Jacob’s Ladder Symbolizes the descending and ascending arcs of the cosmic cycle (Involutionary and evolutionary process of the cosmic process) Studies in Psychotherapy p.11.

Jehovah Represents the Pure Being and its Idea, not the Pure Being. Jod = Adam : Hove = Eve. We have the twain, which is the Logos, the reason for every ‘thing’ else which eventuates in the Light world and in the energy world. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 66. the Admon﷓Kadmon, the Yodhave, Adam﷓Eve; Membership Letters (V) p. 4. See Also Adam-Eve.

Jesus In our School we accept as a historical fact the teaching that Jesus the Christ lived upon the earth and walked among men and taught them. But the importance of his life to us lies not in the historical fact of his existence, but in that he personifies and epitomizes our own potentiality. The Christos p. 28. See also Christos.

Jiva Consciousness - light - energy as a field or as a differentiated sphere. (Positive-negative poles). Teachers’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 29. See Also Consciousness, Light-energy.

John the Baptist Symbolizes what has long been known as the positive and negative currents, forces in the psychic nature. They are called the pranas and the tattvas (Sanskrit: tattvas = positive currents and pranas = negative currents). Practices in Individual Development p. 25. See Also Ida-pingala currents.

Journey Functional progress in terms of transference of or in identification from one kingdom (state) (in development) to another: e.g.: mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, man state, etc. to the God kingdom. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.29. See also Functional progress.

Jupiter Zeus (Greek), Jupiter (Roman) symbol of the genetrix or generative power, generative force from the Cosmic standpoint in the Cosmic process; it represents the force in generation. The Christos p. 87. See also Generative center, Zeus.

Jupiter in Sagittarius Symbolizes the eclipse of that positive power in you is represented by Saturn; it is the highest power, but it is thrown into eclipse by another power that comes in and takes precedence over it, Jupiter in Sagittarius. The Christos p. 87. Symbolizes the energization of the first force center (Generative); a movement of consciousness from its peripheral state to its Self sans state. (The First Crossing). Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 69.

Kaballah See Tree of Life

Kalpa an age of the world of which there are four and the series of which proceed in succession during the manvantaric cycle. Membership Letters (I) p. 2.

Kama-manas Activity of the emotional department of the psychic nature. Means desire-thought —thinking tinged with feeling motivated by desire force. The Natural Order Process (Vol II) p.40.

Karma Oriental term which symbolizes action. In the flow and flux (action) of the Whole, each event therefore presents a triplicity, a convergence of lines of force which we may designate cause effect-relation-between. This relation between is dynamic in respect to consequence. Understanding the Psychic Nature (Lesson 6) p. 5. "As ye sow, so shall ye reap.": The law of cause and effect. Until a person breaks away from all group affiliation on the psychic level he is no individual and he has no dharma to violate. After the individual is born in Light’s Regions then he has a dharma as well as an individual karma which must be obeyed. Ibid (Lesson 11) p. 5-6. Feedback. Practice of the Way p. 92. Destiny. It is the way you work, consciously or unconsciously, that way you elect the quality that you entertain in feeling, desiring, in your affections and your thinking. Karma means work--the way you work at entertaining feelings and desirings and thoughts. Practices in Individual Development p.17. The beneficent action of which holds man to his evolutionary path during the period when, in ignorance and pride, he would resist his law of Being. The law of cause and effect operative in every relative states. Bible Lessons p. 13-14. (It is a benevolent power which brings suffering, when in our ignorant sense of separateness we stray from the path of our dharma. Ibid p. 16. Karma is the action of the Spirit. Ibid p. 18. See Also Destiny.

Karma yoga The ability to act and have volitional independence in the action. Will, Love, Activity. Practices in Individual Development p. 71.

Karmic law of love The devotee on the path of Truth must lay down all his personality, including his pride and his good opinion of himself, and allow it to be dissolved in the greater consciousness of the Eternal Self. Bible Lessons p.75.

Kether The Crown, The Neutral power, Purushattama. The Binding power, the balancer, that which holds together. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 103.

In the Kaballah, the upper point of the highest triad, the Crown. It is the binding power of the positive proton and the negative electron. The Seven Initiations p. 4. See Also Binding Force, Neutral, Purushattama.

Kingdom Malkuth (Base of the Tree of Life (Kaballah), The epitomization of the whole, the infoldment of the whole cosmic process as epitomization. It is a representation of all Reality, of all Truth, of all that IS, the dynamic, creative force at different levels of evolution; in reference to a given individual, the configuration as representation of the different states of self-awareness. The first point encountered in development after the First Crossing. The First Crossing p. 42. What we call growth, expansion, developing understanding is the unfolding process of all that was infolded into the Kingdom. Ibid p. 44. See Also Malkuth.

Kingdom of Heaven Another synonym for the Kingdom of Mind, or Light’s Regions. You must transform the configuration in order to gain the Kingdom. Stop trying to get up ‘there’ on a ‘higher’ world. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.105. See Also Light’s Regions.

Kingdoms States: Successive states are 1) vegetable, 2) animal, 3) man, 4) Angel or Super-man, 5) Christos, 6) Logoic, 7) God or Kingdom of God. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.30. See Also Tree of Life.

