Earth The basic elemental force. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 120. Earth is the symbol for Nature’s formative forces. The Christos p. 18. The earth symbolizes the configurational aspect of man, a dynamic process. The Seven Initiations p.32. See Also Elemental forces, Nature’s Formative Forces.

Ego/ego Ego is a synonym for Monad. This egocentralizing force, sense, or tendency in the consciousness becomes the ego. Bible Lessons p. 99. (e)go is that sense of I-am-I-ness. Studies in Psychotherapy p.31. That sense of self identity withn the frame of reference of identification of images appearing substantive. Ibid p. 47. The personality is only an abstraction from points of reference within the race psyche, oversoul or group field. Intensify that abstraction until the I-am-I sense that we label ego is developed. Ibid p.115.

The personality pattern that has now become formed. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 2) p.5. The sense of personality is due to a focalization in consciousness of a number of frequency relationships; that is, wave-frequency contacts -- rapports, desires, communal interests, love attractions, etc. The First Crossing p. 8. Consciousness of I-am-I-ness The Christos p. 93. The ego is a pseudo-individual, not a true individual, it is a reflected individual. Ibid p. 111. See Also Monad, Personality Pattern.

Egocentric The motivating urge in the pursuit of profit, pleasure in extended sense gratifications, etc. The First Crossing p. 24.

Egoism / Egotism Egoism is the quality of consciousness to become self-centered, a little self, a personal self, or the self that means the person, persona, the mask that we put on in the drama of life. In the early stages (of development), the mental processes accentuate ego centralization, egocentrism, egoism. Egotism is a lable symbolizing ignorance. It is a defense mechanism to cover up a lack. Practice of the Way p.55.

Einsteinian Age The most significant change in cultural thinking when the dramatic effects and considerations of the atomic bomb have passed away and we are more familiar with atomic power in commerce and trade, in the motive power of our facilities, the light and heating of the homes, propulsion, etc. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 2) p.50 .

Electromagnetic field Consists of three factors: a positive pole, a negative pole and the lines of force between the poles. This is the basic structure of the universe. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 9. It is not possible to treat the electromagnetic field as separate from matter. Ibid (Vol 4) p.1. The positive and negative poles are labeled the basic unity. Ibid p.12. The lines of force describe a pattern. Upon the pattern of the flowing lines of force (the pattern of the field) between the positive and the negative pole, energy emerges. Studies in Psychotherapy p.149.

Elemental field The motivating force, energy, by which the elementalistic person functions. Studies in Psychotherapy p.28.

Elemental forces Spirits, autonomous fields. Formerly symbolized as: Salamanders (fire spirits), Sylphs (air spirits), Undines (water spirits), Pixies & Gnomes (Earth spirits) These describe resonant qualities of wave-frequencies. Practice of the Way p.64. See Also Spirits.

Elemental formative forces See Instincts

Electron Symbol for all emergent quanta respecting energy, a single electron is a quantum of energy. (A particle of negative charge) Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 40.

Elemental self A composite of desire - and thought-forms developed out of identifications with objects of sense and representing a synthesis of forces diverted from the (potential) Master-self. The Natural Order Process (Vol 2) p.11. "Bundle" of delusional evaluations and self-created semantic reactions born of identiy with sense faculties and ‘objects’, comprehending also the formative forces by which they are motivated. Ibid p. 33. See Also Psychic nature.

Elohim Logos is another term. The Greeks called that Only Begotten Son "Logos" and if we understood resonance to its ultimate, intrinsic nature, then we could substitute the label "Word" for Logos. "In the beginning was the Word." Membership Letters (V) p. 2. See Also Logos.

Emancipation The pivotal point, deliverance, Mukta (Sanskrit); transvaluation of values, non-identity. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 15. See Also Mukta.

Emergent energy Whirls on the lines of force on the pattern of a field which flow from the negative to the positive pole. A part of the configurationa process. Studies in Psychotherapy p.7. See Also Configuration, Configurating process.

Emergent process The emergence of the Power-to-be-conscious from the inconscient Mother substance. The First Crossing p. 99.

En Rapport (French) A relationship between individualized fields that is so close that it can be seen as well as felt. It is a blending of auras, the blending of vibrations, the blending and synchronization of frequencies. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 40.

Engram From Dianetics (Scientology) ... The ability of cells of an organism - within a very narrow range of frequencies - to receive and retain effects of stimuli. The basis of psychometry (registration upon consciousness at the cellular level.) The Christos p. 174. See Also Psychometry

Energy A unit of energy is called an electron. Healing Technic p.11. ‘Matter’. Every ‘thing’ that you can point to is called energy, ‘thing’ represents energy in configuration; a dynamic energy-process. The Natural Order Process (Vol 1) p. 18. That which Heraclitus called primary substance or fire is now labeled energy. Ibid p. 146. Energy is characterized by gunas or qualities, and we have three primary gunas or qualities; these represent the kinds, the characteristic types of ‘matter’ with whch the psychic nature is built. Energy is built upon the lines of force of the field. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 2) p. 26 - 32.

Energy world The lunar cycle; the development of the lower psyche and the higher psyche is called the lunar cycle because we operate in the reflected light only. Before the Second Crossing into the Real Light. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 100. What we call this world is an energy world, a dynamic process. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 2) p. 47. The energy world level is designated as the configurational representation. Practice of the Way p. 26 . See Also Dynamic process, Gunas, Lunar Cycle, Reflected light.

Environment Context of situation. A person is motivated by forces and energies according to his background, context of situation. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 29. The non-aristotelian attitude is always in terms of fields, in terms of qualities, gunas of the field respecting both hereditary and environment; the qualities of the physiological organism, or/and the field which is called environment. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 33. A frequency field considered from the energy-world level; environmental surround and what elicits and quickens one’s latent potentials, abilities and forces. Practice of the Way p. 19. See Also Context of situation.

Epistemology Word knowing. Lower manas, accumulation of ‘facts’ pertaining to that under investigation, concepts derived from obeservation, etc., but not necessarily kowing anything about the essence, the creative life-forces, oneness in an overall organism-as-a-whole process of emergence out of the nescience into the Light. The Seven Rays of Development p. 15. Epistemological knowledge is based upon manufacturing concepts about that which has been received via light-energy frequency registration. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 115.

