifestation as dynamic process A synthesis of energy-systems, energy-fields, etc. in and as organismal activity of the whole; and we reiterate that behind this there is no Life, Power, or Intelligence, known or unknown. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p. 21.

Real Self The Higher Self .... The individualizing process on what is called the Mind Level. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 11. For the Real Self of you and the Real Self of each and every one is the same One Universal Self, the Logos, Demiurgos, Sa﷓guna Brahma, to use several names for That which represents the Creating Center of all existences. Membership Letters (II) p. 3.

The Real Self of any person is the degree of differentiation on the Mind Level, the degree to which he has developed a field autonomous to the race psyche. Practice of the Way p. 62. See Also Demiurgos, Higher Self, Logos, Mind Self, Noetic Self, Sa-guna Brahma.

Reality If we break down any ‘this,’ - anything to which you can point - into its ultimate constituents, we have vortices of light plus energy .... Lightergy - light-energy. That constitutes the Reality all around us and in us; it includes ‘this’ that we pack around and call body. Functional activities p. 36. See also Gnosis, Knowledge, Wisdom teaching.

Realization Ultimate understanding, represents orientation of consciousness to the Mind-wave (Noetic-mind). Functioning in this orientation with direct and clear perception, contact with energy wave-lengths and frequencies, direct observation, cognition, etc., a frame or manifold of differentiation respecting quality, character, strength, etc. of these energies (or vibrations) is organized or developed. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p.53. See also Ultimate understanding.

Reason The word represents the Logos, and those having identified their respective selves with the force with which they function, are labeled Logoi. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p.32. See also Logoi, Logos, Neoplatonic school.

Re-conversion The unfolding process, what we call growth, expansion, self-development, evolution, transfiguration, metamorphosis. It means to turn around, turn around and reverse the process, get converted. Turn around and intelligently cooperate with the metamorphosis, with the transfigurational process. The First Crossing p. 67. See Unfolding process.

Referent Is meant, the significance, the meaning. Words have no meaning in themselves; meaning, significance, is that which the word "referent" represents. Cosmology p. 99. That which we experience is labeled "referent." ‘Thing’, quality, relationship or function experienced. Perceptive Insight p. 30-32.See General Semantics.

Reflection (In connection with the race psyche) means that beneath the level of his clear intellectual understanding he is still integrated, synchronized, en rapport, to a greater or lesser degree, with the race out of which he is seeking emancipation. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 14.

Regeneration The deliberate re-creation of a new personality in the midst of an incarnation. Steps in Self Unfoldment p. 21. See also Palingenesis.

Registration of frequency/guna Characterizes one of the pivotal points of the instruction as given in the School of the Natural Order. The essential and pivotal point of the (Second Crossing) of the work resides in the statement that instead of functioning in the images formulated, the values given thereto and reaction to values given, we awaken to the conscious registry of the guna, the reality of energy-forces registered. To function consciously the energies by which we are motivated and their respective gunas or qualities characterizes the "way of life" for those who will participate int he New Cycle. The First Crossing p. 93.

Reification / Reify Out of identity of word with thing, one unconsciously begins to give value to a word with no referent. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 35. To, reify, particularly regarding words, is to ascribe a definite objective reality, meaning, value, etc., to a symbol in the absence or unconsciousness of that which is represented by the symbol. To ascribe meaning to a word, instead of treating the word as a symbol, is to reify. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 15.

Reincarnation "According to the instruction as given in the School of the Natural Order, there is no such ‘thing’ as reincarnation; that is, no one as he is now conscious of himself as a personality reincarnates." The First Crossing p. 25. See Palingenesis.

Religion Pertains to the creative process in the individual which is so closely allied to faith (no don’t identify faith with religion and identify faith and religion with the church). Studies in Psychotherapy p. 20. That instinctive, inherent need to pour out devotion to something. Ibid p. 121.

Return, the See Ascending/descending arc.

Revenge of the Will When the dynamic, creative forces of the Cosmic Process are interfered with and do not have a free-flowing outlet in expression (do not identify freedom with license because that is more slavery and bondage than freedom) at a given state of development, those forces will turn negative. Those cosmic forces which should be free and marvelous and creative at a given state will become revengeful. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 114. The compensatory, substituted outlet, is the reflexiveness of the Will. What results in the substituted and compensatory form of expression is called the Revenge of the Will. Ibid p.126.

Reversal, the The Ascending Arc....of the differentiating process. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 90. See also Ascending Arc.

Rhythmic living Just the art of living effectively with the least effort. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 61.

Right perception Described as utilization of the faculty of cognition in envisioning the archetypal structures and the memory or retention of that which has been perceived. The Natural Order Process (vol 2) p. 113.

Roadmap, the From the standpoint of the New Cycle Gnosis, means a clear mental construct, being careful, never to consider the roadmap as being the journey. The First Crossing p. 30.

Rod of Aaron / Iron The Will has been called the "Rod of Aaron," "The Staff of Moses," Atma, etc. It is the "rod of iron" of the second Psalm and elsewhere in the Bible, the rod with which Moses parted the waters of the Red Sea and later struck the Rock in the wilderness from which life﷓giving waters gushed. The Will is that force with which Christ blasted the fig tree because it gave so much promise yet yielded no fruit. It is the Will which we must lay hold of it we would escape, escape from the psychic world and from the tangled web of karma with its endless rounds of birth and rebirth. Membership Letters (III) p. 2. "The Rod of Iron," "Thunder bolt of Zeus," that is just the force, consciousness, identified with the creative force of the field. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 2) p. 24. Also Atma, Staff of Moses, Will.

Rules of Fundamental Self-development 1) Self-Reliance, 2) Non-reification of words (use referents), 3) Remembrance that every ‘thing’ represents a dynamic process, 4) Mistake not a roadmap for the journey, 5) Development or attainment is signalized by letting go a lower level or state in order to achieve a higher one, 6) Functional progress depends upon conscious control and direction of creative forces through the Seals (chakras), 7) Dare, Do and Keep Silent. Self Mastery Through Meditation p. 10.

Root race Indicative of a state of consciousness on the time lined of a given individual and correlated with the abstracting process. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 52.