Kundalini Sanskrit: The seers of old of the Orient understood and directly perceived the structure of a given man, and the motivating force which they perceived in that structure they labeled Speirema or Kundalini. (Spirema is a Greek term stemming form the earlier Egyptians and Chaldeans.) Studies in Psychotherapy p. 44. It is what is referred to in the allegory of John the Baptist: "goeth ahead and prepareth the way, but there is One coming after me who is greater than I." The awakening of the a greater power, the Spirema, the Kundalini, the fire. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.52. The coiled power. It is that power which has to be awakened to function in the Noetic Mind. The fire descends to the sacral center and stirs and awakens the latent Power-to-be-conscious until it comes to life in the psychic self. We call this the Second Crossing. Practices in Individual Development p.28. It would be disastrous for this force to be released before the whole physiological-etheric-psychic man has been brought into perfect alignment. Ibid p. 56. See Also Speirema.

Kurukshetra, plains of From the Bhagavad Gita, the battlefield, where each must fight the battle through... the conflict within each person’s psychic nature. The resultant ‘victory’ is the developed sense of I-am-I, I am independent, I am self-sufficient, etc.(development of the ego). Then you contact a higher sphere, differentiated field, or higher frequency. The Christos p. 98-99.

Last Supper, the Symbolizes the death of the personality, the resurrection of consciousness in the Light. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.52. See Also Death of the Personality.

Latent fire The higher triad is beyond name and form; it represents latent fire. When the positive and the negative are in union and give birth to the Logos (Saguna Brahma in its essence, in its function) it represents active fire. Fire in the Heart of the Atom p. 6. See Also Nirguna Brahma, Para Brahma.

Law We are under compulsion by the cosmic process and the way it functions (which we call ‘law’ to share with others so that the vast majority of the particular stream or life-wave to which we belong and in which we are integrated will go on together. The First Crossing p. 55. You must do your own work if your Higher Triad is going to be contacted. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 11.

Law means the function. Teacher’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 36.

Law of Adjustment "Waiting upon the Lord." If one’s forces are really withdrawn from a certain psychic focus, the attendant circumstances and conditions supported by those forces will drop away or out of one’s life; and a new set of circumstances will be created by the forces in the new state, displacing or supplanting the old, thereby effecting changes without destructive violence. The Natural Order Process (Vol II) p.30.

Law of Cause and Affect We have a referent, a yardstick by which we measure what is good and what is bad for us respectively, what is helpful and what is destructive for us respectively, because that is the only so-called good and evil - whether we flow with the functional process or consciously or unconsciously thwart it, work against it, etc. Teacher’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 49. See Karma

Law of Individual Being Dharma; it is the plan inherent in the innermost consciousness of every being and is fulfilled by the being himself in expanding states of Self-awareness. The plan is consummated when the Being is fully aware of himself as birthless and deathless, as immortal and universal. To follow one’s dharma is to live true to this plan in the full expression of each state of Self-awareness. Bible Lessons p. 17. See Also Dharma.

Law of Periodicity The circuit of return. That circuit characterizes the function of everything from atom to galaxy. ‘Law’: the way it functions. Practices in Individual Development p. 75. See Also Palingenetic Process.

Law of Seven and Four The cycle of the evolutionary process is divided into four distinct periods of seven years each. The quaternary represents man in the four human states--physical, etheric, astral, and mental; the septenary represents the whole being in its four human states together with the three higher states of the Ego. To seven years, the Ego, is organizing its body; from seven to fourteen it is organizing its emotional body; from fourteen to twenty-one it is organizing its mental body. Between twenty-one and twenty-eight there is a rapid review of experiences; the Ego touches certain things it has had in past incarnations, testing itself; at twenty-eight it initiates the new experiences necessary to its development. Bible Lessons p. 28 ff. See Also Quaternary, Septenary.

Law that must be fulfilled The law of Being, is called dharma. Bible Lessons p. 13. The God, in man, individualized, must fulfill himself in universal Self-consciousness--that is the law which must be fulfilled See Dharma.

Lefthand Path See Black magic.

‘Levels’ The states in which a given person is conscious; states of consciousness would be the correct non-aristotelian language, and it’s a concession to the objective mental construct situation to use the word levels. There is no referent for the word; that is, there is nothing in reality, in truth, in life facts, which the word symbolizes. We must translate the word levels into a state in which a given person is conscious, at a given date, because his consciousness will change. Practice of the Way p. 51. This word ‘level’ is counterfeit. These octaves of waves and frequencies we designate as a ‘level’ of functioning, a ‘level’ upon which one can function. The term is counterfeit, because it implies a static connotation. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 20. See Also Four levels of functioning.

Liberation Salvation from the false values given to mental images appearing substantive and has been described as "freedom from sin and the sorrow which comes from sin." No one can reach liberation and go against the law of his own nature. One’s first duty therefore is to get out of every condition which is not true to the heart and soul and law of one’s own being. The Natural Order Process (Vol II) p. 11.

Libra That force and power, labeled love, in the constellation (center) labeled Libra, dominates (as motivation) every desire and action of man--objective-self-conscious-state. Libra represents the scales, the balance, the beam with pans to weigh. The force called love--puts everything and everyone in the balance, in the scales, and weights out the naked truth of each. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 35. (p.30 new ed.) See Also Venus in Libra.