Epoptai / Epopté The stage of development in which we have arrived at the cleared spot in the North Half (of the psychic nature); those with their eyes open. Everything we are conscious of this state is characterized by union. We recognize the Power-to-be-conscious in everything we experience. But at the same time we feel the presence of the Mother. The Power and the Mother are united in our awareness. We are recognizing the fusion of the positive power and the negative substance and functioning in the awareness of it. Expanding States of Self-awareness p.111. Having one’s eyes open; clearly grasping this world as a dynamic configurational representation of Reality, and the phenomenal aspect as thingified images in the psychic nature. The First Crossing p. 100.

Equilibrium The power of balance, a cosmic force. The power of equilibrium unifies and develops order in generation. Practice of the Way p. 62.

Eros Love with more of a sexual conotation. How to Discipline your Psyche p.35 (p. 31 New Ed.). See Also Agape/Love.

Essential Self Described as a differentiating process in the Light Mother. Practice of the Way p. 70.

Eternal Quest, The The search for "something beyond" all of that of which one is conscious. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 9.

Eternity The absence of time. Expanding States of Self-awareness p.30.

Ethereans A vast range, orders upon orders, from nature spirits through to the devas or Angelic Hosts. The First Crossing p.76. There are hosts of those in the process of becoming conscious of the self, of their individualized Be-ing in living matter. We label those etherians the heaven-born ones, and a very few of them cross over and take incarnation as earth﷓born but there are hosts and hosts of them that never cross over. They're called the angels or the devas and their configuration which we call the malkuth --their furtherest out before their return in our up is the etheric substance. Fire in the Heart of the Atom p.1. See Also Angels, Devas, Heaven Born Ones.

Etheric structure See Vital Dynamism

Etheric world The colloidal field, between the molecular and cellular structures, the ‘gate-way’ into the psychic world. (Etheric is a word without a referent, an old aristotelian term.) Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p.27.

Etheric substance Etheric substance is the link between the energy world and configurating teleplasm; it reflects the patterns, archetypes from the energy world into the form-building, plasmic state. An ensemble of reflected patterns, it transmits images from the energy world to the form-building world (psychic nature). Expanding States of Self-awareness p. 53. Etheric substance condenses, so to speak; it configurates into what is called teloplasm or ectoplasm, then protoplasm and cytoplasm, the substance of cellular structures. A Description of the Psychic World p. 23. It is the carrier and reflector of gunas in the psychic nature. As carrier of the guna energy-waves, organic functional processes on the physiologicl level are affected, harmoniously or disturbingly. As reflector, etheric substance mirrors psychic radiations of other persons, environmental vibrations, group and race psyche influences, etc. The First Crossing p. 81. Electronics, sonics, radio, radar, electromagnetic field physics, energy-waves and frequencies, etc. ibid p. 84. Vital dynamism, the vital principal; a segment of the metamorphosing process of light into energy, energy into living-matter, the segment of Mother substance which lies between the energy world and teloplasm, protoplasm, living-matter. Practices in Individual Development p. 13.

Ethnological field The race psyche, a given race consciousness: e.g. German, Italian, etc. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 151. See Also Race psyche.

Events Dynamic processes. In our course of development we will begin to perceive living in a dynamic energy world, peopled with dynamic processes (called events). The First Crossing p.101.

Evil Evil is expressing a degree of naturalness that one has outgrown. The Natural Order Process (Vol 2) p.39. Evolutionary process described as expanding awareness, a process of synthesis of experience. Practice of the Way p. 91. The end of which will be characterized by the use of the mental functions to formulate mental constructs perfect and true to the natural order of the cosmic process. Ibid p.45. Growth and development of the whole race. The Christos p. 55. The transfiguration process in the ascending phase. Ibid p. 90. The expanding process of successive states of Self-awareness. The goal is formlessness, or freedom from the ‘objective’, as well as other tangible manifestations and identification therewith. The Natural Order Process (Vol 2) p.94. See Also Cosmic process, Expanding Awareness.

Existence To stand out; is all representation of the state in which the Power is becoming conscious. A Description of the Psychic World p. 54.

Expanding Awareness See Evolutionary process.

Expurgation The casting out of those forces and energies which cannot be used in the individualizing process or in the building of the new solar vesture. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 36. See Also Psychic Nature.

Extensional The referent for non-dogmatic, non-opinionated, non-critical attitude, charitableness and compassionateness. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 22.

Faith "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Our sense of the essential rightness of all that is the result of an inner knowledge, though that knowledge may not yet be a realization perceptible to our mental faculties. Bible Lessons p. 63.

Father in Heaven Another term for the "Only Begotten" or Logos. See Also Individualizing process, Logos.

Father Principle The forces, energies, etc., of the cosmic sphere, called God, cannot be known except as, by or in the substance of the solar sphere; i.e., the Father can be known only by the activity - waves and frequencies - of the Mother. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.72. See Also Brahma, Cosmic Field, God.

Field(s) Where consciousness functions in a substance differentiated from other substances. Substance = anything that represents light or the substance in which the wave and frequency called light operates down to living matter, cytoplasm, ectoplasm, etheric substance -- living matter. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 123. Each field has its positive and negative poles or charge with a flow of forces in between. Upon the lines of force, the pattern of the field, energy emerges. Ibid p. 149. The essential nature of any given field and therefore of every field, is characterized by that which we label consciousness-light-energy ... the sentient nature. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 27. See Also Consciousness-light-energy.

Fifth principle/precept Manas, the actuating principle of the chittakasa. The Natural Order Process (Vol 2) p.36. Fifth precept: Meditatively study analogical representations of the world of reality. Practice of the Way p. 21.

Fire Symbolic of the dynamism of the autonomous field. The First Crossing p. 66. Symbolic of frequency, activity and life-giving force, or Nature’s formative forces. The Christos p. 21. See Also Nature’s formative forces.

First Atom, The Hydrogen: One electron, one proton -- exemplifies the original and primal dichotomy, Chokmah-Binah, Purusha-Prakriti, Or Father-Mother God. The First Crossing p. 67.