Life-facts Are representations of the determinations of the Be-ings in Light’s Regions. Look upon this world around us as an energy-system, having many gradations or degrees of ‘fineness,’ in terms of wave-frequencies. Functional Activities p. 76. The way the organism-as-a-whole functions, not the way we think it functions. Life-facts is the natural order way in which it functions. It is that which we label the cosmic process and every individualization or differentiation therein, the galaxy, the solar system, down to the atom. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 37. These labels we have given to three of the turns of the spiral--animal soul, human soul, spiritual soul--equate with life-facts on the grounds that it is the radiating force and consciousness of these three fields which motivates every ‘thing’ that we are or do or of which we have been or ever will be conscious. The life-facts (motivating force of the field) which govern, rule, regulate and control are here laid out as the three great powers, relative to our present racial state of development. Ibid p. 96.

Light The word understanding is used synonymously with the word Light, and both words symbolize perceptive awareness, not a cortical, mental grasp of meaning. Practice of the Way p. 35. The union of Chokmah and Binah or the union of Purusha and Aditi, bring out that terrific activity in the Cosmic substance, whose first representation is Light; "Let there be Light." Light eventuates from the first wave and frequency stirred in the Mother, the negative power, the negative substance. The Christos p. 87. The symbol of spiritual Wisdom, and even in the relative planes we speak of the "light" or the "lamp" of knowledge. Bible Lessons p. 51. Light is only the first phase of what we call matter, or na-ture. Light is metamorphosed through many gradations into energy, the next broad level in the developing process. Expanding States of Self-awareness p. 18. A snyonym for the word "Mind". Ibid p. 109 The very forces of generation become transfigurated or metamorphosed into ‘higher’ waves-frequencies called Light. The First Crossing p. 105. Equate Light with Substance. Substance is a label we use to describe the Mother, Mater or Na-ture, "that which gives birth." Light is that substance from which "all comes forth." Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 97.That which is called thefield is also called consciousness, etc. Light, which we have already established as the basis of energy in the quantum studies, now is used synonymously with the word consciousness, or sentient nature of the field. Teacher’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 61. When one has gone through the baptism by water already and he's undergoing preparation to be baptized by the fire, the influence of Christ, the influence of Light, the influence of the Mind Level. That is the fire. The Release of the Fire in the Heart of the Atom p.5. Another synonym for Light is Self-awareness. The Seven Initiations p. 8. See Also Consciousness, Mother Substance.

Light-bearers When the time comes for the Light to be born and one has shown by his life and by the brilliance of his Light that he can follow the Christ with no shadow of turning and when one is strong enough, then he can stand before all as a Light bearer. Bible Lessons p. 26. See Angels of Light, Devas.

Light-energy-plasm When we think of the configuration we should think of Light-energy-plasm in one act of consciousness. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 104

Light Mother After the birth of the Christ-conscious state, the World Mother is transformed into a body of Light, the bride of the "Bridegroom." The very forces of generation becomes transfigurated or metamorphosed into ‘higher’ waves-frequencies called Light. The First Crossing p. 105. Not the Mother of Light, but the substance itself is labeled the Light Mother. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 70 Symbolized by Nephthys (Egyptian goddess) Ibid p. 71

Aditi, That substance above the Second Crossing in the realms of Be-ings. That energy, as Light Mother or as Light, is like inertial or potential energy. That energy is converted into kinetic or dynamic energy in, by, through the process of differentiation of that Light. Practice of the Way p. 69.

Light source As exemplified by the Egyptian wisdom teaching; the label used as we use the label Logos, was Osiris, and irrespective of the label for that differentiated field in the Mother substance, the field represents the Source, causative respecting all other differentiations; therefore, it constitutes the Reason for the creative process irrespective of the level. So, we could label it the Light source, identifying the word Light with the word consciousness, the Light source of creativity. Teacher’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 47. See Also Field, the.

Light Spheres The "journey through the stars." Practice of the Way p. 3.

Light-energy (World) Jiva in Sanskrit for energy as a field or as a differentiated sphere, by analogy: a magnetic field (positive and negative poles). Teacher’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 29. This world as an energy system. Ibid (Vol 4) p.11. See Also Consciousness, Jiva, Noetic level.

Lightergy Light-energy-substances, i.e., energy as a substance in which all waves and frequencies of light-energy function. Studies in Psychotherapy p.146. Light plus energy, the Light-Mother. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 1.

Light’s Regions Above the second crossing there are several differentiated regions of Light: Diffused Light, Diamond Light and Supernal Light. In those regions the Substance of the Mother is too brilliant to reflect anything. By comparison the energy world is coarse enough and dull enough to reflect. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 100. Kingdom of Heaven or Kingdom of Mind. Ibid p. 105. See Also Kingdom of Heaven/Mind, Light.

Lila See Dance of life.

Lines of force Third of three factors that describe an atom. The first two are the positive and negative poles. Energy is merely knots and whirls of the lines of force. Eddies of the lines of forces are what is described as photons, electrons, protons, etc. Teacher’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 9. Lines of force eventuate where we have a negative and positive pole, so that any given autonomous field must be described in terms of its negative and positive poles, and the lines of force between those poles by which and from which the sphere or field is known; or the concept abstracted constitutes the pattern, the structure of the field. Teacher’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 3. See Also Basic structure of the universe, Trinity.