First Crossing, The The first thing that signalizes one making the First Crossing is to find and uncover, or discover, the motivating forces which activate, motivate everything experienced, so-called without and so-called within. The First Crossing p. 39. He just wakes up and discovers that he is motivated by al sorts of influences, even elemental substances, nature’s formative forces, the earth? He becomes conscious of the frequency by which he is motivated. Ibid. p. 75.

So that which represents what we label the First Crossing is not only to come out from the ‘objective world’ -- the nether world, limited to sense registry, formulated images appearing substantive and values given thereto--but also to come out from giving value to any formulated image whether it appears substantive or not. That is we abandon psychic phenomena completely. ibid p. 94. We are going to treat the lower and higher psychic world in the form of grosser energy (Longer wave and less number of frequencies per unit of time) converted into finer forms of energy, but all the time oriented to the energy and its guna until the psyche can be clarified of all lower guna quality and is so clear that it can reflect the Mind, the Power of the Christos, the Eye, the All-Seeing I. Ibid p. 97. Accomplishing this at-one-ness ibid p. 101. That dawning culminating in consciousness signalizes the First Crossing, e.g. the third and fourth levels of abstracting. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 39. The movement of consciousness from its peripheral state to its Self sans state. Ibid (Vol 4) p. 69. The point where we cross over from the mentalized, private world into the Real World. Practice of the Way p. 91.

First Precept Grant freedom to each and claim freedom for yourself. Granting freedom means letting go and surrendering which is a force, a faculty, an aptitude which one has to cultivate until he can let everyone go. Granting freedom to each and everyone with whom we are in association. Practice of the Way p. 2.

Force Centers That which determines the level upon which one functions, whether or not the instincts, feelings, desires, emotions, or thinkings function, is the degree of force released from the five force centers in the structure of the psychic nature. Objectively speaking there are five: the genital center, solar center, heart center, throat center and the center in the middle of the forehead - the pituitary center. Those five pertain to the psychic nature. The centers at the base of the spine and the crown of the head pertain to the differentiated field in Light’s substance and do not pertain to the psychic nature at all. Practice of the Way p.73. There are twelve of these Seals or centers through which, when completely developed and organized, the controlling sun-like God or Luminous Self exercises directives to the many other force centers - 144,000 in all. When the Gnosis(Knowledge) was hidden and given only in allegory, parable, symbolical representation, etc., these were called 12 disciples, apostles; described as the 12 labors of Hercules; 12 astrological divisions; 12 tribes of Israel, etc. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.31. In meditation, one starts with focusing his energy in the genital center(Adhishthana) or where he can sense his energy residing and begin to focus attention a short distance above that center until he can sense the energy flowing to the next center, e.g. the Solar(Manipuraka) center, then in the same fashion, moving upward to the Heart(Anahata), Throat(Vishuddi or Pharyngeal) center, the head centers(Ajna or Cavernous, Pituitary), and the top of the head(Sahasrara or Conarial), and beyond, at that point, the energy may descend swiftly to the base of the spine(Muladhara or Sacral); thus awakening the kundalini force which opens all the centers. Membership Letters (III) p. 5.

Focalizations of the seven major streams of the World-mother are represented by the seven chakras, seals or force-centers. See chart on page 59 The Natural Order Process (Vol 2). See Chakras.

Force, motivational The force with which a given person is motivated does not originate within that person. It originates in that in which he is integrated on the frequency side. He is motivated by forces and energies according to his background, to the context of situation (‘environment’). Studies in Psychotherapy p. 29. See Also Context of situation.

Force of Darkness The obscuration by excessive cultivation of the feeling-images, desire-forms, thought-pictures, etc., in generation to the degree that these magnetic forces in these images, forms, etc., have become entities of an obsessional nature and have taken over the psychic nature of the many. These ‘things’ once established hate the Light and the Truth. The First Crossing p. 87.

Four Elements Symbolical of the transfigurational process, a transfiguration of living matter substances into energy and energy into light. Fire to air, air to water, water to earth; earth to water, water to air, air to fire. Fire = electricity. Air = gas ( the first atom, hydrogen). Earth = any configuration of units of energy. Water = the psychic nature, psychic forces, the unconscious The First Crossing p. 66 ff In olden times called spirits. Spirits = autonomous fields (field physics). Fire = salamanders (high band-pass, e.g. beyond visible light. Air = Sylphs. Water = Undines. Earth = Gnomes & Pixies. There is a resonant guna, characterizing wave-frequency represented by each of these elements. Out of these qualities we build into the psychic nature with which we affinitize that with which we are synchronized, cultivate. These are the elemental forces making up the psychic nature. Practice of the Way p.64. Those four (elements: fire (sun), air, water, earth) contribute their quota to the configurating process and the configuration. The Christos p. 18. In a description of the 3d. degree: Earth = his configurational level of consciousness; water = his psychic world; air= his mental and intellectual world; fire = the spirit itself. See Also autonomous field, Cosmic process, Spirits.

Four levels of functioning The highest level = the individualizing process going on in Mind level (the lowest of Light’s Regions)(spirit). The second level = the psychic world (the ensemble of forces which motivate our feelings, desirings and thinkings) ( it is a synthesis of energies, each one which is characterized by wave frequency.) The third level = the configurational level (represents the state of consciousness of the individualizing field, as well as the content of the psychic nature.) The fourth level = Conglomerate of abstractions which are derived from the other three levels. (A mentalized private world, abstractions from the configurational world plus the values give to those images and the focused psychic force on those values giving them a life of their own and we identify with those images and values. Expanding States of Self-awareness p.118 These four levels are: the mental, frequency registration, the psychic nature and the Noetic Mind. Practice of the Way p. 45. ‘Levels’ = the states in which a given person is conscious; states of consciousness. Ibid p. 51.

Four Somatic Divisions Correspond to the four elements (Fire, Air, Water, and Earth ... Head, Heart, Navel, and Genital centers). How to Discipline the Psyche p. 9 ff. Level 1 = Field plus configuration (Power-to-be-conscious plus representation of its state. Level 2 = structure plus function (the foci of energy or forces, the nadi or channels). Level 3 = Psychic nature (gunas ‘in’ feelings, desires, thoughts, etc. (Reflected force of consciousness plus semantic reactions). Level 4 = The maya -- ‘physical’ existence (manifold of values evolved out of identity with images appearing substantive.) The Four Somatic Divisions of Man p. 3.

Fourth Cycle The cycle of Man or Mind. The First Crossing p. 68

Fourth level of the abstracting process The ability to distinguish one of a class. Functioning on the fourth level means to consciously register the frequencies and at the same instant consciously differentiate respecting its level (wave and # of frequencies per unit of time & to consciously know the gunas) . Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 35. See Also Conscious Abstracting.

Fourth Degree of Initiation Indicated by: a change in values, (Amoral); change in space/time functioning, (Sees time spatially; all is now); expanded consciousness to the psychic world. The Seven Initiations Lesson 7.

Fourth precept (Precepts in Practice of the Way); Practice describing the meaning signified or symbolized by each word used. Practice of the Way p. 14.

Freedom Is the emergence of the Power-to-be-conscious from the domination of the influence of the Mother. Understanding the Psychic Nature (Lesson 7) p. 4.

Frequency Light-energy waves and frequencies. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 109. We use the word frequency to comprehend both the wave and the number of waves per unit of time and group the two as the referent for the word frequency. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 5.

Frequency registration Represents the first level removed from the private world, from the objective manifold of values. The first level we break into when we discover the real world in which we are integrated; a function of the lowest level of the real world. Practice of the Way p. 57. You can’t register a frequency unless a similar quality is in yourself (axiomatic). The Christos p. 136 See Also Four levels of functioning.

Function Represents the activity of substance, action of light-energy, natural activity or action, called the nature of the event, of Cosmos, etc. It is described in terms of wave lengths and frequencies. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 19.

Functional force The functional aspect of the process-as-a-whole in which we are respectively integrated, is called the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p.49. See Also Holy Spirit.

Functional level In the intrinsic nature, which we very often designate the consciousness of the Self in its own field. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 43. See Also Intrinsic level.

Functional progress The Journey in terms of transference of or in identification form one state to another. (There are seven of them e.g. Plant, vegetable, animal, the man, the Angel, The Christos (Archangel), Logoic , and God.) Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 29. See Also Journey.

Fundamental reality Is ALL IN ALL; It is that from which everything else emerges. It is undifferentiated, yet it is not void. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 88. Respecting a given person three levels constitute the fundamental reality: The Real Self, the personality and the configurational self. Practice of the Way p. 23.

Garden of Aaru (Eden, Gods) Represents the state of the completely purified psychic nature along with the clear reflection of the in the psychic consciousness of Light’s Regions. The First Crossing p. 91. The highest level of the psychic nature, where the Light World, the Light Mother, and her differentiated fields are reflected in the psychic nature. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 74. Between Mind, the lowest level of Light's Regions, and the highest psyche, (is) what we call the Garden of Aarru. Membership Letters (II) p. 1. Eden, represents the advent of Self-consciousness. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 104.

Generative Center (Adhisthana) When the psychic nature begins to function our first awareness of registry is in the genital region. The symbol for this center is Jupiter in Sagittarius. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 28 ff. When enough energy is withdrawn from value-giving and objective identification, that energy awakens in the generative center. It is the focus of all the creative energy which motivates the psyche. It is the stone which the builders rejected. The more force and power awakened on that level, the stronger the psyche on all the other levels. Understanding the Psychic Nature (Lesson 5) p. 2. It is the foundation of all creativity on the part of the World Mother. When the generative center opens, we can no longer function by neural sensation alone but by sensitivity to wave frequency. ibid (Lesson 6) p. 4. A characteristic of this force irrespective of the center in which it becomes active or resident: all latency in the form of non-fulfillments, suppressions, repressions, etc., are precipitated, thrown into a high degree of activity. It is the creative force which motivates every form of expression in the individual’s nature. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 35. See Also Adhisthana.

Generative Force Earlier in our development, the generative force was our "crowning glory", symbolized by Pallas Athena. As one approaches the Second Crossing, the generative force becomes a drag back; the Symbol of the World Mother becomes the old harlot of Babylon or the Dragon. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 73. Sex power, sex force; the driving power behind the psychic nature. The Christos p. 88. See Also Genetrix, Sex.

Genetrix, the The World Mother, the Mater; the matter (mater) of that world. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 18. The Divine Mother, the generative force or aspect of the universe; i.e., the generative power of the cosmic process. The First Crossing p. 104. The motivation of your sex force, your sex hunger, your sex urge, no matter how much it is camouflaged or how much you live in your objective idealized standards of excellence, etc. Studies in Psychotherapy p.59. See Also Generative center/force, Mater, World Mother.

Gestalt The whole ensemble - meaning the whole structure of the field in which the Light is present and becomes the predominant factor. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 10. The psycho-logical word for wholeness, the synthetical registry. Ibid (Vol 2) p. 39. See Also Wholeness.

Global consciousness A concept meaning any organism-as-a-whole - consciousness Mind, psychic nature, configurational representation. Any individual motion is perceived as a universal movement. The Christos p. 139 ff. See Also Atomistic concept/consciousness, Organism-as-a-whole.

Gnosis Clear knowledge of life-facts of this light-energy configurational representation system. Studies in Psychotherapy p.111. Knowledge. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p. 31.

God A synonym for the "true self", the "master self" ... the differentiated field constituting the true individuality. A label for the Power-with-which-one-is-conscious. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 50. God is Creative Life (The Power behind the natural-order, creating process). The Power which motivates the creative process. Bible Lessons p. 3. God is a focal point of live, conscious of what your are conscious of being. The Power with which you are conscious of anything. Ibid p. 70. The monad is God, because all beyond it is undifferentiated, Unmanifest. There is not any outside, absolute deity. Ibid p. 100. The Life-force (Logos) evinced by cytoplasmic structural organization in or as cells of plant, animal and man is the nearest or best referent for the word - GOD. Cosmology p. 70.