Living matter substances A label for Malkuth, the configuration, the turning point of what we call the animal cycle. The First Crossing p. 69.

Negative substance (Light, Energy, and living matter.) Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.19. See Also Negative substance.

Logical faculty Where in the cycle of development, the focus of consciousness was placed on the objective phenomenal appearance in order to develop the analytical, the reasoning, the logical faculty and once developed, used as an asset to synthesize all of your findings, and that synthesis becomes your fortification, the stabilizer in the emotional, love responses to the quickening when it comes. The Christos p. 9.

Logoi Those having identified their respective selves with the force with which they function. Teacher’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 32. A group of Logos, those who consciously developed identity with the individualized field, pattern, configurating process and have entered upon or begins. Ibid p. 49.

Might be compared to the Powers and Principalities and things seen and unseen which Paul speaks of in his Epistles or in the Oriental system, Maha-chohans ... those in Light’s Regions who are conscious of being one with the Logos, the creative world. Expanding States of Self-awareness p. 121.See Also Logos.

Logoic state Becoming a conscious Logos. Teacher’s Guide (Vol 2) p.34. See Logoi.

Logos Greek: For this power which controls and directs and organizes the field (individual). Teacher’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 12. The Greater Self -- a Universalized State in which all personalities disappear. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 11. The creative world Expanding States of Self-awareness p.121.

The differentiated intelligence. Ibid p. 124. The Reason (Plato),"The Reason" for anything. Cosmology p. 101. One ("Only Begotten") Consciousness, i.e., the reason for every subsequent event in space/time. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.19. It is the reason, the causative factor for eventuations or manifestation. Practice of the Way p. 18. Union of the positive and negative on a macrocosmic scale produces the Son, the Logos the great incomprehensible Father-Mother of us all. The Release of the Fire in the Heart of the Atom p.2. Power-to-be-Conscious, Logos, Demiurgos, to use three labels for that which is emerging out of the Mater of the Cosmic Process. Membership Letters (II) p. 3. See Also Demi Urgos, God, Only Begotten, Real Self, Sa-Guna Brahma.

Love (Ray) The third primary of the seven rays of development. The Seven Rays of Development p. 8. In color, a delicate pastel pink to a crimson; never scarlet, mahogany or magenta. In the aura, the guna indicates one whose heart is full of love and bubbling over with it. Ibid p. 10. This primary Love ray that flows out from the Central Sun of all existences, the Logos, when contacted, creates a powerful motivating force, urge to give without any thought of what one is going to get, even when he gets it in the neck. Ibid p. 11. Represents the highest power and influence in cosmos, Binah, Aditi, the negative force as a cosmic force that has no consciousness of any individual. It is impersonal, universal. That phase of the universal power which rays out like the sun shining on all, irrespective of persons, good, bad and indifferent. It just shines by its nature. It is the creating nature of the cosmic process itself. Love becomes a synonym for the word God. What Plato called the Good. Studies in Psychotherapy p.107. That force cannot be released until that force reaches and opens the Heart center (Anahata), then you are compelled, motivated by the urge to give. Practice of the Way p. 75.

Love is the power of the Spirit, the grace of God. Bible Lessons p. 11. Agape: represents the higher, purified and refined meaning of the influence of Eros. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 35. Love is another word for the binding power. The Seven Initiations p. 5. Love is that force - impersonal, universal - that is the organ of communication between the mortals and the Immortals. A Description of the Psychic World p. 65. It is a motivating influence from the Heights that we call Light’s Regions. This is our referent for the word - Love - Agape. Ibid p. 98. See Also Aditi, Agape, Binah, Eros, God.

Love-security motive Out of that evolutionary process is coming a higher motive, the one which will usher in the New Cycle, characterize the New Age. That is the Love-security motive. Studies in Psychotherapy p.107.

Lower Buddhi Rationality. The ability to recognize the relationship of that which is known with that which is at present perceived. It is developed when one develops an avid hunger to know, to learn. The Seven Rays of Development p. 15.

Lower psyche The South half, the personality pattern, the psychic nature. Developed out of ‘objective’ identification of consciousness; that is, by thinking of these dynamic processes as ‘things’ and ‘objects’; thingifying this dynamic world. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 11. The animal soul, entities of darkness, configurated genetrix forces. The First Crossing p. 81. That which is reflected constitutes the content of the psychic nature. This "content" is called the person, the personality pattern, the person in sense life, the little self in separation from his Greater Self, the intrinsic Power-to-be-conscious, etc. What is reflected are feeling-images, desire-forms, thought-pictures, etc., and influences, wave frequencies, entities, etc., derived from others en rapport, including the race psyche. Ibid p. 87. The animal soul, at its purest and best, is the house of the natural instincts, feelings and desires. Ibid p. 88. The elemental self or vital forces. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.79. Developed from the age of 7 to 14 years on the average. Practices in Individual Development p.70. See Also Lunar Cycle.

Lunar cycle, the The higher/lower psyche, the level below the Higher Self which is described as a reflection of the Light Worlds. Other labels are: personality pattern, the personality per se, the psychic nature. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 19. The energy world. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.100. Constitute the five lower centers (Sacral, Generative, Solar, Heart and throat centers) Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 62. See Also Energy world, Personality pattern, Psychic nature, Reflected light, Unconscious.