Symbol of Power, Substance, Balance - evinced as One in any and every act of Consciousness. Ibid p. 124. The Motivating forces of Light’s Regions. A Description of the Psychic World p. 98. The whole cosmic process in its undifferentiated fields including all of its differentiations. Studies in Psychotherapy p.22. The Father principle, the forces, energies, etc., of the cosmic sphere ... cannot be known except as, by or in the substance of the solar sphere... by the activity - waves and frequencies - of the Mother. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.72 See Also Father Principle, Light, Logos, Master Self, True Self.

"God Geometrizes" Quote by Plato which describes the crystalloidal tectonic level: Reflected Light metamorphosed into living-matter, cytoplasm, protoplasm, colloidal dynamics and into crystalloidal tectonics. The Christos p. 201.

Good, The Plato’s term and our term: The Power-to-be-Conscious and then the label, the Cosmic Process, as a dynamic creative activity in all that is and all that exists. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 143. See Also Cosmic Process.

Grace The effect of a higher octave of wave and frequency upon a relatively lower octave - the force from a higher octave awakens one upon a relatively lower octave. It is not evolution. The Christos p. 73. Comes "Not by conscious election", but by an influence other than you have been conscious of. Ibid p. 93.

Grand Architect The pattern or field of the cosmos and all differentiations therein. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 6. See Arche.

Great Significance, The Culmination of the whole cosmic, or natural order process in the Self-conscious state, the Son of the Living father-Mother-God ... which alone gives meaning to life and existence .... symbolized by the AUM. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.77. See Also AUM.

Greater Ones The Hierarchy﷓﷓the Greater Ones or Blessed Ones in Light's Regions. Membership Letters (II) p. 2. See Also Blessed Ones, Hierarchy

Greater Self The highest level, relative to our state in the evolutionary process; it is described as a universalized state. Refers to the Logos -- a Universalized State in which all personalities disappear. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 10 ff. When we rise to this oneness of all in the natural order it is called the Greater Self. Practices in Individual Development p. 62. See Also Logos.

Great Illusion, The The maya (Aryans), samsara(Buddhists), "the lie and the father of it" (Christian), The Great Illusion ( by great seers of all times) : It is in this state (man - objective self-conscious) and only in this state, that the shield provided by Nature - the World-mother aspect or substance of the Cosmic-process - to protect the awakening Self from the intensity of Light is mistaken for the True and the Real. The objective manifold of values and the representations thereof which have been developed out of this mistake, or identification. The Christos p. 203 ff. See Also Maya, Samsara, "the lie and father of it."

Group Means a specific, common control of a multiplicity of individual fields in the formative process. ...not consciously individualized yet, but in a formative process of individualization. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 76.

Growth and Development The transference of identity from one level to another level which constitutes the individualizing process which represents what we call growth, expansion, development, etc. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p.50. See Also Individualizing process, Natural order process.

Guilt The sense of guilt is developed in the consciousness of a given individual when he fails to give complete and free and unrestricted expression to the creative urge at his point of development. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 99.

Guna Sanskrit: quality. Energy-qualities. Every so-called thing, can be described as aggregations or configurations of vortices of energy, plus qualities. On the cellular level, chromatin. Cosmology p. 91. Our referent for gunas, while comprehending qualities exhibited in blood relationships, extends to and includes ethnic, racial, sub-human, animal, plant, etc., characteristics and/or qualities. Ibid p. 94. Qualities represented in common interests, thoughts, etc., - all are classified as gunas; the range between sweet and sour, good and bad, high and low, vice and virtue, spiritual and material, etc., etc., all represent ranges of gunas. Ibid p.120. Color in the world of analogy, comes the nearest in representation and symbol. The Seven Rays p. 9 ff. Qualities of frequencies registered. The First Crossing p. 94. Energy in action; Three main divisions: tamasic or inertial, tempestuous, virulent, qualities and the quiet, the peaceful, the beautiful, the quality of felicity. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 1) p.30 ff. Energy is characterized by gunas or qualities, and we have three primary gunas or qualities...these qualities represent the kinds, the characteristic types of ‘matter’ with which the psychic nature is built. Ibid (Vol 2.) p. 26. In speaking the Treader on the Path, throws a resonance, a frequency into the words uttered; a quality (resident in his consciousness) that we call meaning or significance is attached to the waves. Practice of the Way p. 15.

Harlot of Babylon See Generative force

Harmonic ray The fifth ray (Love +Will) of outpouring of force from the Central Sun of all Existences, the Logos, Saguna Brahma. Is the Harmonic force in the universe. The Seven Rays of Development p. 5. Characterized by a disdain for inharmony. Ibid p. 21.

Harmonic time The time line respecting a given individual upon which the movement called progress, expansion, growth, development, etc., proceeds. (vs sidereal/linear time.) Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 71. That movement respecting growth and development, is a movement of consciousness, it is labeled harmonic, because a rhythm characterizes that motion. A motion in consciousness abstracted from images appearing substantive is what we call objective time, sidereal time, etc. Ibid (Vol 4) p. 38. See Also Motion, Sidereal time.

Harmonic world of frequency Our referent for the word Heaven, because when you are in perfect harmonic synchronization with structure-function-order of the real world you’re in Heaven and you don’t have to die to get there. It is just bringing harmony into the private world. And that is the great thing to strive for. Practice of the Way p. 93. See Also Heaven.

Hate The reversal of polarity of the positive force of love. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 106. See Also Polarity.

Healing, True Is the bringing to the light of conscious recognition how the Natural Order ‘law-of-being’ was violated, and serious effort put forth not to continue in so doing will be successful; this is what we call the elimination of the cause. Cosmology p. 27. If a practitioner can establish frequency-harmony with his patient, ninety percent of his work is done. The Seven Rays of Development p. 23

Health Each and every organic disease begins with a disturbance in the harmony and rhythm of the vital forces which motivate the functions of a given organ. The First Crossing p. 86.

Heart Center Symbolized by air. The force in the heart center is that which motivates the cortical activities, mental development, intellectual development. How to Discipline the Psyche p.31. Also symbolized by Venus in Libra which motivates the urge to give. The force from heart center motivates mentation only when the mental processes are utilized as an instrument in the hands of the dominating, motivating, creating force of love. Practice of the Way p. 75. See Also Anahata.

Heaven That state of consciousness upon the psychic-level which is the concretion of the longing and desire of religious devotees for rest, peace, and happiness. (Yet heaven on earth represents that state of consciousness in which the third level of egoic self-awareness is developed.) The Natural Order Process (Vol 2) p. 91. Noetic state. Studies in Psychotherapy p.51. Harmony. Practice of the Way p. 93. See Harmonic World frequency.

Helix If we take the scientific developments of the structure of the atom, the molecule, the structure of a given configuration and the findings of astrophysicists and the reports of the seers, we find that there isn’t anything, yourself included which cannot be described in terms of the helix, the spiral form. Any given ‘this’ to which you can point in its ultimate structure represents a spinning helix, a dynamic process. Studies in Psychotherapy p.46. All of which we are conscious is abstracted, received, derived from the fundamental structure-function-order which we call the spirals or the helix or the Cosmic Process. Ibid p. 95 & Chart p. 94. That rhythmic alternation - birth to death, death to birth - on the life line (the Palingenetic cycle) is a helix. Even though it spirals, it is not straight, it’s a sine wave also. It describes a wave, a frequency, a rhythm. Practice of the Way p. 24. See Also Cosmic Process, Spirals.

Hell The totality of engendered and migrating thought forms (cultivated sensations and thoughts molded into and reflected into etheric-substance) we call the "demon world". Thought forms originally developed by over-accentuation of forces of generation beyond natural order requirements in the evolutionary process. One creates his hell ever since he was born in generation.; as soon as he begins to think. A Description of the Psychic World. P. 97.

Here-now ‘Here’ meaning space, ‘now’ meaning time, a space-time continuum. Practice of the Way p.63. Space-time as continuum which is life-facts. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 40.

Heredity Mental capacities and potentialities, character of emotional functions, type of sensations experienced, neural structure of the configuration, body characteristics, etc., which are represented by genealogical guna epitomizations in colloidal-chromatin structures of sperm and ovum cells. The word "heredity" represents a broad referent to cover those mental characteristics and constructs which fall under the categories included in space and time coordinates, factors, etc.; and also the awareness-ability to feel, sense or mentally grasp space-time. Cosmology p. 106.

Hierarchy See Greater Ones

Higher Octave frequency Registered on the psychic nature, leads to the Christos-power. Each for himself must learn to sharply differentiate the levels from which frequencies are received. This (frequency) is never extraneous, but serves as a dependable guide, counselor, organizer and friend. It is registered upon the consciousness functioning in a lower octave (from one’s Higher Triad) and is intrinsic. The Christos p. 155. See Also Higher Triad.

Higher psyche Specific meaning is indicated and understood; namely, that the positive and negative force currents in generation have been placed under control of the Will and directed to opening the heart center, releasing the fountain of love, latent and hidden therein. The First Crossing p. 91. Human personality pattern, human soul, the autonomous field or Master Self. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.79. The higher psychic nature is labeled the mental; it is characterized by conceptual thinking, the development of concepts, the accumulation of information about images appearing substantive, etc. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 2) p. 5. Developed from 14 to 21 characterized by rationality, judgment, memory. Practices in Individual Development p. 71. See Also Garden of Aarru, Personality Pattern.

Higher Self The Individualizing Process on Mind level. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 9. "Soul". The First Crossing p. 100. Autonomous or differentiated field. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 2) p. 58. Highest relative to the psychic self, the personal self, the body self, or the ensemble of the elemental world and the elementaries cultivated or acquired (the nether world self). See Also Atman, Christ-consciousness, Mind self, Noetic self, Real Self, Soul.

Higher Triad The autonomous field, its lines of force and the force foci of the field, the emergent energy appearing as a configuration. It is symbolized by a triangle with the apex pointing up. The all-seeing eye in the triangle of the great seal of the U.S.A. Studies in Psychotherapy p.9. In the Vedas & Upanishads: Purushattama, Prakriti, Purusha (The neutral, Mother principal, and Father principal.) Hebrew (Kaballah): Kether, Binah, Chokmah (The Crown, negative substance, the positive motivating power.) Studies in Psychotherapy p. 101. Obscured when man’s consciousness is focused in objective identity. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 2) p. 9. Higher relative to the psychic nature, the ‘inner’ man) of Atma, Buddhi, Manas. Practice of the Way p. 41. See Also Mind .

Holy Spirit (Ghost) The functional force, functional aspect of the process-as-a-whole in which we are respectively integrated ... and "all manner of sin, transgression against man will be forgiven" but transgressions against the functional order, the Holy spirit, will not be forgiven ... etc." Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 49. See Also Functional Force.

Hope Belief founded upon instinctive or intuitional knowledge. It is expectance, but without definite, objective knowledge of what we expect. Bible Lessons p. 69.

Horus Another label (Ancient Egyptian) for the Christos. The son of Isis & Osiris. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 48. The Logos. The Christos p. 63 See Also Christos.

Human line of evolution Characterized by the objective self-conscious state. Understanding the Psychic Nature (Lesson 8) p. 4.

I Am, the The Triune Self, is another label for God. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.93. Autonomous field. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 56.

Surya, the Ordainer, the lines of force of which everyone says of himself; I AM the power. Ibid p. 73. See Also Atma, Atman, God, Triune Self, Surya.

I-am-I-ness The ego-centralizing tendency; it is holding on to a concept: mentalizing within a manifold of values developed out of objective identity. The Christos p. 139.

Ida - Pingala currents The paraklete - the force in its generative aspect. The currents are in the psychic nature. After this force has gone through the five centers (the "five wise virgins") of the psychic nature it ascends to the crown center - "to meet the bridegroom". Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.63. The two currents spiral around the central axis of a person, positive and negative, twist around this axis as the progression, growth, development of the psychic nature goes on. At higher levels of attainment, the currents rise. They will rise whether you do anything about I or not, slowly. Practices in Individual Development p.25.

These currents, positive and negative, circulating around the central axis are magnetic forces. Ibid p. 54. See Also Force centers, Paraclete, Psychic centers.