Lunar sign A state of development characterized by consciousness integrated in the World Mother. Consciousness is still identified with the basic, fundamental substance of the psychic nature. The symbol of the moon shining only by reflected light Studies in Psychotherapy p. 70-71.

Magi/Masdeans The old Masdeans or Magi (the modern Parsis/Persians). Membership Letters (I) p. 2.

Magnetic Field Described like the poles of a common magnet and the lines of force flowing between the positive and negative pole. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 2) p. 23. See Also Field.

Mahachohans Sanskrit: The highest ones, the Archetypal Gods, the highest Lords of the Flame. The Seven Initiations p. 82. See Also The Christos.

Mahamanvantara The most comprehensive cosmic galactic creative process. The prefix maha - means exceedingly large, great. Manvantara = The beginning of a galaxy is the beginning of the creative process. The Seven Initiations p. 3. A day and night of Brahma, the great cycle of manifestation. Bible Lessons p. 3.

Malkuth The configuration, the man ray from the Central Sun. What is configurated is our objective self-conscious state: sensations, feelings, desirings, lovings, thinkings. The First Crossing p. 52. Malkuth represents the turning point, the reconversion where the descending process undergoes a conversion or reverses and begins the unfolding process. The conversion state, the configuration represents a turning point. Ibid p. 68. We borrow that word from the esoteric teachings of the Rabbis called the Quaballah (Kaballah) because we do not have an English word that we can use. The farthest point out is called Malkuth. It is also the point of return. Membership Letters (V) p.7. See Also Configuration, Quaballah.

Man Means the objective self-conscious state conditioned in sense. Cosmology p. 73. The fourth and lowest configuration which is also Malkuth, but this time the fourth outpouring of force from The Central Sun of all Existences is called Man. The First Crossing p. 51.

The epitomization of the cosmic process, in his awakening to Self-awareness portrays its every phase. Ibid p. 83. In terms of the lower psyche, under the genetrix, also called the animal soul, the term man here means manas -- mind. This lower psyche or animal soul and its "constituents" is called the depths of the unconscious by the aristotelian psychologists. Ibid p. 88. When the Power-to-be-conscious sufficiently emerges from the Mother substance to become objectively Self-conscious. Ibid p. 101. Described as an objective self-conscious state of the Power-to-be-conscious or as the objective state of Consciousness. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.19. The whole aeonian past is condensed and repeated so that between birth and seven years of age of the body in that dynamic configurational process the whole evolution of the animal world is repeated up to the stature and representation of the state called man. Practices in Individual Development p.70. Man, the microcosm, is the center of the macrocosm. In himself he epitomizes the universe, and through the understanding of himself he gains understanding of the great mysteries of solar systems, of cosmic law, of universal life. Bible Lessons p. 79. See Also Malkuth, Objective self-conscious state.

Manas The actuating principle of the chittakasa, is sometimes referred to as the fifth principle. This is with respect to states which are described as "five modifications of the internal organ"; 1) physical, 2) etheric, 3) emotional-psychic or thalamic, 4) mental-psychic or cortical, 5) manas or Mind. The Natural Order Process (Vol II) p.36. See Also Fifth principle, Man, Mind.

Manifold of values Symbolized by the dragon. Teacher’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 4. Developed out of identity of consciousness with the physical ‘body’, man the creator of the values. Ibid p. 14. The identification of the image with the configuration, with that from which the original frequency was received, is the origin and cause of the development of the objective manifold of values. Practice of the Way p. 33. See Objective manifold of values, Value giving.

Manvantara See Mahamanvantara.

Mars in Scorpio Symbolizes the opening of the solar center. Teacher’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 24. Mars is the symbol for the god of war; Scorpio, the only zootype or totemic symbol which kills itself; the scorpion stinging itself to death. Those personalized and unregenerated forces, which the psycho-dynamism did not eliminate but only controlled, now have to be eliminated. " the axe laid at the root of every plant or tree not planted by my Father" (structure-function-order of the Cosmic process). The Christos p. 122. See also Force centers, Four somatic divisions, Solar center.

Master, The Three in one Self, the conscious representation of these three. Symbolized by Aum: The Father principle (Spirit, unconscious and unknown, unknowable), The Mother substance (unconscious and inactive except in contact with the Father) both become conscious as the Son (Self-consciousness). Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.72. See also Aum.

Master-self Conscious-individualized-Self The Natural Order Process (Vol II) p.27. Self, individualized as the Power with which your are conscious, is named the Seer and the Master. The autonomous field. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.79. The differentiated field constituting the true individuality; a synonym for the word "God." Teacher’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 50. See Also Autonomous field, God, True Self.

Masters The term reserved for the Atmic level, Atman. Not until one is completely in control of the physiological organism can he be designated a master. Teacher’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 25. See Also Atman.

Mastership Represents the next stage in what is called individual development or evolution of the race. The Natural Order Process (Vol II) p.2.