Ideational World Plato’s description of the Logos, or the world of Pure Idea and the concept obtains a dual reflection; so that the concept becomes a reflection of a reflection, which reflection represents the Idea. (A meaningless concept!) Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 64.

Identification (process) The first state in the natural order process where dream pictures, in that span of consciousness called the animal kingdom, become objective: Images in the psychic nature appearing substantive. Images are caused by the inability of the human nervous system to register the intervals between the photons of light (sight) or the intervals between molecular, atomic or electronic tactile impressions (touch). That is to say: we register impressions as continuous instead of discontinuous, as they are in reality. Self-Mastery Through Meditation p.28. A picture is formulated in consciousness -- on the psychic level -- and appears substantive, so much so that the dream picture has become like a reality with all of the monumental values built in. The First Crossing p. 50. See Also Images in the psyche appearing substantive.

Identity That which differentiates the man from the animal is objective self-consciousness. Man is fully conscious that he has a body, so much so that one says: "this body is me"; that characterizes the man. The Christos p. 70. The label for the focal point of consciousness which may correspond with the consciousness of nature of the field. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 50.See Also Consciousness, Objective self-conscious state.

Illuminati The Logoi, the awakened Ones. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 32. See Also Logoi.

Images We classify all images whether they appear substantive or not as psychic phenomena. First Crossing p. 95.

Images in the psyche appearing substantive Phenomena. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 1) p. 23. ‘Thing’ or ‘object’. The Natural Order Process (Vol 1) p.52. The first order of abstraction and remains forever on the unspeakable, or non-verbalistic level. Ibid p. 112. ‘The objective world’. Ibid p. 117. See also Identification, Objective world, Phenomena.

Immaculate conception Esoterically speaking, en rapport, in frequency response, immaculate conception is possible, provided the Christos power is born in consciousness and has cleansed the consciousness focused in the psychic nature of all animalized forces, substances, elemental influences, etc. The Christos p. 121.

Immediacy Means that if the significance is not immediately registered from the frequency, then it continues on into the concretion in the mental level; the concretion, the objectification of the frequency or the mental level is idea, concept. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 2) p. 23.

Individual That which cannot be divided, no wedge can be driven into it. Studies in Psychotherapy p.57. Refers to the first phase of the developing consciousness after the Second Crossing. Ibid p. 70. The fundamental structure of the consciousness of a given differentiated field is the basis, the factual Reality which constitutes what we label an individual. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p.37.There is no individual apart from the natural order process. Individual is merely a label representing a phase of the entire process. See The Natural Order Process (Vol 1) p.5. One who is fully aware of Self as individual, in control of his faculties and powers and able to function volitionally therewith. Ibid p.8. Symbolized by "the Sun-God seated on his throne." Ibid p. 10.

Epitomizes the whole cosmic process characterizing the World-mother. Ibid p.61. See Also Christos, Person.

Individualism of the instincts These are the forces in the psychic nature which, without exception, you have reflected, generally from rapports, or the race psyche, or somebody’s suggestion, or a suggestion that you have read or picked up by reflection, emulation, and imitation. These are the forces operating in the psychic nature (unconscious) which the mental processes are justifying, attempting to explain. As the instincts individualize, they quarrel and fight among themselves. Practice of the Way p. 47. See Also Psychic nature.

Individualized field / Self The ultimate and the last of that differentiating process is the individualized field, the Son, born of the Mother substance, activated, motivated, fecundated by the positive power; the union of the positive and negative forces of cosmos eventuating in the Son, born of the Mother egg, the Mother ovum. Studies in Psychotherapy p.5. Represents the true Self, the true individual, the autonomous field; diagramed and illustrated as an electromagnetic field showing the two poles and the lines of force making a sphere (always). The field is demonstrated as the sacral-conarial axis as these two poles constitute the field of the individual. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 60. The Monad, or Son represented by a small circle in a larger circle. It is born of the positive Power and the negative, creating force or Substance, described as two triangles one with the apex pointing up (+) and one pointing down (-). This all represents an operation of consciousness; it is all within a dimensionless plane of Self-awareness. Bible Lessons p. 97. See Also Autonomous Field, Differentiated field, Earth Field.

Individualizing process The Power-to-be-conscious becoming conscious of itself as a Be-ing. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 11. The lifting of the creative forces from ‘lower’ to ‘higher’ centers in order to open consciousness upon the highest level we can reach - the Mind, where the Real Man is developed. A Description of the Psychic World p. 101. Operates on the Mind level that sometimes we speak of as the autonomous field. Practice of the Way p. 61.

Applied to the differentiation in the cosmic substance it is relative to our objective self-conscious state, our psychological processes, not at relative tot he cosmic process. Ibid p. 80. See Also Helix, Natural Order Process, Spiraling Process.

Inertia / inertial process Motion in consciousness in contrast to movement of consciousness. Any motion of consciousness is a conversion of the inertial state to the dynamic, expanding, extensional, etc. Unless the focal point of consciousness is Being, everything else is superfluous activity, no matter how fast the activities may be accelerated mentally, educationally and otherwise, it is an inertial system. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 4) p. 50. See Also Identity.

Infinite intelligence/Mind The Greater Self, Higher Self, the individualizing process on Mind Level. The Power-to-be-conscious becoming conscious of itself as a Be-ing. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 11.

Infolding process The idea of rolling up and curling in as applied to sleep. In sleep, your conscious awareness begins to infold and as it does, it pulls away, from activity on the objective level. As it infolds, it becomes active in your psychic nature ... on the psycho-logical level. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 81.

Infolding - unfolding process The loop representing the union of the Positive with the negative principle and the Son, the result of the union. The epitomization as representation of the whole cosmic process. On the atomic level (first outpouring): Represents those configurations of units of energy that we label the periodic table. On the plant level (second outpouring): Cellular structures becoming a synthesis of all that has proceeded. On the living matter level - animal (third outpouring): a synthesis of the two preceding cycles, mineral and vegetable. On the man level (fourth outpouring): culminates in a configuration which synthesizes all of the preceding, but also represents a higher configuration of sensations, feelings, desirings, lovings, thinkings -- the psychic nature .... called the person. The First Crossing p. 49 - 53. A metamorphosis of light into energy, energy into living matter; then the reverse. Ibid p. 66. Infolding process = infolding of the positive Power into Mother substance, earth, any configuration of units of energy, the descending arc. Unfolding process = growth, expansion, self-development, evolution, transfiguration, metamorphosis, or reconversion. Ibid p. 67. Ibid p. 67 and 83. See Also Ascending/descending arcs/process.

Initiation When that Power-to-be-conscious , that consciousness changes its orientation.; A reorientation of consciousness. The Seven Initiations (lesson 1) p. 15. Breaking of the tangled skein of relationships in the race mind. "Come out from among them, and be ye separate."(2 Cor 6:17). It is the beginning of That which endures, the beginning of That which you can take with you and bring back again. It is the beginning of "laying up for yourselves treasures in heaven ..." (Mat 6:20) Ibid p. 16.

Ist Degree: That reorientation of consciousness, is seldom if ever known at the time. Before that one can only function by neural senses; afterward, one begins to register wave-frequencies and function by response to vibrations, response to wave-frequency context of situation. Ibid p. 17-18.

2nd Degree: That point in development where one can raise his creative forces above the functional powers of the psychic-nature. He will have lifted his consciousness and the creative powers from the centers which function under the domination and control of the psychic-nature. The Natural Order Process (Vol II) p. 110. One is still unconscious of the initiation, but begits a drive to be with others who have attained the 2nd or 3d degree and have a drive to get with one and read, study, talk, or just to be together because of the frequency harmonization that they crave. They lose interest in purely intellectualized, mentalized, forms of literature. One begins to be taught while out of his body. The Seven Initiations (lesson 2) p.19-20.

Third Degree: In full consciousness, he’s taken out of his body and to a company of higher ones. He sees them; they see him. But he will never see the face of the one taking him out for initiation. He is taken before one of the inner groups, inner orders, and there he is accepted, recognized, inducted into the order with the most solemn ceremony. Ibid p. 21 ff. Realization is reached after the creative energies have been directed from the psychic-nature to the Mind-level. A synthesizing process of these forces of the psychic-nature in the head centers now ensues. This represents a second phase in Self development; and those entering upon this work constitute a second group of disciples in the natural order process. One learns to effect transformation on the different levels of existence. He has effected control in the psychic nature and synthesized those forces in the head centers so as to prepare for conscious functioning on the Mind-level of the Master self. The Natural Order Process (Vol II) p. 110-111.

4th Degree: Controlling the energy-frequencies on the Mind-level. Ibid p. 111. One undergoes a complete reorientation and change in values. He’s amoral. He has transvalued values; he has a higher standard of values than moral values or immoral values. There is a complete change in his space-time way of functioning. All objective identification has been lost/transcended. Time becomes a fourth coordinate in his frame of reference. He sees time spatially. All is now. The Seven Initiations (lesson 7).

Inner Order/Invisible Government/Brotherhood Great White Brotherhood. One being initiated into the third order is taken into one of those inner orders. The Seven Initiations (lesson 2) p. 21. See Initiation (3d degree).

Inner perceptive faculty The awakened spiritual (perceptive) faculty (of the Higher Self) which can be trusted to provide an inner response or reaction to verses of Scriptures/’Holy’ works that will reveal any interpolation or mistranslation. Bible Lessons p. 3

Insane / Insanity When the lower psyche with its entities ("The Dweller on the Threshold") ‘takes over’" and the higher psyche withdraws from the etheric-physical body. The First Crossing p. 88. When one loses the rational balance, the psyche is liable to take over and begin to manufacture pictures called neuroses, schizophrenia and they become possessory. Also: psychosis. Ibid p. 99.

Instincts Deep inside your being, far deeper than the plane of the mind where concepts are formed, there lives a sagacity, a power that knows. In its lesser phases of development, we call that power instinct. Bible Lessons p. 70. Emergent elemental formative forces from the common homogeneous mass or field which fulfill their province in the psychic nature. Practice of the Way p. 66. See Also Elemental formative forces.

Intellect Or thinking-principle, stands for functions of forces in the brain. The Natural Order Process (Vol II) p.15. See Also Thinking-principle.

Intellectuality Is the end product of the long, long evolution of cortical development: objective self development. Not to be confused with intelligence. Practice of the Way p. 23.

Interior judicial action The ability to be instantly conscious of motivating energies, forces, etc., and discriminate respecting them. The Natural Order Process (Vol II) p.97.

Internal organ When used in the Wisdom Teaching, it refers to the Mind-level of the Master-self. We should think of organs as focalizations of individualized power and consciousness representative of specific areas of the content of the state of that power. These have their objective corresponding configurations, representations or results; but when we speak of these as appearances, we mean images formulated in the thinking-principle and appearing substantive because of failure to see the dynamic activity of the units of energy composing them. The Natural Order Process (Vol II) p. 81. See Also Force centers.

Intrinsic The life-facts (motivating force of the field) which govern, rule, regulate and control, that (motivations) by which it is characterized is the referent for our word intrinsic. Studies in Psychotherapy p. 96.

Intrinsic result The environmental (energy-world level) that elicits and quickens one’s latent potentials, abilities or forces. Practice of the Way p. 19.

Intuitional awareness That functioning unity or bundle of concepts that have been developed from a prodigious amount of work and over thousands of years of developed concepts about everything or about enough ‘things’. The Christos p. 150. In the higher phases of development from deep in your being, far deeper than the plane of the mind where concepts are formed. Intuition is simply animal instinct transformed and raised from the unconscious to the conscious. Intuition is conscious knowledge. Bible Lessons p. 70. See Also Instinct, Mind substance, Shakti path.

Ishvara Sanskrit: That absorption where you forgot the stew on the stove; your forgot yourself. Teachers’s Guide (Vol 3) p. 59.

Isis Label that the Egyptians gave to the World Mother, the Genetrix. How to Discipline the Psyche p. 19. Symbolized by the Bull (Ancient Egypt). Studies in Psychotherapy p.71.