Mater, the The World Mother, the matter, the Genetrix; under which the psychic world functions and is a part of. How to Discipline the Psyche p.18.Mother Substance. Understanding the Psychic Nature (Lesson 7) p.2. Mother--mater, the ‘outer garment’ of the World Mother: mass, or configurated units of light-energy. The First Crossing p. 12. Substance is a label we use to describe the Mother, Mater or Na-ture. That which gives birth. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 97. See Also Genetrix, Mother, Mother Substance, World Mother.

Material The word given to the image which is a ghost, a dream picture. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 111.

Matter. It has no validity any longer, no more referent for it. It is now a symbol for phenomena: any appearance, mirage, shadow, image, or picture, or some ‘thing’ that transpires in appearance only. Teacher’s Guide (Vol 2) p.51. See Dynamic Process, Mater.

Mattergy Cytoplasm, colloidal and molecular structures, cellular structures (World-Mother, The Genetrix. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 1.Nature, energy-living-matter as substance describable by its wave and frequency. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 28. Energy substance, by analogy, electricity. Ibid p. 69.

A universal substance out of which everything is made. (A term coined from a review of a book in the Saturday Review of Literature. The Christos p. 57

Maya An anglicized Sanskrit term meaning "illusion", "deception," "unreality," etc. A state of identity with image-appearing-substantive in the psychic-nature, plus evaluations developed therefrom. The Veil of Maya p. 31.

The pictures, in whole and in part, existing in consciousness and on the psychic-level, are representative of the objective self-conscious state; this state and its representations, in the awakening process, is called the maya, the not-self, the unreal, the ignorance, etc. Cosmology p. 12. Pseudo reality (Mayaistic veil). The First Crossing p. 11. The Ignorance (the Buddha), "The lie, and the Father of all subsequent lies." from the New Testament. Ibid p. 58. This thingifying--due to inability of neural sense functions to register separate stimuli from each unit of energy of a given configuration--is described as psychic images appearing substantive. Ibid p. 103. The abstracted private world, the mentalized thingifying on the concept level about the three fundamental levels (the fundamental reality) The Practice of the Way p.23. Samsara (Buddhist), The Great Illusion (Seers of all times). The Christos p. 204. See Also the Dance of Lila.

Mazda Light, the Light forces labeled by Zarathustra as opposed to the Dark, Arithman. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 55. See Zoroastrian.

Mechanism of the Myth In the psychic-nature, by the psycho-dynamism working on its mental level, though the Mechanism of the Myth. A thinging on the mental level; energy is converted into living-matter and configurated into "The New Man," for "the old man shall be put off and The New Man shall be put on." The Christos p. 104.

Meditation Can be described as a methodology, a process of reaching or contacting that Power (the fundamental motivating power of our being). That process, must follow the natural order (structure - function - order of Cosmos or the universe), or it will not work at all. (Analogy of the storm cloud and lightening.) The energy used in generation is offered up to the Power which one is conscious. The conscious direction of generative energy and surrender of it is the positive attitude. Release, renounce, let go. This process completes the circuit and the fire descends — then, Light. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 39-42.

Meditative attitude Here is the way we (SNO) meditate, the way we practice co-operation with the Natural Order Process. We sit relaxed, hands resting on our thighs, palms up; the spine is held straight to allow the forces to flow freely. We focus attention upon one or the other of the psychic centers, wherever we happen to be in our ongoing. You function with this energy on the level upon which you want to function.

With attention focused upon the psychic centers, begin to breathe deeply. Gradually breathe air into your lungs until they are full — a full breath. Keeping your focus on one center, breathe air into your lungs while you visualize, imagine, realize you are charging the battery, you’re taking in energy. So we convert oxygen into fire by the breathing process. You are understandingly co-operating with the process now. Exhale slowly and gradually, and as you exhale feel that this center (Heart), is like a powerful searchlight that is shining in all directions, and that shining is breathing out love to all creation. Breathe it out to everything — not just someone.

Hold your focus as you do this. Gradually we bring the force up until we focus at the crown. The focusing at the crown awakens the power in the sacral center and the greater One awakens and comes in and turns you over into the Mind Level, into the Supernal Light. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 52-54. The object of this meditation practice is to get the pranic force to the crown center. Ibid p. 63.

Metaphysics If metaphysics means the study of something behind, or other than this world, then there can be no metaphysics. The creative process is characterized by polarity. Metaphysics can be characterized as any departure from the basic, creative process in polarity. Expanding States of Self-awareness p. 112.With the disappearance of any and all bases, grounds, etc., for a thingified or objectified concept of this world, there also evaporated all grounds for metaphysics. The First Crossing p. 105. This world is in reality a dynamic world, composed of units of energy configurating in a multiplicity of representations of states of consciousness on the part of a Power-to-be-conscious. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 33. There is no materiality upon which we can base something ‘other than.’ Studies in Psychotherapy p.111.

Mental Body See Arupa body

Mental, the Mental functions pertain to the highest level of the psychic nature. The goal of the end of the evolutionary process will be characterized by the use of the mental functions to formulate mental constructs perfect and true to the natural order of the cosmic process. Practice of the Way p. 45. The higher psychic nature which is characterized by conceptual thinking, the development of concepts, the accumulation of information about images appearing substantive, etc. It is linked to the lower psychic nature by the psycho-logical functions. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 2) p. 5. The objectification of the frequency on the mental level is idea, concept. Ibid p. 23. See Also Concept, Four levels of functioning, Higher psychic nature, Personality pattern.

Metamorphosis The transfigurating process--the reconversion of living-matter into energy and energy into light. Studies in Psychotherapy p.11. See Transfigurating process.

Microcosm Sometimes called the Master-self and in its structure-function-order epitomizes the whole structure of the universe. On the Mind-level of the Master-self, and in structure-function-order, we witness a miniature reproduction of the macrocosm. The Natural Order Process (Vol II) p.37.

Mind Level FORTY-FIRST SUTRA: When perturbations of the psychic-nature have been stilled, by directing its forces to the Mind-level, then consciousness in Mind-substance (like a pure crystal takes the color of that upon which it rests) assumes the characteristics of that with which it becomes identified, whether that be the perceiver, the activity of perceiving, or that perceived. The Natural Order Process (Vol II)

Today we find the consciousness of the average man immersed in identity with the activities of his psychic-nature; i.e., consciousness has been centered in the psychic-nature, called the psycho-logical self. In the traditional Wisdom Teaching, the psychic-nature has been likened to a looking-glass wherein are mirrored 'things' seen by the physical eyes, heard by the physical ears, etc.; and the forces whereby this is done are 'reflected' from the Mind-level of the real Self or individualized field.  The Natural Order Process (Vol II)

Mental activities can be steadied, not by conscious exercise of human will, but by directing forces from the psychic-nature to the head centers. As facility in concentration develops or is gained, mental activities become quiet. Concentration in this respect means creating a steady flow of force through the head centers to the Mind-level. The Natural Order Process (Vol II)


Imagine a reflector so highly burnished that it reflects the slightest light. In such a manner the psychic light reflects the lowest level of Light’s Regions. The pure psychic light is very difficult to differentiate from the lowest level of Light’s Regions, the Mind level. It is only after one has developed the faculties of Mind level that he can know the difference between psychic light and the Mind level. To be unable to tell the difference between the reflection and that reflected is a common mistake and will be experienced many times.  Functional Activities

This Be-ing on the Mind Level, called Atman by students of the Vedas, can also be called the real Ego, "I AM THAT I AM"; which means, of course, that intrinsic I AM, that indestructible Self.  First Crossing

There is no way to avoid developing awareness of the various grades of the lower psychic-nature except remaining sound asleep. In order to make the Second Crossing over into the Noetic-Mind level, one must wake up from the sleep-walker state; as one awakens he first dreams before becoming fully awake. To know that the dreams belong to the psychic-nature, and on its lower levels, is to cross over this period with the minimum of delusional evaluation and therefore confusion. But to mistake the dream pictures for reality leads into a labyrinthian maze of stumbling and groping.  Tree Of Life

All of our feelings, human love, thinking--these are the activities of the psyche. When this has been accomplished, and its accomplishment is not a formidable thing, we can get our forces up and out. Then one starts to activate the sacral center--the positive pole of the three-story house, of the pneumatic ovum, the cosmic egg, that is, of the individualized field on Mind level. This is the positive pole of that field, and the power which is latent in or comes through that center, will be awakened. That power is Shakti. That power, fire, represents all that we mean by Will.  7 Rays Of Development

Mind Self Noetic Self; relative to our concept of a lower self. The level of the Higher Self which is the next lower level from the Greater Self. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 11. In the analogy of the nut: The Mind-Self is the meat of the nut. The Mind substance differentiates in every individual finishing his trinity or his triad or his triune nature, his triune-self. The Mind-Self is motivated by a yet higher frequency, shorter wave or higher octave of the universal, of the Cosmic substance, labeled the Christos. The Christos p. 80. See Also Christos, Higher Self, Noetic Self, Real Self.

Mind Substance Chitta. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 79.

Mind or Mind-substance means Light, the Light worlds, Light’s Regions. A Description of the Psychic World p.79. Characterized by a differentiating process. It differentiates itself. Practice of the Way p. 79 See Also Chittakasa, Monism (Qualified).

Mitosis The morphology of cellular divisions. A microcosmic aspect of a Great Day of Brahman, the first movement after the interphase is a dichotomy of the centrosomes; these centrosomes when divided are like the two poles of a magnet. These observable poles, together with the lines of force between, are configurated representations of the electromagnetic field which governs and determines cellular structure. There is a power exerted, not only upon the cytoplasmic mass of the cell, but upon the colloidal constituents thereof; for this power exerted through the centrosomes gives us the Source of the Cause for the structure, function and operation called mitosis. Cosmology p. 74. That dichotomy of the centrosome in the mitotic process exemplifies events in the Mind-Self previous to the birth of the Christos. The Christos p. 84.

Molecular renewal Every molecule of the organism is renewed every three years. It can happen in an instant when your power to be conscious is conscious on such a dynamic level that your configuration can be altered and changed instantly. Studies in Psychotherapy p.148.

Monad, the "The Master-self," when a state of synthesis or oneness of Individualized-self with the Logos (Universalized-self) is reached or effected. The Natural Order Process (Vol II) p. 94. The Individualized Self, or Son is composed of and is born of the positive Power and the negative, creating force or Substance, and we describe those two principles with two triangles. The triangle with the apex pointing up is the positive, and the triangle with the apex pointing down is the negative principle. This all represents an operation of consciousness; it is all within a dimensionless plane of Self-awareness and cannot be diagramed, cannot be described in words. Bible Lessons p. 97 See Also God, Individualized Self, Master-Self, Son.

Money The nearest referent is faith. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 120.

Monism A concept of oriental teaching necessitating the abandoning of everything to absolute oneness, for all else is maya and illusion. The SNO teaching does not believe in doing this. Practice of the Way p. 40. Absolute monism takes the stand that there is no differentiation in the cosmic substance, none at all, that differentiation only represents our way of looking upon the cosmic process and is not related to the cosmic process; therefore the differentiating process constitutes the maya. Ibid p. 79. See Also Monism, qualified.

Monism, Qualified A differentiating process in cosmic substance. To us (SNO) the differentiating process is not a maya but is an actuality, and can be described in terms of an expanding and contracting universe. We find that there is differentiating, individualizing process at the root, at the heart, at the core of everything which we can consider. Practice of the Way p. 79.

We set ourselves off from the monistic tradition as well as the dualistic tradition. We recognize the integrity of the individual, and we highlight the process of individualizing, we automatically establish a new category: qualified monism. Expanding States of Self-awareness p. 29. We never forget the need for cooperation with the Mother. We want to be fully conscious but master of the vehicle which represents that state of consciousness. We work to be master of qualities represented in the Mother Substance. We want to work with all the vehicles of Mother Substance available in the individualizing process. We want to cooperate with the process whereby the Mater becomes pure Light. Understanding the Psychic Nature (Lesson 7) p. 6.

Morality Man-made codes, standards of deportment. That which has grown and developed in different groups at different times to facilitate organized society, functional deportment in our relationships, one with another. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 118.

Mother Mater.... can be described as energy metamorphosed into cytoplasm, protoplasm, cellular structures, and living organisms. (Plasm is a word signifying form building. The configuration itself is composed of plasms, form builders. All that is included in our referent.) Expanding States of Self-awareness p. 109. The activation of the Mother substance is called light-energy wave lengths and frequencies in a magnetic field. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.72.Described as the metamorphosis of light into energy, energy into etheric matter, etheric matter into living-matter. The First Crossing p. 83. That which gives birth, that which brings out, that which manifests, that which creates, that which configurates; so, the configurating process we will label the birth, that which gives birth, nature. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 50. See Also Mater, Nature

Mother Substance For the Light aspect of the Mother, metamorphosed into energy, for a referent think of electricity, like a welding torch. The First Crossing p. 86. Nature--the negative principle. Ibid p. 102. The differentiated electro-magnetic field ... is That which motivates all action. The act of being conscious and the representation thereof, on any and all levels, is due to the differentiating process of Mother Substance. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.92. I am using the word darkness as a synonym for the Mother Substance before the Son is born; there is stygian darkness. Membership Letters (V) p. 5. See Also Mother.

Motion Time. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 55. A conversion of the inertial state into the dynamic, expanding, extensional, etc. Movement of consciousness. Ibid (Vol 4), p. 50. See Also Time.

Motivating Process of creativity 1) Holding the force of desire on the psychic level. 2) a) Be very careful what you select and b) be very obdurate. 3) Keep secret your desire; don’t talk about it. 4) Stimulate great enthusiasm, eager anticipation; just burst with eagerness but keep it repressed. 5) Configuration begins to take place and you stand and witness it as you create. The key is the conscious utilization of power called desire. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 2) p. 36.

Motivating principle (Force) Is labeled desire, and desire in the psychic nature is that which becomes the force in the creating process. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 2) p. 34. The accumulated forces of elemental substances — instincts, feelings, desires, emotions, thinkings, etc.,—derives form the individuals’ experiences back to the basic race oversoul and its inherent instincts. Practice of the Way p. 100. See Also Creative force, Desire, Personality pattern, Psychic nature.

Motivating world The level of the motivational forces in the psychic nature. Practice of the Way p. 67. Man is motivated from three regions: 1) Light’s Regions (Logoic Bright Beings, Demi-Gods, Mind and Idea, and the Angels of Light. 2) The Genetrix ( Intellectual creations, Love, home, companionship, Preservation of the species, The Builders/Cultivation of the Soil.) And 3) The Region of Hell ( Perverse creations of Man, Elementaries, Entities, and Devils). Practices in Individual Development p. 30.

Mountain A biblical symbol meaning that a master’s spiritual consciousness was intensified and expanded on high. Also symbolized a heightened state of the Christed consciousness. Bible Lessons p. 47. See Also Christ Consciousness.

Movement See Motion.

Mukta Sanskrit. Emancipation, deliverance from the world of value-giving; transvaluation of values. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 15.See Also Deliverance, Emancipation.

Music of the Spheres A poetical expression describing the ‘inner’ hearing of the sound currents. After a night’s sleep in returning from the higher spheres, the "music" is very strong and clear. It is a description left over in the race consciousness from some factual reality experienced by the Pythagoreans. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 71. See Also Pythagoreans.

Mystical Marriage The uniting of the reflected will with love forces in the psychic nature. The Occidental often follows this blended way to the exclusion of the way of pure devotion or the way of pure will. The Natural Order Process (Vol II) p. 120.